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Doxie Questions & Answers

Are dachshunds good with children?

How well a dachshund gets along with children depends on three things: the temperament of the dog, how the dog is raised, and how the children are taught to treat animals. A dachshund with a sound temperament, and properly raised with children, who likewise understand how to treat a dog kindly and how to properly handle a dachshund's special needs, should do fine with children. (Of course, small children should never be left unsupervised with any type of dog, and special care must be taken with a dachshund's long back so it will not be injured). Children should never lift, pick up or carry a dachshund unless they are shown the proper way to lift a dachshund and they are old enough to understand and support their weight.  To properly lift a dachshund, one should place one hand under their chest and the other under their rump and lift them up so that their back is always horizontal, never vertical or upside down. With proper care and attention to their backs, you can reduce the chance of spinal injury.


Are dachshunds difficult to train?

A dachshund is a working dog with a very strong, willful personality.  It takes an owner with an equally determined character to own a dachshund. They are not a mean, aggressive or unpredictable breed, just strong willed and a bit stubborn and independent. An owner of a dachshund must be comfortable letting his or her dog know who is the pack leader, in which case, they are not difficult to train. With consistent and rewarding training, they learn quite easily and quickly. As with all animals, they should never be struck, hit or otherwise physically punished in order to deter them from any bad habits or behaviors.


Are dachshunds difficult to house train?

Dachshunds can be notoriously difficult to house train.  Luckily, rescued dachshunds live in foster homes and their families do a great job of starting this training.  Many tools can be useful in house training also.  We recommend crate training for this, as well as general usefulness.  Dogs pick up on housetraining much faster if crates are utilized.  Dogs will not potty where they eat or sleep, so it is natural for them not to go in their crate.  If taken outside immediately on being released from their crate they quickly learn to associate "outside" as the place to go.  Another useful tool for doxies are pet doors.  Whether allowing them access all day while you are gone or only when you are home, a pet door allows them to head outside on their own when the feel the need and avoid the risk of their human missing the signs they might give.  Reward training when they go potty outside is also a tip.  If you offer them lots of praise for going outside they will be more apt to learn. Doing this can also allow you to teach them to associate a specific word with going potty which can be very helpful on road trips, apartment life or anytime you need them to get on with it, such as standing in the rain with them  holding an umbrella when they refuse to go out otherwise!


Do dachshunds get along with other animals?

Dachshunds tend to be a very sociable and outgoing breed, and if properly raised and socialized, will generally get along well with other dogs and even cats. It is important to remember that dachshunds are a hunting breed and that if you intend to have cats, rabbits, rodents, pocket pets, etc., you should be sure that the dog is trained from an early age to get along with these types of pets. To an unfamiliar dachshund, your new pet rabbit may be seen as hunting game and he will only be doing what is inherent in his nature to do, and that will be to take it upon himself to help you get rid of it! Keep these things in mind when considering a dachshund as a new addition to your home.  Most dachshunds would need to be raised with small animals or pocket pets to keep from treating them like squeaky toys.


What should I feed my Dachshund?