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Last Updated:
6/14/2024 6:17 PM

Laughing  Success stories from some of our adopted dachshunds!  Laughing

Happy Tails Coopoer Toby

A picture of my sweet boys.
Cooper is the chocolate one up front and Toby is the blond one

Jack Jas HT 2021

We have two ATDR dogs; Jasmine who came to us in 2009, and Jack, who came in 2010.  Jasmine is long haired, and all black, until recently when her eyebrows turned grey as she has aged!  It gives her the most distinguished look!  

Jack is a wire-hair, and possibly part Jack Russell, given his longer legs and quirky little personality.  Both are about 15 now, and they give us such joy!
Anyway, thank you for sending these two.  We love them so much!  Let us know if we can ever help.

Linda and Wes Rowntree

Ginger Snap and Bunny HT 2021

Ginger Snap and her new brother Bunny.

Jasmine HT 2020

Jasmine’s new mommy just sent me these pics of her and her new buddy Marty. Btw jasmine’s now Ingrid :) those little ears are soo precious :D

Alphie HT 2020 -2

Alphie is excited about his new home!!! This little guy is going to be so happy!!

Remy HT 2019

Remy is heading to her new home.  She’s snuggled up to me in the backseat and gently reminding me she hasn’t told me to stop petting her.

Apollo HT 2019

Just wanted to give you an update on Max, we renamed him Apollo. We had him a little less than a year and he’s doing great. He’s such a joy to have around, absolutely addicted to playing fetch, loves belly rubs and he’s starting to learn some tricks. He can sit, shake and we are working on rolling over.

Endeavour HT 2019-A

She is a lively, happy dog although she looks rather wistful on my lap. She wants to be held much of the time but is a chunk.  She weighs 17.5 lbs., all solid muscle.  It is becoming difficult for me to lift her.  She enjoyed her time studying the ducks at the Riverwalk.  We still have our senior dog who is 18 years 2 months and 16 days old.  She weighs about 8 lbs and runs during her walk with Endeavour.

Greta HT 2019 A

Endeavour Wray– aka Greta has found the perfect spot to monitor outside activity! 

Carmello HT 2019

Following up our successful adoption of Carmello over a year ago.

He has no problem keeping stride with his ausie-brother "Brave" who are best buddies as they travel the country miles of hiking between Texas and Colorado!

DeeDee and Lenny HT 2019

Enjoying time in the sun!  Lenny the piebald fka (Clay) came from ATDR.

Happy dogs!

Chloe HT 2019

Chloe's New Family!

Morty HT 2019

Morty and his new family!

Lacey HT 2018

Lacy is thankful for her Thanksgiving Day home!

Dasher HT 2018

I wanted to give you an update on Beaugart (aka Dasher) who we adopted in Dec 2011.  He was one of the reindeer pups in a litter of all boys.  He has the best personality, super loving and is now a great big brother!

Diamond Coco HT 2018

Happy Ever After for Diamond and Coco!!!

Petunia HT 2018

Petunia has found her furever home!

Faith Hope HT 2018

Faith (formerly Iris) and Hope (formerly Ivy) are doing Great! We love these sweet little girls! They are the best and a huge hit wherever we take them (which is everywhere by the way)!

~Michael and Linda Moffenbier

Monte HT 2018 2

Welcome Home to Monte Walmer officially joins the Walmer family and former ATDR Sadie Walmer

Julia HT 2018

It's official Julia officially became a Cooper today!!! Enjoy your life with the Cooper's sweet girl, you are already loved beyond words and will be spoiled rotten!

Margo HT 2017

Margo and her new Brother Thrall

Diggy HT 2017

Welcome Home Bart aka Diggy!

Case HT 2017

Case is starting his new life!

Dane HT 2017

Happy Dane meets his new Mom!

Aldo 1 HT 2017

Lucky pup Aldo is starting his new life!

Abby HT 2017

Abby and her new Mom at the airport heading HOME!

Gunther HT 2017

Gunther is one happy guy in his new home!

Ellie Mae HT 2017

Ellie Mae and her big sister Allie are living the good life!
Ellie Mae 2

Thatcher HT 2017

Thatcher is one happy dog!

Olivia and Ludwig HT 2017


Ludwig (ATDR) and Molly (ATDR) Simmons are two peas in a pod!  

 Trixie HT 2017


Every year we celebrate Trixie's birthday . . . twice.  The 1st is Mother's Day because that is when we met her @ Pablo and Lorena's, and the 2nd is 5 days later when Ian & I picked her up on Friday evening and officially adopted her.  And although we don't know her exact age, we count from the day we met her so she is officially 8 years old!!!


Best wishes!


Steve, Jean, Diane & Ian

Magnus HT 2017

Big day for Magnus!

Jenna HT 2017

Jenna's New Family!

Ollie HT 2017

Happy Tails – Ollie celebrating life with his family!

Browning HT 2017 - 2

Let the new life begin! Browning is headed to Austin!

Jack HT 2017

Welcome Home Baby Jack!

Bucky HT 2017

Bucky - now known as Baxter, has found his furever home with us! Thank you for taking such good care of him until we were able to make him one of our own! We adore this sweet boy so much!

Bubbles HT 2017

Bubbles, our Miss December loves her happy home!

Update:  Bubbles crossed the bridge in January 2020 - Godspeed sweet girl.

chopper, stoobie and pepper HT 2017

The Moody Clan includes Chopper, Stoobie and Pepper

 Missy HT 2017-2

Missy's one happy girl on adoption day!

Lola Mikey HT 2017

Lola and Mikey got a new home for the holidays!

Tank HT 2017

Freckles, now Tank is living the dream life with his new family!

Hamilton and Chloe HT 2016

New Brother and Sister – Hamilton and Chloe

Mocha HT 2016

Mocha a sweet and charming girl has found the perfect forever home! 

Mina Adoption 2016

Looks like our sweet Mina has won the jackpot!  Thanks Ann and Bob Darragh from Marble Falls for considering a senior rescued dachshund.  They are such a wonderful couple and Mina fell in love with them immediately!!

Barb's Dogs

Thanks to the Endress Family,  our dear Friend Barb's three dogs are in a happy home!

Hildy, Fred and Sarah Endress!

Duke HT 2016

Duke just won the jackpot and got a great family in the process!!!

 Gracie HT 2016-A


Gracie and I rescued each other mid-January 2016.  I lost my beloved canine furbaby, Pancake, to cancer, on Christmas night 2015.  I was not going to get another furbaby that quickly but my daughters encouraged me and and it was the best thing I could have done.


Gracie is such a sweet, loving little girl.  She rarely barks, follows me from room to room, takes hour long daily walks, and loves taking car rides in her booster car seat. She is gaining confidence and trust in people and other dogs. This is a picture of her graduation from training school.


Thank you for rescuing Gracie from the Odessa Animal Shelter and being the only adoption group that responded to my request for information.  Gracie was meant to be part of my family!

Nancy Kessler

Grapevine, TX

Clinger HT 2016

Dustin wanted you to know that he had his final booster shots last week. Also, because Dustin is same name of a nephew, on wrong side of the law, we changed Dustin name at vet to Corp. CLINGER, he is the most clingyest dog we have ever had, does not matter, we still love him. We could have changed to Mighty Lizard Chaser, lol.

Elizabeth Moeller, Team Paw-Some

Gypsy HT 2016

ATDR Cami – now Gypsy is a real beauty!  So happy in her new home! 

BoBo HT 2016

Bobo and his Sisters! Living the life in Cinco Ranch!

Chief HT 2016

Chief has found a Happy Home!

serrano HT 2016

Serrano (ATDR 3 years!) has found his forever home! He owns the couch and has a beautiful basset hound sister!

 Dustin HT 2016

Dustin is doing very well. My daughter is home now with her mini “Maggie” and the two dogs are getting along fine.  Dustin is a sneak though and manages to steal her toys at every opportunity.  Thank goodness for folks like you that help the critters of this world.  Maggie keeps a watchful eye and one paw over her toys whenever he’s around. I’m only allowed to relax on the couch if both can join me. My next project is knitting sweaters for both of them.

Arlene O.

Nuggie HT 2015

Nuggi Laufman got the best home ever!

Nuggi came into my life on Feb. 11, 2011.  His beautiful blue eye locked into mine and it was love!  (I had only intended to be foster mom, but you know how that goes).

    He loves life and going for walks.  And he's a very smart boy:  he can do tricks like giving paw,  he can wave, spin, down, sit, (almost) leave it!    We are together most of the day and night and he's a total pleasure!  

    His biggest "flaw" is that he tends to be a vertical dachshund -- sitting straight up seems to be the norm for him.  To protect his back I try to get him to be more horizontal, but doesn't work!  

    I bless the day that Nuggi (Nugget) came into my life.

   We now live in a small retirement community and Nuggi is the bright spot in everyone's day!  So so special, my Mr. Boy.

   Thanks again to ADTR for leading this little love into my life.

Susan & Nuggi Lou Laufman


Rambler HT 2015

Rambler hit the lottery and found the perfect home!

 Jester HT 2015

 Our Jester continues to live a charmed life.

 He has traveled with us to Colorado and North Carolina and many stops in between.

He has 6 grand children that could say the name 'Jester" before Grandma. He is king of our home.  We are both retired now so there is plenty of lovin to be had for him. :) We are always grateful for you who made this happen for us.
Jodi and Jay Doran

Update: Jester crossed the bridge in December 2019.  Godspeed.

Flash and Super Girl HT 2015

Flash and Super Girl are HOME at last!

Lizzy HT 2015-2

Lizzie in her forever home! She is such a sweet-heart. We are so blessed to have her as part of the family.
Lisa & Connie

 Brisket HT 2015

To the wonderful folks at ATDR - 


Just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work that you do and for putting my family in touch with Brisket.  It's been 3 months to the day of when we took that sweet boy home to be part of our family.   He was pretty timid at first getting used to his new surroundings, but he sure has warmed up!  He and Gracie (our other rescue doxie) are the best of friends and love playing all day and chasing the squirrels in our back yard! :)  Brisket is so sweet to my three children too, and they just love him!   He loves going on walks with us around the neighborhood, sunbathing on our deck and of course snuggling! 

Here are some pictures of Mr Brisket :) 

Thanks again. Our family is so grateful for you!  




 Alex HT 2015


I wanted to write and provide you with an updated on Alex (FKA Axel). I can't tell you how much my family loves Alex. Alex is the perfect addition to our home. Alex has not only become Marty's (our other dachshund ) best friend, but his brother.  Alex loves to sleep with me every night and is a total joy.




I can't thank you enough for bringing Alex in my life. 



Nina Cofer

MCGraw HT 2015

McGraw is Chill-ax’n in his new digs!

chewy cricket HT 2015

Happy Tails – the chocolate dapple is Chewy – FKA Camo (ATDR) in his home with siblings, including Crickett (ATDR) on the end

 Trixie HT 2015


This is the 6th anniversary of Trixie coming home to live with us.  It's been a great time for all, after meeting her for the first time on Mother's Day.  She's living the good life these days with her new sister Emma (ATDR) and her cousin Daisy (Diane's dachshund).




Although she's gotten some white in her coat, she's still very active including a fast pace in this year's Buda races.



Thanks to ATDR and everyone who cared for Trixie before we met her!

Dumpling HT 2015

 Dumpling at her "brothers" birthday party

Waffle HT 2015 2

Waffle found her new home!

 Bruno Bella HT 2015


My name is Matt Smart and my wife and I adopted 2 wonderful puppies from ATDR Bruno (who we named Herbert) and Bella (who we named Olive). We were just speaking with each other about how much we love them and how thankful we are that ATDR exists. Herbert is almost three and Olive is almost two. Last October Herbert beat every dog he raced at the Mckinney Octoberfest. Olive is a rambunctious free spirited little cutie. Thanks again. Matt, Karen, Herbert and Olive.




Tanner HT 2015

Cupcake and her brother Tennyson (fka Tanner) are great buddies!

Patches HT 2015

Patches and his new Mom!

Onyx Pepper HT 2015

Onyx and her new sibling, Pepper – happy as two peas in a pod! 

Louie HT 2015

I adopted Nolan (a.k.a. Louie) from ATDR a few years ago! He is the most delightful, quirky dog ever. He loves hiding treats instead of eating them and is obsessed with his Hotdog costume!
Thanks for all you do for these doxies!
-Maggie (and Nolan)

Adam and Wolfie HT 2014

Adam and Wolfie together and HOME at last!

Maybelle HT 2014

Love at first sight! Maybelle and new Mom,Terry.

 FinnHT 2014

Here are a couple of my happy boys!

Ollie, Finn & Nick
Paige 2 HT 2014 Paige living the Good Life!
Watson HT 2014 Watson is living the Good life! 
Penny HT 2014 Sweet Penny (aka Paige) with her best buddy Ben.
buddy HT 2014 It’s a Dog’s Life for Buddy (fka Ducky) and Chase and sisters!  Thanks to the Seton Family for giving them a great home!
Waldo HT 2014

Where's Waldo?  HOME!
Benny and Red HT 2014

Benny and Red hit the new home jackpot together!

Wilma and Smoky HT 2014

ATDR dogs Wilma and Smokey are loving the good life in the Mewbourn home!

Colin HT 2014

Colin (ATDR) and Anabelle at the park! Best friends forever!

Miss Prin HT 2014

It appears that “Miss Prin” is the happiest Princess on the planet! 

Shelby HT 2014

Tyler (former ATDR Dog) and ATDR Shelby are now best friends forever in her new home!

Mr. Tumnus HT 2014

Mr. Tumnus found a great home!

Mable and Gertie HT 2014

Mabel and Gertie are doing great, we adopted them a year ago today,   They are the cutest little pair and their personalities keep a smile on our faces all the time. They are both doing fantastic. They have brought us so much joy and I can't thank you enough for entrusting these two special little ladies to us. The  other dogs all get along extremely well and our other dachshund took them in like long lost sisters. Just wanted to let you know how well they were and to thank you again.  Forever grateful, Paula and Jeff Lasiter

Paige HT 2014

Paige meshed right in with our family. It feels like we've had her so much longer. She's the sweetest most cuddly baby. She's very attached to me and Ben both. We've figured out a very fun toy she just can't keep her eyes off. (Remote control helicopter) We are going to use that as her "bait" when we do the wiener dog races in October!! We've been practicing with it. She runs very fast to get that toy!! She loves her naps, food and riding in the car!! We went to a drive in movie theater last wknd with all the dogs. I swear she was watching it. She stared at that screen nonstop!! Paige is getting on a good routine of potty breaks. We've had a few accidents, we expected that. She's getting better tho, yesterday she scratched at the door to go out!! Yippee!!

I made a little collage of pictures. I sent it to ATDR too to thank them for our little girl. She brightens up our world every single day!!

Bruiser HT 2014

Bruiser fits right in to his new family! 

Baron HT 2014

Happy Tails!

Floyd HT 2014

Happy Trails for Floyd!

Bowie Travis HT 2014

Brothers,  Travis and Bowie, found tied together in a  box in the dumpster behind a Petsmart,  now have the perfect home together!!!

Matilda HT 2014

Matilda, her new brother Franklin and new sister, former ATDR LouLou!

Betinna HT 2014

Bettina found a new home! 

Cassie and Cam HT 2014

Cassie and Cam - Happy Home for the Holidays!

Ralphie HT 2014

It was cold outside and Ralphie was running around town with his “parents”.

Buddy Boy HT 2014

Thanks again for Buddy, he fills a place in my heart that I never knew was empty until he came.

Sophie HT 2013

Sophie is home in time for Christmas too!

tracy HT 2013

Tracy is finally home - just in time for Christmas.

Andy HT 2013

Andy in his new sweater!

Alex and Ralphie HT 2013

Ralphie FKA Frankie.

chester HT 2013


This is Chester! I adopted this little wiener two years ago, and we couldn't be a better match! I have since brought him up to Austin with me to live in our cute, pink apartment. He doesn't mind all the fluffy blankets and chew toys that fill up our space one bit. He has quite the reputation with my friends, who love coming over and getting attacked with love. Seriously, he brings a smile to everyone who meets him. I cannot have imagined the last two years without this little guy by my side.

October 2013

skeeter HT 2013


SKEETER!! He got to go to work with his new Veterinarian mommy yesterday! As you can see he has already taken over and being a boss!

October 2013

Pierre HT 2013


The left one is Alexander, the right is Pierre. It's truly unbelievable. Pierre is a sweet dog, eager to learn, and after 3 weeks with us it feels like he has been here forever.

October 2013

Bonnie buddy and clyde

Bonnie / Buddy & Clyde

 Tiko Marty

Tiko / Marty

I just wanted to give you an update on the wonderful dog we adopted last November. His name was Tiko, but we now call him Marty. He is healthy, happy, and very much a part of our household. As I type this, he is snuggled under my desk with his "sister" Gilda. Every minute with him has been a complete joy. He's a sweet-natured, silly guy who is delightful to have around. Everywhere we go, people remark on his beautiful markings and funny front paws that splay out like seal flippers.

Thanks so much to everyone in ATDR for facilitating his adoption. My husband and I love this little dude more than you could ever know!

Warmest regards,

Stacy Friedman, Kirk Miles, Gilda & Marty


 Bonnie and Clyde HT 2013

Bonnie and Clyde

Kate and Spencer - Now Bonnie and Clyde Ramon


 Fritz HT 2013


My mother, Pat Nickel (Houston) adopted Fritz from you in Feb. I just wanted to send a couple of pictures to show you how well is doing and how much she loves himg. Thanks!
Chris Nickel


 zach HT 2013

Zach (formerly known as Brewster the Puppy)

Lass, our nanny Lab, is delighted to have a new little charge to take care of.  Zach is following her around and sleeping near or on her!  Max is nearby but not so delighted - more tolerating!  Zach is sleeping with us (and Max) at night.  He creeps over to Max and Max moves away - but no growling, so I am sure it will all work out.

Zach visited the vet yesterday and got his rabies shot and his heartgard. His conjunctivitis ( Lacy - you should check Sammy and the others because he had it when I picked him up and did not respond to simple cleaning) was treated with cipro which he will receive for 5 days.  He will return in a few weeks for his last puppy vaccine and his first rattlesnake vaccine. The vet strongly agreed with waiting on the neutering - he felt 6 months would probably be fine. He also felt that Zach is not going to be any bigger than Max (15lbs).  His front paws are simply splayed and appear large for age.

Zach is getting along well with everyone - very friendly and affectionate.  He is loving his new chew toys and edibles ( with omega 3s for brain and eye development).  He is a smart guy and we will start leash and commands training this week.



 Belle HT 2013



Belle is thriving and she and Cindy are best buds now.  This pink chair is their favorite.  They are always together.  When Belle cannot find a lap to sit in, she just sits on Cindy.  They furnish me with hours of enjoyment.

  Regards, Lyneve


 Romeo and Fideaux HT 2013

Romeo and Fideaux


- Now Buster and Buddy Cox - Living the Good Life!


 Penny HT 2013


Penny (Sarah)

Here she is fitting right in! We couldn't have asked for a better match for our family.  We have renamed her Penny (Penelope).

Thanks for all your help!
Kara Kelly


 Daisy Scout HT


Daisy & Scout


Living the good life with Lee Mullenex!


 Tony HT 2012


December 10, 2012 will be the one year anniversary of my adoption. I would like to thank all the wonderful people at ATDR for their help in finding my furever home. I was so lost and so hungry and so very scared when I was taken in at the San Marcos Humane Society! (see pic) Some of you very wonderful people at ATDR stepped in and kept me from being sent to the rainbow bridge and then you found me a possible mom and you gave me a ride to meet her and a possible sister. For mom and me it was love at first sight! My sister Sassie took a little longer to love me, but she quickly fell for my charm and good looks. I have a wonderful furever home now! I never have to wonder whether I will be able to find something to eat today. I never have to wonder whether I can find a safe place to sleep tonight. And I never have to worry about whether that person is gonna hit me or kick me. Life is very very good here! I have 2 meals a day and nummy treats. I have chewies and stuffies that I can rend and shred to my hearts content. Although mom did get a little upset when I got a little carried away with it all and shredded her mattress. She said she wanted a new one! I was only trying to help by making it lighter and easier to carry! Sheash! I have a great older sister to play with. We have a wonderful time and mom laughs and laughs when we turn into a whirling ball of fur, teeth, claws, and snarls. We sound so ferocious! Mom has this big comfy recliner and we all sit in it and watch TV in the evenings and she provides scratches in all the right places. She has a new mattress on the bed now and we all snuggle up under the blankets at night and stay all toasty warm. Yes, life is good now! (see pic) Please keep up the good work you do!!

Tony (Formerly Tony Pepperoni)

 Rocky HT 2012


His new mom Kay told me  that they LOVE him and he is such a good boy. They said their kids and grandkids love him too! She said her hubby put in a new doggie door just for Rocky.  I am over the moon they love him as much as I do!!  Here is the pics.:))) she sent of him. One is of her hubby and the other dog. The other is her with him..and a few of him in his new bed with the  red binkie I sent with him from my house. My baby boy is home for Christmas!


King HT 2012

 Kings Adoption Day!

Liberty Belle HT 2012

Liberty Belle & Uncle Sam


Lillianna HT 2012


This is an updated pic of Lillianna.  That little girl had terrible skin problems. She looks fantastic now. :)

A pleasant reminder of why we do what we do...

Hush Puppy HT

Hush Puppy

This is our dog Hush Puppy, whom we lovingly call “Bo”. We adopted him from ATDR back in 2005 and he’s still going strong. He’s a beautiful piebald standard male. Very smart, well-behaved, playful and friendly.

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving (today). Bo wants to know if the turkey is done.

Thank you ATDR.

Reba Dubay

Trixie HT 2012

Minx / Trixie

Kevin and I adopted Trixie formerly known as Minx from ATDR a couple years back. She is doing great.  I have attached a recent family photo (shes the piebald longhair if you didn't remember)

November 2012

Muprhy HT 2012


October 2012

Luchiano HT


Luchiano is doing great. We have nicknamed Luchador, and he is such a great little dog. He fit right in with our family. My cat, Petri, absolutely LOVES him. They run around and wrestle all day. His favorite thing to do is lay under the blanket while we are on the couch, but when we go for a walk, he is going one speed the whole time. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. We love him to death! Thank you for helping us find the perfect family member.

Shelby Peters

Sally HT 2012


Sally Sue (right) with her new brother Buddy.

September 2012

Bailee and Mel 2012


July 2012

Sadie 2012 HT


June 2012

Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help with our adoption. We picked up Sadie pup this morning and after a careful and thorough examination of her new home she is sleeping like a rock! She's been so much fun already and is quite the sweetie!

Thanks again,


Jenny HT 2012


May 2012

We just wanted to report in and let you know that jenny has settled in just fine. (Red) she is part of the family now as you can see.

Pebbles 2012


May 2012

We want to thank you for being such a professional and courteous organization. Most of all, we thank you for everything you do to find precious doxies a fur-ever home.  Pebbles had her TV debut Sunday morning at Buda. Bonnie with Austin's news channel ,YNN - Your News Now, (formerly News 8 Austin) interviewed our family. We told them about coming to the Wiener Races not only for the fun event, but also to adopt Pebbles from ATDR.You have matched us with a beautiful, sweet little girl. Pebbles is fitting in nicely with her brother, Chestnut, and our traveling lifestyle.

Once again, thanks to each of you for the role you played in matching us with a wonderful little girl. We can't say enough good things about All Texas Dachshund Rescue.

 Hugs from us and Wags from the doxies, Sherry, JC, Chestnut, and Pebbles

Maury 2012

Maury / Pippin

May 2012

Pippin weighs in at a whopping 7.5 pounds compared to Riley's 85 pounds. Amazing how gentle she is with him. When he is bouncing all around her, she knows exactely where he is and carefully places her feet so she does not step on him. Pippin does not want little dog toys, he plays with Riley's toys and it is just hilarious to watch him drag her big toys around.

 He loves to sit in my lap when I am doing computer work. In fact, he is in my lap right now messing with the mouse. When he wants up in my lap, he "loiters" around my feet and gives me this pitiful look...cracks me up....who has got "who" trained here?


Leia Success Story


April 2012

Just wanted to send an update on Leia.

I adopted her almost 1 year ago and she is doing great. Leia came to ATDR emaciated due to pancreatitis. A few months ago, I actually had to cut back on her food because she was a pound overweight!

She is definitely queen of the pack and chases the big dogs at the dog park. She has a wonderful time with her sisters Lizzie and Calamity!

Thanks for all that you do!

Moe & Riley

Moe and Riley

February 2012


Bailey Joe (Button)

Button, now Bailey Jo, is loving it here with her new sister, Chloe Anne. This was taken today (2/23/12) when we went on a stroller ride in the neighborhood. She is not too sure about the cat, but I know they will warm up to one another :) Thanks again so much for allowing us to give her a forever home!

February 2012

Cesar 2012


Precious Cesar the boy that was tied to a tree and set on fire in his first home is fully recovered and now adopted!  This is Cesar and his new brother Frankie in his forever home!  This is why we do what we do!!!

February 2012

Bridgett 2012



Here is a picture of Bridgett in her new home sharing a bone with her new sister Bonnie! Thank you to ATDR and her foster parents for taking such amazing care of her for us – we love her so much.

February 2012

Cody 2012

Cody and Bella (aka Bentley)

These two were born to be brother and sister!  Cody and Bella Smith both happy ATDR kids!

February 2012



Hooray!  I've been adopted!  I came to my new home with Linda & Mel on Saturday, January 7 -- Happy New Year!  I'm still adjusting to my new surroundings, but really do think this is where I belong.   
I want to thank everyone at ATDR for the TLC given to me.   

January 2012

Liberty Belle

Liberty Belle

Liberty Belle and Uncle Sam (AKA Comet).

January 2012


Oscar (aka Hansel)

Oscar is looking very handsome in his new home!


January 2012



Pippa with her new brother Boone, he really loves her! 

November 2011

Charlie Daniels aka Slinky

Charlie Daniels aka Slinky

I'm home!


November 2011

Mr. Peeps 1

Mr.Peeps aka Turts-MaGurts

Hey Everybody at ATDR!

I wanted to let all of you know how awesome I'm doing! Every since my new mom and dad picked me up in late June it's been bones and treats!!!!!

I hope my pictures are a reminder that for every sweet little Doxie there's a home full of love.

Here is a pic of me and my sis Obi-Wan.  Paw ya laters! 

Mr.Peeps aka Turts-MaGurts

November 2011



All of our family is in love with our "little brown dog", especially both of our granddaughters, ages 2 & 6. He has added such joy to our lives and our family. I don't give thanks for him without remembering the two of you and all you did to bring us this gift. Thank you. The work you do is amazing. We are one big success story.
I'm sure that Jester is forever grateful, as are we.

Jodi, Jay & Jester

November 2011


BARNEY UPDATE!!! (aka Angus)

What a character Barney is!  He has settled in very well and loves to play with Chumly his older brother, who is incredibly patient with him.  He chews on Chumly all the time and Chumly doesn't seem to mind a bit.  We have to put him in 'time-out' occasionally (in the utility room where he can still see us through the gate) when he gets too rambunctious but he calms down quickly.  He and Darwin the cat get on well too and I think Darwin chases Barney as much as Barney chases him!  It is funny to see.  He has the odd 'accident' in the house but we are working on that.  He is a lovely little boy and we are really pleased with him.

~ Pam

October 2011


Annalisa a.k.a. "Anna Lisa"

October 2011: Wanted to let you know that Anna Lisa is doing great!  She has everyone right where she wants them!  She is so funny and full of personality.  I am loving her so much! 





September 2011: Just dropped in to say Hi !! 




September 2011: When we first saw Jezabelle on the website, we knew she was our dog. She was so shy when we met her, but we knew that with love and attention she would learn to love and trust us and become part of our family. In only a few weeks, she changed from a shy, scared dog who liked to hide under the coffee table to a happy, loving dog who followed us around the apartment, jumped on the bed and ran to greet us as soon as we got home. We've had so much fun teaching her how to sit, shake, speak and other tricks. She learns so fast! We've had Jezzie for almost a year now and we can't believe how much she has changed from that first time that we met her. Everyone who meets her is amazed by how cute and friendly she is and we feel so lucky that we found her and could finally give her a real, forever home!

 Wanda Gamble

Two of the Reindeer pups!!!

July 2011:Home with new mom Wanda Gamble!!


July 2011:Romeo relaxing with his adorable new family!


January 2011:

 Dear good people at ATDR,
Attached is a photo of the adorable dachshund we adopted from your center back in October.  Her name is listed as "Belle" but we have since been calling her Bella.
Adoption date was October 12, 2010 and we are so happy to have her as part of our family. Our other Doxie, "Angie" , Bella's "big sister", and Bella get along beautifully.  Bella is always looking for Angie and wanting to be with her.  That's my husband John holding both the docies in front of our fireplace.
Thank you again for accepting us as parents for Bella. You help so many helpless, abused doxies, and we thank you for that.

Rose & John Beamer

Mandy and Lacy

Mandy and Lacy

September 2010:  Mandy hanging out with her new ATDR sister Lacy.  Looking good Mandy!!  What a cute pair o' doxies!


Ginny and Mom


August 2010:  Ginny and her new mom enjoying a little walk together.  We love seeing this sweet little angel in her forever home!!



Zepher (Formerly known as Chewy)

July 2010:  Check out this sweet photo of Zepher cuddling with his new sister Milla "in the forbidden chair, which is their favorite place of course"!  Adorable!!


Mitzie and Doe


May 2010:  When Mitzi was adopted, one of the members of her new family was having some health issues.  Within a few months the doctor noted what a difference having Mitzi in the home had made.  Mitzi's new companion, "Doe" had a great check up and had even gained 14 pounds; everyone agrees Mizi's companionship made all the difference!  We love hearing about the positive impact "our" doxies have in the lives of their forever families!

Chloe (Formerly known as Dora)

May 2010:  Chloe looks ready for a nap!  Here she is relaxing with her two redhaired sisters Sadie and Lacy.  Beautiful girls!!

Trixie, Remington & Family

Trixie and Remington

March 2010:  Trixie was adopted in the Fall of '09 & her new family recently adopted Remington from ATDR too!

Remington and Mattie (formerly known as Trixie) have fit in with new brothers and sisters quickly and easily.  Both are a joy but seem to share a special ATDR bond.  They like to sleep next to each other in bed and patrol the backyard from one end of the fence like sentrys.  Doug and I love and treasure them both.  You can fit six mini's on a recliner with room to spare.

Chuck T. 


The Edmondson Family

Ruger, Bruno, Fiona and Wiggles

March 2010:  Talk about your Happy Tail!  These four lucky ATDR doxies hit the jackpot when ALL of them were adopted by this wonderful couple in Sept '09.  Judith and Steven are VERY special to the ATDR family and we are so grateful to them for opening up their hearts and their home to these babies!

Dachsies are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.
Ruger, Bruno, Fiona and Wiggles with their parents, Dr. and Mrs. Steven Edmondson

Photo by Adam Nyholt

Otis and Scooter

Otis and Scooter

January 2010:  
It has been about 8 months now and I just wanted to get in touch with you about Elmo and Dash...
They are now Otis and Scooter and they are the BEST! I don't even know where to begin and I would need pages to tell you all the reasons we love them. So, I will just say thank you so much for allowing them to be part of our family. We are so lucky.  I've attached a great picture of them.
Leigh, Raymond and Cameron

Dowland Doxies

Hoggan Dowland


May 2009:  Here's a special note from an ATDR dachshund named Hoggan!

 I came to live in my new forever home in October 2005, after living in foster care for a year and a half.  I had a sister named Heidi Sue waiting for me.  She taught me about a lot of doggy things that I didn't know about.  What a great pal!  She went to puppy heaven in 2008.  I missed her a lot.  So, my mom and dad started looking for a new brother or sister.   In October 2008 they adopted a blonde (English Creme) girl named Poppy aka Popcorn.  Wow, what a beautiful girl and so nice!   But that wasn't all.... we went back to her foster home a few weeks later and mom and dad adopted another girl named Sadie.  She is a young puppy.  Poppy Jo and Sadie May knew each other from the breeders' home before they went to foster care. Sadie was pretty scared when she first got here, but now she loves to play.  I teach her the things that I was taught by Heidi Sue.  You would think that the family would be complete with three dachshunds, but not so.  In February 2009 we all went back to visit at Poppy and Sadie's foster home and mom and dad adopted another little girl.  Wow, three sisters!!!  We added Marley Jane to our family!  She and I are about the same age, but she can out play me.  She loves to come out and snoop with me.   I love being the only man of the house and I love all my new sisters too.  We are one big happy family, all thanks to Glenda and ATDR.  What a great lady!!!  That's my story.

By Hoggan Michael Dowland

Bella & Rocky

Bella & Rocky

May 2009:  Bella and Rocky are doing very well. They act like they have lived here their entire lives. Both of them are already friends with Sweet Pea, and she likes them too. Attached are a couple of new photos of them.  Thank you for the wonderful pups!

Danny & Mary


Lulu's first snow


January 2009: 

I've just seen my first snow! My mom, Dad, & sister, Chloe, are spending 3 weeks in Colorado. Even though it was only 13 degrees (and sunny!), my mom decided to go for a walk to take pictures. I didn't want my picture made, so I ran around so I would be just a blur. But mom fooled me and got a couple when I wasn't looking.

I have been doing sooooo good! I don't even remember anything before December 2007, when I came to my "forever" home. I am very happy and healthy. My sister, Chloe, has taught me how to play and we have a lot of fun! She has been gentle with me. At first I thought she was trying to fight me, but I soon learned that she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. We snuggle together sometimes, too.

Thank you for rescuing me from "that" situation and finding me a great home. I am so happy here!


P.S. Oh! I'm attaching some pix taken today - see how great I look?


Ken and Barbie

Ken and Barbie

December 2008:  Ken and Barbie already have what they want for Christmas; a loving, forever home!  Their new mom reports they're doing great and have settled right in to their new home.  Ken and Barbie's extended family includes another ATDR dachshund, Jack!  Merry Christmas to all!

 Moochie, Baby & Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea
(Left to right, Moochie, Baby and Sweet Pea!) 

December 2008:  This update is long overdue!  Sweet Pea was adopted in early 2008 by an awesome couple with two dachshunds, Moochie and Baby.  Sweet Pea loves her new family... she gets along great with her doxie sisters & they travel the country with Mom & Dad in their huge RV!  The girls even get to go on frequent rides in the family golf cart!  This precious girl who was dumped in a kill shelter by a horrible breeder has found heaven on earth with this wonderful family.  Sweet Pea touched all of our hearts and we couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect home for her.

Abbie on Lucy's backAbbie on Lucy's back with Walter watching

Abbie (Formerly known as Glory)

February 2008:  Abbie is turning into quite a character.  Very much an individual.  She's still covering everybody with puppy kisses, and is the most affectionate.  At the same time, she is the most stubborn.  At "potty time" she doesn't run out the door like a house on fire as do the others.  Abbie always wants to be chased around the living room first.  She has certainly learned how to be a little diva from Sophie!  Abbie's favorite spot to sit and survey her kingdom is on "Mom's" back.  The view is much better up there, not to mention a higher security level!   
Hope you enjoy these pictures.
Thanks again!

Charlie Charlie (Formerly known as Marley)

December 2008: Two guys enjoying a sunny spring day.  Life couldn't be better for our little Marley, now known as Charlie!  Here he is with his new Dad.  Lookin' good, guys!

Copper Penny Copper Penny

December 2008:  Copper Penny is now living in England with her forever family!!  Her mom sent this picture and we're told this is what happens when a 5 yr old little girl gets hold of a dachshund!

Baxster (Formerly known as Patrick)

December 2008:  Baxster is settling in to his new home nicely and loves playing with his doxie sister, Ginger.  He's really attached to his new daddy and has become his little shadow.  Looks like a perfect match to us!



June 2008: 
A cute photo of Tootsie surrounded by her new family on adoption day.  That's her handsome doxie brother Rusty on the left.  Welcome home Tootsie!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Goose (Formerly known as Ash)

March 2008:  Goose celebrating St Patrick's Day at his new home!  Happy Saint Pat's Day Goose!!

Goose and Maverick

Goose (Formerly known as Ash)

March 2008:  Here's a shot of little Goose man getting to know his BIG brother Maverick.  Something tells us Goose will have that big boy wrapped around his little paw in no time!



January 2008:  Our sweet Mandy found the perfect home, living with her new Mom in a lovely Retirement community.  We're so happy to see this little family enjoying some quality time.  Welcome home Mandy!!


Nickel (Formerly known as Prissy)

January 2008: Nickel came to our family on Nov. 11, 2007.  She loves everything and has two speeds - fast forward and snuggle.  She loves wrestling with her co-dog, Abbey and they are both known at the barkpark.  She has made us laugh so often.  Her funniest quirk is that she goes into the backyard and sits on the lawn furniture.  Picks different chairs each time and looks around at stuff.  My 83 year old mother who lives with us commented after the first week that Nickel fit right into the family like she had been here forever.  Thank you so much for our doxie.

Marilyn F.

Molly & Portia

Molly & Portia

November 2007:  Molly & Portia surveying their new backyard.  Welcome home girls!!

Ricky Bobby

Ricky Bobby (Formerly known as Bobby)

November 2007:  Our little Bobby could not have found a better forever home!!  He was recently adopted by a wonderful family in the DFW area who just happen to be NASCAR fans, hence the nickname "Ricky Bobby".  Here's a picture of him guarding the door of the trailer on race day at the Texas Motor Speedway.  He spent the weekend at the track, meeting lots of other NASCAR fans (canine and human!) and had a great time.  We couldn't be happier for you Ricky Bobby!!!

Spooky and Virginia / Gigi

Gigi (Formerly known as Virginia)

November 2007:  Here is a current photo of Virginia aka Gigi who we got from you (Lorena Ibanez foster Mom).  She's doing great.  Also kicking up her heels is Spooky, our newest girl.  She's 16 1/2 years old and frisky as a kitten!

Becky S.


Siggy (Formerly known as Siegfreid)

October 2007:  Hi guys!

Today was a fun day!  I dressed up for Halloween. I decided to be a devil because I always tell my Mom, "The devil made me do it!" when I am in trouble for doing something I shouldn't.  I won 2nd Place in the Petco Halloween Costume Contest.  I think I should have won first prize, but they gave it to this little thing dressed as a school girl in a plaid skirt with a tuile underskirting.  Come to think of it she was kind of cute!  I tried to kiss her!  But, I had the best jewelry!!!  Mom made me some beaded bracelets to wear on all of my feet--everyone was jealous.  I did share my bracelets with this perky white poodle dressed in a hawaiian outfit.  Boy, if all the dogs in Hawaii look like she did, I think I want to go there on vacation!




Roxie & Harley

Roxie (Formerly known as Samantha)

October 2007:  Hello ATDR,

I wanted to give you an update on Roxie (formerly Samantha).  Since she came into our home and hearts in April she has made our family complete.  She loves her brother Harley and he loves her.  They love to play and wrestle.  She is such a sneaky girl.  She will walk by Harley very casually and then snatch whatever toy he is playing with and run causing him to chase her which she loves.  She is such a blessing and we are enjoying every day with her.  We have taken her on several camping trips with us and that is her favorite time.  She gets to hunt in the woods for creatures.  She loves to run bunnies and squirrels.  Thank you so much for helping us find each other.  I truely love her and could not imagine my life without her.

Dee Boarman
San Antonio
Brandy, Cooper & Roxie

Cooper (Formerly known as Copper)

October 2007:  We adopted Cooper, formerly Copper, in February of 2007 and what a little man he is!!  This incredibly sweet, adorable, hilarious cutie has turned his new sister's worlds upside down.  While he zooms through the house, sliding on the hardwoods and colliding into his big sis' Roxie (another sweet adoption!), he keeps his little sis', Brandy, rolling in chew toys that he hides everywhere!  This little guy had a rough start in life and I am still amazed that anyone could just stash him away in a laundry room and never give him the attention he craves or experience his incredible "hugs".  Yes, our little guy gives his new Mom and Dad hugs every day and sleeps deep under the covers every night with Brandy by his side.  Cooper is still working on manners around strangers and new dogs, but he has taken to our cat like he had been around feines all of his life.  Copper's new Dad is harnessing his speed to train him for next April's Buda Weiner Dog Races.

Thank you ATDR for connecting Cooper to our lives and allowing us to give him a forever home!

Jim and Jane Galvin
Highland Village, TX

Little Joe

Little Joe

August 2007:  It looks like Little Joe has his new mom and dad wrapped around his paw already! 


'Lil Man (Formerly known as Redmon, he's the little guy on top)

May 2007:  'Lil Man "flew" into our lives on March 25, 2007 like a Texas tornado leaving all it's damage, debris (and fiberfill found in squeaky-toys!) in it's dust!  He fit right in with his new brothers, Casey, 9, and Max 14 mo's., his new dad, Page, and with his new mom, (me of course)  'lil man is a doxie that's so full of life, love and laughter.  He's hilarious!  He loves taking his snoozes on top of the picnic table while I'm out working in the garden - (perfect scenario :)  When he's not snoozing he's at my feet helping me pull weeds, running off with my garden gloves or maybe taking a dip in my small fish pond (wish I had my camera for that one).

I'm so grateful for y'all and thank you sooooo much for my gift of adoption.  I'm sending a picture.  It was at the end of the day/evening which was full of play and they joined me on the porch and slept till I said, "it's bedtime!"  Then , off to bed.  (under the covers, next to me, until the sandman comes.)

Nicole with Sandy & Winnie

Sandy & Winnie

May 2007:  When Sandy and Winnie's new mom picked them up in Austin, her granddaughter Nicole insisted on riding inside the crate with them all the way back to Longview in NE Texas.  This is the sweetest photo we've seen in a long time.  Looks like a future rescuer in the making!  Sandy and Winnie have retired to a spacious spread in the country with a big family to give them lots & lots of love.  We couldn't be happier for them and are especially touched when an adopter gives a senior like Sandy a forever home.

Abby and Busy


April 2007:  Here's Abby playing with her sister Busy.  They get along good playing and they like to nap together; her new mom thinks Busy is just glad to have somebody that snores too.  They can make some noise when sleeping!  Abby gets plenty of exercise at her new home in the country and has trimmed down to 23 lbs.  She gives the resident hunting dog a run for his money retrieving sticks from the water, and they found out recently she's a Diving Doxie!!  When a stick goes underwater she dives down and grabs it!



April 2007:  Bridget is just doing beautifully and has totally "adopted" my husband, Dave, as her most important love.  She has learned to walk great on a leash and really enjoys her morning and afternoon walks.  We have been camping once now and she just did terrific.  She and our other new one (Hannah from CTDR) have really bonded and love to play and run together inside and outside in the yard.  We are so pleased and totally love this dog.  She now has her forever home and we are so glad to have found her and been able to provide her this home thanks to all of you and your organization.


Ruby (formerly known as Zoe)

March 2007:  I just wanted to give you an update on Ruby.  We are all crazy about her and she has become a much beloved member of the family.  Yes she is rambunctious but her spurts of energy are brief, 10/15 minutes of intense play 3/4 times a day, followed by a nap.  She is very loving, loves to snuggle and is most definitely a lap dog.  She also shares her love with the whole family, thats how she has captured everyone's heart.  We are very grateful for your help in bringing us all together and just wanted to let you know that Ruby has definitely found her forever home.
Many many thanks,

Lucy and Walter

Walter (formerly known as Duster)

March 2007: In January, we adopted Lucy, our abused mixed lab, from a local animal shelter. Just a month later, we adopted Walter as a companion for Lucy since she had behavior issues and seemed to prefer other dogs to humans. Walter has truly "rescued" Lucy from the her untrusting behavior to a totally different dog who now happily comes when called and takes treats from my hand.  Walter's outgoing super friendly dachshund personality has demonstrated to Lucy that it's not only a good thing to let humans into your life, but it's also fun!  Judy



March 2007: Attached is a picture of Finley and his new best friend, Zoe. As you know, Zoe was grieving for her two friends Emmy and Shanny--she was lost without someone to care for. Since Finley came into our lives she is her old self again, happy, playful, and nurturing. Finley has such a sweet and loving spirit and he has been a delightful blessing to our home. The two of them play and explore together, and nestle into each other to sleep. Even my fussy toy poodle, Bitsy, loves Finley. He snuggles with me on his play breaks and is the absolute best TV watching buddy. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to bring these precious furbabies and their adoptive families together!  Nancy

Oscar & Ruben


March 2007:
Ruben (on the right) and his new brother Oscar, enjoying the view in his new forever home.  Life is good!

Schroeder & Sherman Schroeder & Sherman

March 2007: Schroeder and little brother Sherman couldn't have found a more perfect forever home!  Their new family reports both boys are right at home and doing great.  Their faces say it all.  Welcome home boys!
 Shatten Schatten

March 2007: Schatten is his new Mom's constant companion and we're thrilled to see such a happy little family.
Gigi Gigi (formerly known as Virginia)

February 2007: Here in our home, Gigi has lots of names.... Gigi Squeegie, Squeegy-weegie, Gigi-weegie and all sorts of silly variations.  Miss Gigi is a wonderful, beloved family member.  She and our other dachshund, Missy (aged 9) get along like sisters.  They even take turns claiming the best "snuggle" spot next to me when we go to bed at night.  Thank you for bringing this wonderful girl to us.  And extra-special thanks to her foster mother, Lorena.  Regards, Becky and Jeff
Sparky & Jesco Sparky & Jesco

January 2007: 
Please find attached pictures of my baby boys! They (Jesco and Sparky) have brought excitement to the house! I don't think they would have been very happy apart. They don't go far without the other following close behind. They don't go far without the other following close behind. Each day is a new adventure! Thanks for all you do! Janice
Oscar & Elvis Oscar & Elvis

January 2007:  Oscar tackling his brother Elvis in their new forever home. Their new dad reports it's a happy household there and the boys love each other very much!

Flash Flash

January 2007:  Flash celebrating Christmas with his new brother Christian!

Danny Danny

January 2007:  Danny and Samson are getting along so great! I got Danny because Samson is 11 years old and I thought he was slowing done a bit, and thought that a younger dog would help him keep the puppy in him. Danny is doing just that! He is the sweetest dog and we love him to death! I think Samson would be heartbroken if he wasn't here. They are my two bookends because over the past several months they have grown to love each other, fight with each other, kiss and nurture each other, eat with each other and play with each other ....



January 2007:
Here's a sweet photo of Rudy just minutes after he picked his new family.  We don't know who looks happier, Rudy or his adorable new family!  Welcome home Rudy!

Hush Puppy


December 2006: Here's Hush Puppy and his new sisters, Elizabeth (Dizzy Lizzie) and Daphne (Daffy Daphne) pooped out after a day of playing in their huge backyard. They are all so very happy here and thriving. Hush is a great dog. He is trained, healthy as far as we know and friendly to all. The girls have started using the doggie door at only 4 months old! We are very proud of them all. Thank you again for your help. ~ Reba

Molly Molly

July 31, 2006: It's been a little more than a week since little Molly became a part of our family, and words can't describe how much joy she has brought to our house. Frankie, my other Doxie, and she have become the best of friends. They play with their toys together, chase each other around, and every night, when they go to bed, they both snuggle up together on the same bed. Frankie has made a total 180, he used to be very lonely, but now because of Molly, his tail is wagging non-stop and he is really happy.

It took Molly a day or two to get used to her surroundings, but now she is running around the house like she owns the place. She is the cutest little dog, and we love her so much! Thanks for everything that you and all the volunteers of All Texas Dachshund Rescue have done for us! ~ Kristina


Milo Milo

Ever since we got Milo I have been very happy! I love to play with Milo. When we go to sleep, he loves to cuddle. He wakes me up in the morning to make sure I am ready for school on time. I have wanted a dog for so long and now that we have Milo, I never want to let him out of my sight! I wouldn’t give him up for anything, he is my baby and I love him sooooooo much! ~ Lizzie

Gypsy Gypsy

I just wanted to let you know how Gypsy is doing. She is the sweetest dog and has jumped right into our little canine family. We had company this holiday weekend, and she went from person to person to get some extra loving. She has starting playing with the other dogs and the numerous dog toys that litter our house.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her. She has stolen our hearts. It saddens us to think what the poor baby has been through, but we plan on spoiling her and making her future as happy as possible.
Thanks again, ~ Deborah & David

Bennett Bennett

Bennett came to his foster family at the early age of two weeks from a puppy mill as the only surviving puppy of his litter. It took about 2 seconds for them to realize he would never be leaving.  Bennett is deaf, but he lives the life of any normal puppy and is learning signs (sign language) to communicate. There is no lack of communication when he wants or needs something. Never feel sorry for him being deaf… he lives a full happy Dachshund life! Bennett is very smart. He learned the dog door quickly. He was so small when he learned it that we had to put a stepping-stone up for him to get in and out. He already knows 3 different signs and is learning more!


A picture of my sweet boys.
Cooper is the chocolate one up front and Toby is the blond one