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(NOTE: 2.5% PayPal Fee included.  8.25% Sales Tax will be added at checkout to all adoption fees as of 11/1/2019 per new State of Texas requirements)

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Adoption Information


As of Nov 1, 2019 the State of Texas is requiring ALL Animal Rescue Groups of any type of animal to collect and remit Sales Tax on all Adoption Fees. 

We are monitoring the situation and remaining in contact with other rescue organizations for any changes or updates.  In addition to being a registered 501c3, we feel we provide a public service which helps municipal shelters reduce their taxpayer costs by removing animals from their care when they and others call us. We believe in the montra of Adopt, Don't Shop and your adoption fees support a very different goal than a Pet Store, Puppy Mill or any other type of for profit animal sale.  Unlike a sale, our adoption fees only cover a fraction of our expenses.  We strongly feel animal adoption fees with registered 501c3 organizations should be exempt from sales tax.  We hope the State will reconsider this requirement.

You can help by contacting your local State representatives, as well as the Governor and Lt Governor's offices to voice your opinion.  

Look up your local Texas representation here:

Contact the Texas Lieutenant Governor:

Contact the Texas Governor:

All Texas Dachshund Rescue is unable to adopt any dogs outside of the state of Texas.  This is necessary because we do not have ATDR volunteers in other states available to do the required pre-adoption home visit, provide post adoption assistance if needed, and conduct routine follow-up for our adopted dogs and their new families and homes. We encourage you to search for rescues in your area or state.  There are also several national Dachshund Rescues as well.
All adopters must be 21 years of age or older, with at least one secure source of household income 

Please complete this application to begin the adoption process.  All applications must be approved prior to placement.  It is very important that you answer all the questions honestly so that we may place a dog in your home that will become a permanent family member.  Some animals we rescue are great with kids, some are better with just adults.  Some do well in apartments, others require a yard to stretch their legs.  In all cases, our dogs are house-dogs, to be made part of your family.  Your honest answers will help us place a dog that is good for your particular circumstances.  The application is quite extensive and in-depth, however, do not let this discourage you from completing it and returning it to us!  PLEASE NOTE:  A submitted application does not guarantee adoption nor does the application guarantee that the dog you would like to adopt is still available or the one that is best suited to your family. ATDR reserves the right to help you choose a dog we feel is best suited to match your household.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

We genuinely care about the welfare of all adoptive animals, therefore, it is standard procedure to do a home visit as part of the application process prior to placing an adoptable animal in a new home. We also check references as part of our process.  In order to help assure that a good match is in place, we may require that the adopting family have a meet and greet with their potential new family member in the city where he or she is being fostered or another location agreed upon between the foster and adopter.  Once your application is approved and you have spoken to the foster family to assure a good match you will meet to take home your new family member, submit your adoption fee, and sign/return your adoption contract!!


  • Submit completed application
  • Receive welcome email
  • Phone interview with Application Coordinator
  • Vet check
  • Personal reference check
  • Homevisit from ATDR volunteer
  • Phone interview with fosters of potential adoptable dogs (This step is to make sure the dog is a good fit.  Fosters know their dogs best and will have the final say)
  • Arrange to meet and adopt new family member!! (A Meet & Greet may be arranged first if relatively close to dog's location) 
  • Sign adoption contract and pay adoption fee (Check preferred, however PayPal or cash also accepted)

NOTE: Adoption fees are due AFTER your submitted application has been approved and you have matched with a pup!!!  Please DO NOT PAY FEE ahead of your confirmed approval.

$250 for adults
$300 for puppies
Fees for seniors, special needs and special circumstances vary

(Please view individual Bio Pages for specific amounts)

Adoption fees help cover only a portion of the costs associated with the following:

Shelter Fees
Heartworm Check (or treatment)
Heartworm Prevention
Dental Work
Blood Work
Other necessary medical treatment

All of the above will be taken care of prior to adoption.  You should, however, still consider taking the dog to your veterinarian upon adoption for a get acquainted visit.

Adopting a rescued dog is sometimes quite different than bringing home a brand new puppy. Sometimes our rescued dogs come from great homes where they have received lots of TLC, but for one reason or another, the family cannot keep them. Sometimes the dog has been a stray for some time, been in a shelter, or not been in the best of homes. We do not adopt out dogs with known aggression issues. We try to do our best to work through “trust issues” with the dogs rather than euthanasia. When you adopt a rescued dog, there will be a period of adjustment for both human and pet. Lots of understanding, quiet time, and bonding with one or two family members is recommended. We will be able to help you with specifics at the time of adoption, but do keep in mind that adopting a rescued dog can occasionally have challenges. We hope to hear from you soon and thank you for choosing adoption! 

To fill out our online adoption application form click here:  Adoption Application

If you have qustions about the application process, please contact:

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