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6/14/2024 6:17 PM

Foster Application

Foster Home Application

Please complete this application in order to begin the foster home process.  All applications must be approved prior to placement of a dog in a foster home.  It is very important that you answer all the questions honestly so that we can place a pet in your home that will be a good match for the pet's needs and your ability to provide what is necessary during the period of foster care.  Your honest answers will help us place a pet that is good for your particular circumstances.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

This application is quite in-depth; however, do not let this discourage you from completing it and returning it to us! 

We genuinely care about the welfare of all our animals; therefore, it is standard procedure to check references and do a home visit as part of the application process prior to placing an animal in a new foster home.

Fostering a rescue animal is sometimes quite different than bringing home a brand new puppy or kitten.  Sometimes our rescued animals come from great homes where they have received lots of TLC, but for one reason or another, the family cannot keep them.  Sometimes the animal has been a stray for some time before coming to us, or has not been in the best of homes.  We do not place aggressive animals in foster care.  When you foster a rescue animal, there will be a period of adjustment for both human and pet.  Lots of understanding, patience, and quiet time may be in order for everyone to adjust.  We hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your interest to provide a loving foster home for an endangered Dachshund!