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Last Updated:
11/30/2023 9:47 AM

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ATDR 3488
Name: Mia
Rescue ID: D210043
Status: Available for Sponsorship
Adoption Fee: $200.00
Species: Dog
Breed: Dachshund
Learn more about the Dachshund.
Color: Red Miniature
Sex: Female (spayed)
Current Size: 9.25 Pounds
Current Age: 15 Years 2 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Kids: No

Little Miss Mia has been brokenhearted since her beloved person had to move to a permanent care facility. ATDR opened its arms to this precious senior baby. She’s now being well loved and cared for in a foster home where her foster parents report that she has slowly, but surely, finally started showing what’s underneath that sad exterior. 

She spends a lot of the day sleeping and has very little interaction with her foster roomies. However, she’s not afraid of them and gets along just fine. She’s working on her potty habits since she may have been house broken at one time, but for now needs help establishing a good schedule. She’s a very smart girl and her foster parents feel confident getting on a schedule is what she needs. When her new people sit down to eat she comes over to the table and has this cute little hop to say, "Look at ME"!!! She’ not yet barked and only seems to mumble on occasion. When walking she has a little limp, but it appears to be from an old injury that must relate to a previous back surgery. She has a surgical scar on her back.

She’s not afraid of men but definitely appears to prefer women! She is not clingy but is enjoying a bed at her foster dad’s feet when he sits in the living room. She LOVES sleeping in the big bed and once she is placed, she doesn't move at all during the night and wakes up in the morning when she’s taken outside to potty. She has the softest fur of any pup in her foster home and a cute little frosted face…

5.26.21 Update:  Mia’s foster dad reports that she is really starting to come out of her shell and displaying some really cute sassy behavior. Her little "jump" to let you know to "pay attention to me" is very cute and she sometimes gets the zoomies after she does it. When she gets up from her naps she likes to get the zoomies and run laps from the living room to the kitchen to the breakfast area back to the living room. She is very animated and you can't help but get the giggles when she takes off. She has yet to bark and only occasionally makes a grumble noise. I'm 95% certain Miss Mia is hearing impaired. I'm going to take her in to see if there might be a bunch of wax or other stuff that is causing this. It really doesn't slow her down. She communicates by way of visual cues such as her little jump in place. 

She is still eating mushed food due to the loss of all those teeth and she isn't a picky eater but in the morning she wants to sometimes sleep in and eat breakfast later than her roomies. I think that is probably a result of living with an older person in her past life. An older retired person or couple would be her best fit as a forever home. She does very well as a part of a pack so she would probably prefer to be with at least one dog sibling of similar age. She is not too much of a cuddle bug. She has on occasion come to my chair and asked to sit in my lap. That usually lasts about 20 minutes and then she wants down to climb in a cozy bed. She is not a burrower. She likes cover in the big bed but her head has to stay out. She pretty much stays in place all night and I take her out in the morning and she goes tinkle with a very rare #2. She does know to go to the back door to go out and will run out with her roomies.

6.30.21 Update: Mia’s last vet visit revealed that her ears are as clean as a whistle. Unfortunately she does have some significant age related hearing loss. She must have been this way for some time since she has adapted so well. Any future adopter will have to understand that maintaining visual contact will be very important for her safety. If she gets lost in the shuffle and ends up outside, she doesn't bark to let you know to let her in. In Texas heat that is a very dangerous situation. She does bark, but it is rare and only when she REALLY wants your attention…she lets out this huge bark that doesn't sound like it should be coming from such a tiny little pup. So far, this has only happened in her foster home at human meal time and she feels she should get a taste of human food. She is definitely a spunky, sassy, zoomie Senior who enjoys a soft bed for nap time. Her foster parents are still trying to get her on a potty schedule and believe that with time she will understand what they want her to do.

11.9.22 Update: Little Mia is paper trained. She pretty much lives in a world all to herself with minimal interaction with others. She only interacts with her foster parents when she needs to eat or she wants a treat. She may be entering a dementia phase, doesn't bark at all and isn't the little cuddle bug she was starting to be. All things considered, she is doing pretty well for being 14. It would take a very special older couple to understand her needs and just love her for the little gestures of affection that she shows.

Due to Mia's tiny size and having had a prior back injury repaired by surgery, she should only go to an adult home with no children for her to deal with. If you’re looking for a precious little companion to share your life and comfortable chair, please submit an adoption application for Mia. She’s longing for her very own person to love again and will be the sweetest little friend you could ever hope to find.

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