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Comanche County, Texas
Puppy Mill Raid - May, 2006

View pictures of many of these dogs while they were boarded at Tanglewood Animal Hospital in Austin, TX

Chronology of this puppy mill bust: (pictures of the rescue follow)

May 12, 2006:

The Brown County Humane Society and ATDR arrived at Twyla Simpson's home and puppy mill.  Simpson was told by the Brown County Humane Society that she had too many dogs to properly care for and that she had to clean her operation up.  She voluntarily surrendered 32 dogs that day: 21 older males that she could no longer use for breeding, 10 younger Dachshund mixes, Tiny Tim, the tiny Dachshund, since he was so sick and Tyler due to his serious skin infection.

May 16, 2006:

Tiny Tim died despite aggressive medical treatment.  Tyler remains in serious condition with a strep and staph skin infection requiring intensive treatment with antibiotics and skin care.  His skin is sloughing off in places due to the infection.  However, he is expected to make a full recovery in time.

May 18, 2006:

The Brown County Sheriff Department, Brown County Humane Society and ATDR returned to the Simpson property and confiscated all the remaining dogs in her possession.  Many of these dogs are sick, emaciated, infested with internal and external parasites, some with wounds or other injuries.

May 22, 2006:

At a hearing today, after several hours of testimony from Simpson as well as those involved in the actual rescue effort, custody of Twyla Simpson's dogs was awarded to the Brown County Humane Society.  Brown County Humane Society kept several of the Boxers, Pugs and Boston Terriers.  ATDR received 47 of these dogs.  The remaining dogs went to the Humane Society of Austin, TX. 

May 23, 2006:

This morning, a litter of 5 was delivered by one of the pregnant females.  Two of these puppies died.  The female is emaciated, has low calcium, low glucose, and is anemic.  Mom and surviving puppies are being cared for in a foster home.  Another Mom is in labor and is expected to deliver tonight.  She is also emaciated, has low calcium, low glucose, and is anemic.  She is being attended to in a foster home.  The remaining 45 dogs awarded to ATDR are being boarded with a vet.  As soon as they are determined to be healthy enough and cleared by the vet, dentals and altering will be started.  Many, if not most of these dogs are in dire need of intensive dental care. 

Ronald W. Erdrich, Abilene Reporter-News, took photographs of this rescue effort.
Click here to view the slide show.

Thursday, May 18, 2006:

A tiny Dachshund being checked over.
Eighty-seven dogs were seized from the puppy mill in Comanche County today! There will be a court hearing this coming Monday and we all hope this breeder will be shut down permanently.  ATDR has 32 dachshunds that will require extensive vetting and we desperately need donations to fund care for these babies!  We have mothers and puppies without their eyes open yet, and dogs ready to deliver litters any moment.

Updates and additional photos will be posted as soon as they are available.

May 12, 2006

Mill filth
Dachshunds living in filth

Animal groups returned to Austin on May 12 afternoon after rescuing 32 Dachshunds. Rescuers say the dogs were kept in squalid conditions. All Texas Dachshund Rescue and The Humane Society of Austin say the animals were being bred and housed in a cramped and dirty home in a town about three hours north of Austin. The Brown County Animal Rescue Society in Brownwood, Texas sent out an email alert. Animal workers claim the woman there was raising more than 100 dogs -- most of them dachshunds, a few Boxers and a few Chihuahuas.

Mill pens
Pens the dogs live in
Mill water
Water pans

mill dogs
More Dachshunds living in filth.

The woman was selling the dogs for profit outside the Donut Palace in Brownwood. That is not against the law in Brown County. The problems, say rescuers, is the fact that the animals were not registered and were found in a horrible environment. "These conditions are deplorable and there are physically disabled animals that need treatment," said Barbara Lewis, President and Founder of All Texas Dachshund Rescue, in a release. "When I went into this house it was unbelievable."


Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim receiving glucose at the vet

One dog taken from the home was a 6 week old Dachshund that they named Tiny Tim. He was found in one of the bedrooms, laying in a playpen on top of a pile of urine and feces saturated newspapers. His weight was less than ONE pound and was infected with coccidia and giardia. The rescuers rushed him to a local veterinarian and they tried stabilizing him for the three hour trip back to Austin. Upon arriving in Austin Tiny Tim was then rushed to an emergency clinic, where he underwent aggressive treatment. Despite their efforts to save him, Tiny Tim died at 2:30 am Saturday morning. The attending veterinarian stated that Tiny Tim had to have been ill for a very long time. The  infection was raging throughout his tiny body and that starvation was also a key factor in his death. She added, that this was indeed a clear cut case of animal neglect/cruelty. 

Click here for Tiny Tim's web page

May 16, 2006: 
Last night, Tiny Tim died.  One other Dachshund who was named Tyler is still on round the clock care at another Veterinary clinic. Tyler has rectal fistula's and his skin is literally sloughing off his body. His prognosis at this time is poor.

Mill pug
A sweet Pug, how sad...
Mill trash
Simply more filth and trash
Mill dog

Most of the dogs in the home were dachshunds. The dogs are undergoing medical treatment in Austin. They will be spayed and neutered and hopefully find new homes. The Austin Humane Society has a no kill policy, and they say that's one reason they helped All Texas Dachshund Rescue, get these animals, because they believe that they will all eventually be adopted.

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