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Karen Cloud FP1Karen Cloud FP2Karen Cloud was a long-time, dedicated dog rescuer in Houston, a valued foster parent for All Texas Dachshund Rescue, and active with BARC and Dalmatian Rescue over the years to mention a few. Very sadly and way too soon, she lost her battle with cancer the morning of Sunday, March 15, 2020. It is with the utmost love, admiration, and respect for Karen, her beloved daughters Christie and Vickie and adored grandsons Taten and Sawyer that we take a moment to let you know just how special her contribution was to both human and animal lives.

Karen was an inspiration to countless rescuers, being an integral party to so many other’s work. Through many years, she had made innumerable contacts and was always willing to share information with other rescuers, helping to save so many dogs. She was always so open and willing to help anyone with their rescue projects, making a huge difference in this world of paw prints we who do rescue strive to make better…she will be greatly missed by all of us.

The legacy of Karen’s kind spirit, zest for life, and passion for nature and animals will live on. God gained an angel greeted by hundreds of loving dogs, whose lives she had touched, when she entered the gates of Heaven by way of the Rainbow Bridge…

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As of Nov 1, 2019 the State of Texas is requiring ALL Animal Rescue Groups of any type of animal to collect and remit Sales Tax on all Adoption Fees. 

We are monitoring the situation and remaining in contact with other rescue organizations for any changes or updates.  In addition to being a registered 501c3, we feel we provide a public service which helps municipal shelters reduce their taxpayer costs by removing animals from their care when they and others call us. We believe in the montra of Adopt, Don't Shop and your adoption fees support a very different goal than a Pet Store, Puppy Mill or any other type of for profit animal sale.  Unlike a sale, our adoption fees only cover a fraction of our expenses.  We strongly feel animal adoption fees with registered 501c3 organizations should be exempt from sales tax.  We hope the State will reconsider this requirement.

You can help by contacting your local State representatives, as well as the Governor and Lt Governor's offices to voice your opinion.  

Look up your local Texas representation here:

Contact the Texas Lieutenant Governor:

Contact the Texas Governor:

Did you know ATDR was origionally formed to help disabled Dachshunds who were suffering from IVDD.  
We have a network of wonderful partner vets and surgeons helping us care for our fosters, and now one of these vets in Houston is working in the new field of Stem Cells to help paralized Doxies and he invited us, early on, to participate!!  
To learn more about IVDD in Dachshunds visit our IVDD Resources page!

special needs

ATDR does everything in its power to help our rescued doxies regardless of their medical needs.  The Dachshunds below require extensive medical attention.  We rely on donations to help cover these medical costs and the
Joan of Ark Memorial Fund has been established to this end.
On average our yearly vet expenses can run well over $150,000.  Please consider a donation to help us help these little guys!
Please help these special Doxies with a donation to the Joan of Ark Memorial Fund and read about Joanie below.

Opportunity to provide comment or name of dog once you log into PayPal

emergency emergency emergency
Hollie Belle SN 2020 Hollie Belle SN TEXT This tiny girl was brought into Safari walking extremely  painfully where she was diagnosed as immediately needing expensive surgery for IVDD. ATDR stepped in and took over her care so that she wouldn’t have to be euthanized. Thank you for helping us help Hollie Belle by making a donation of any size…nothing could ever be too small
Kim SN 2020 1 KIM sn 2020 name

The Honorary Dachshund

Fractured femur, damaged ligaments, numerous puncture wounds, injury to leg preventing use of it, emaciated at 15 pounds (should weigh 30), has mange and is heart worm positive! PLEASE help ATDR help Kim! No amount could be too small and anything would be greatly appreciated!

Kim SN 2020 2
Molly Sue SN Molly Sue Name SN 2020 This 6-lb., 7-yo baby HAS A BROKEN JAW, is emaciated from not being able to eat, living like that on the streets, high heart worm positive, has several mammary tumors down both sides of her tiny tummy, and this is just the worst that’s wrong.

She’s scheduled for surgery to remove the tumors and a radical dental with the hope her jaw can be wired if her K9s can be saved. Please help us help Molly Sue by making a donation toward the expenses.
No amount is too small or too large and anything will be greatly appreciated.
Rosie SN 2020 2 Rosie SN 2019 TEXT ***UPDATE***
During the course of her care at Safari, it was determined she also had a prolapsed rectum that required surgery. She came through that with flying colors, but following stem cell treatment, cold laser therapy and physical therapy for her back, her injury (of unknown origin), was too extensive, resulting in Rosie needing to use a cart and wear a diaper.

Our veterinary bill for Rosie’s surgeries and subsequent treatments has far exceeded what we were prepared for, so we are hoping you, our caring and generous friends, might help us cover some of the expense of trying to give Rosie any semblance of normalcy to her life. If you would like to help us help Rosie, please know that no donation is ever too small, as every single dollar counts!  Any donation to her therapy would be greatly appreciated.


Joan Of Ark Memorial Fund
November 1, 2009
 Read Joanie's story
In April 2009, a sweet, feisty little soul came drifting into the lives and hearts of the ATDR volunteers. Sadly in early November, after 7 months of ups and downs, and despite all the efforts of her foster family and the many vets from Houston and Texas A&M who generously provided for her care, little Joanie slipped quietly away, wrapped in the arms of her foster mom, to drift back out of our lives, peacefully over the rainbow.  In honor of Joanie, her spirit that touched so many hearts, and her sheer will to survive, we have created the Joan of Ark Memorial Fund , to be used to help other Dachshunds who have been victims of extreme injuries or disease. It is our hope that Joanie’s legacy will live on, inspiring future donations in her memory to provide a chance at life for other special needs cases who’s outcomes, with Joanie watching over them, will leave them here with us….healed…..and with new, better futures in loving homes. And for those who must move on as Joanie did, we know she will be waiting to welcome them into the soft green grass and the cool peppermint breeze, somewhere, over the rainbow.

These are just some of the donations partners and programs we participate in!!

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