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Rainbow Bridge ATDR

Miracle RB 2017

Our sweet old girl, affectionately named Miracle lived for three full days in rescue after being released from the local shelter where she was surrender to be euthanized. Snuggling deep into her foster moms arms she took a deep breath and went to sleep for the last time. We will never know her story but we could give her comfort, love and the dignity to chose her time to go! She loved her new blankets and special meals and left us knowing love! Godspeed Miracle we will see you at the bridge

Arthur RB 2017

We lost our sweet Arthur last week.

Hunky Arthur had been with us nearly two years, and had made the move with us from Dallas to Youngstown, Ohio last August. Most of the five day trip was a blur for him since we had to rely on Sileo to help him overcome his fear of travel and crates. But he made it and we were SO happy.

We knew before we left his time with us could be short. Blood work revealed a pretty significant kidney problem, but we promised him he would come to Ohio with us and we'd love and care for him until he was ready to leave us.

Unfortunately that time was far shorter than we hoped. Arthur was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of pancreatitis at the end of April. Within a couple of weeks, that had morphed into kidney failure, and it was time.

We miss our boy. Arthur had one of those happy personalities that took just about everything as a grand chance to wag his tail and give his goofy bark. His ultimately love in life was a soft basket with someone who would lift the blanket for him to crawl under (and take it off when he wanted to leave the bed....which happened pretty often). He was also consumed with licking floors. A strange habit that was all his own. His nickname was Hunky Arthur because he was so darned handsome. :)

Happy days at the Bridge, sweet boy. We know you'll see a lot of friends there, and some day, we'll be there and you can greet us. We miss you, Hunky A.

 Pinkie RB 2017


Pinkie was full of cancer according to xrays and bloodwork. She was very bloated being that it was in her lungs and organs too.  She was so very very loved by Mr Schrader. He was so heartbroken as well as I finding out the news. We put her down late yesterday afternoon at My Family Vet. He had her only about 6 months. Wanted ya'll to know. See ya at the bridge Baby Girl.

Deb (Conroe)

Maxwel House Miller 2017

Sweet Max crossed the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly yesterday.  He was the most calm and relaxed dog anyone could ever ask for.  He loved to just sit with you and watch TV.  Max came into our lives when we needed him the most and he needed us.  He was our baby while we struggled with infertility, he was the shoulder I cried on so many nights, he was my rock.  Max  was such a big part of our family and became an amazing dog to our kids.  Until we meet again my friend.  

 Dixie RB 2017


Dixie was found in 2012 wandering a wealthy neighborhood in Tyler. She was picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken to a local vet. She stayed in the clinic until ATDR brought her in to rescue and she made her way to us in Waco, where she promptly became "Dad's Dachshund." She adored men, and was the epitome of a gentle lady made with steel. Always polite, she was mortified if she had to drop that curtain.


She made the move from Waco to Dallas in 2014. Soon after, she began to go blind, but that didn't put a damper on her big heart. Her favorite pastimes were sitting in her dad's lap or laying baking in the sun.


When we moved to Ohio in late August 2016, she rode on my lap for the entire five days of driving. She was in hog heaven. On a pillow with a blanket in the sun (or out if she got to hot) with her people, getting bits of food when we ate.


We knew our time with her was limited. Dixie was loved and lived with us nearly 4 1/2 years and that wasn't nearly long enough. The vet said her heart was strong and steady...the reason she lived for nearly 18 1/2 years. We knew it was was full of love.

Rest well, sweet Dixie. We know you and your best friend, Penny, have been running and playing at the Bridge.  We love you and we miss you horribly. Wait for us.

Mr Shuffles RB 2017

Sweet, handsome Mr. Shuffles. Sweet Dreams dear friend, until we meet at the bridge.

Charlie RB 2017

It's never easy to say good-bye! Charlie came to ATDR as the bonded companion to a senior dachshund named Jasmine. Together they spent the last couple of years with the Morrison's and found their forever foster home. Yesterday after months with a diagnosis of Cushings, Charlie crossed the bridge, leaving behind his best friend and his loving family. Many thanks to Ray Morrison and his wife for allowing these guys to live out their lives with love and dignity.

Grace RB 2106

Grace was dumped by her family with more health issues that you can name.  After extensive diagnostics it was determined that Grace’s issues were life threatening and she would be more comfortable at the Bridge.   Grace’s last days were full of love and care from her devoted foster family and the staff at Critter Care in Sugar Land.  Thanks to all that stepped up for Grace and will meet her at the Bridge one day in the future.  Godspeed Grace!

Honey RB 2016

Honey lost her home when her elderly Mom could no longer care for her.  She found a forever home with an ATDR foster who loved her until she crossed the bridge.  Honey will be in our hearts forever!  Run free sweet girl.  Thanks to the Willman’s for giving her a wonderful year.

Taffy RB 20016

Taffy lost her family over a year ago and spent her remaining months with ATDR in a great foster home.  Run Free sweet Taffy – see you at the bridge. 

Lucky Lucy RB 2016

Lucky Lucy lost her battle with cancer only 2 years after being rescued.  She was a sweetheart and knew she was loved!  Godspeed Lucy!

Basil RB 2016

Cinnamon RB 2016  Tabasco RB 2016
Sweet puppies Cinnamon, Tabasco and Basil lost their fight with parvo.  A terrible disease that reminds us that all puppies need to be vaccinated right away.  Godspeed little ones – thanks to all that cared for them and their foster family DeNae and Beau. 


Sweet Molly came into rescue with her buddy Buster when she was about 15 years old. Buster was about 14 and the most talkative of the two. She had bladder surgery to remove a large tumor the week she came to live with us and never complained one bit. She was a very well mannered "young lady" who began to lose her hearing and her eyesight. She learned to stay by Buster's side to get around the yard and not get lost. Buster had his share of medical issues, too. He had a laminectomy within the first months after her surgery. However, unlike his lady friend, he wanted out of that crate and back to chasing squirrels!!! He was the one that came into the bathroom each morning to make sure he got the first hug of the day and to remind me loudly that they ate NOW!!! Molly let him make the demands and kept him in line while I made their breakfast.

Although she did not take many long walks outside, her energy in the house kept her figure slim and trim. At one point she became a true snaggle-toothed darling, eating food prepared just for her. It is hard to remember when she actually had teeth, but she did not care one bit as long as she had mushy food to gum!!

Her last days were spent eating as much as she wanted (which was A LOT), napping in the bed of her choice and bossing around her best friend Snickers (55 lb Catahoula rescue) who would find her wandering in the yard and help her get back to her bed. Her long time buddy Buster found a comfy bed and gently went to heaven last year. I always thought she would go first and that would have broken Buster's heart.

Except for the days when dementia took away her ability to be a best friend, no one would believe this girl was 20+ years old. She loved anyone who came by to give her a pat on the head even when she did not know who it was. A small stroke made it difficult to open her mouth some days, and her steps became increasingly unsteady. When she could no longer control her tongue, it became apparent that it was time to let her go to Buster.

Jacob RB 2016

During his five years in foster care, Jacob won the hearts of those who knew him. He loved the outdoors and enjoyed chasing sun spots in the yard.  He delighted his veterinary front office staff with his smiles during check-outs.
Jacob became an ATDR  special needs foster and later a forever foster because of poor health. He had been severely neglected by his owner.  Jacob’s heart finally gave out in November 2015, and he went peacefully to The Bridge in the arms of his foster mom.

Snickers RB 2016

Snickers~ aka the Gentle Giant~ came into ATDR April 4, 2016. He was a regular at the Harris County Shelter, due to the lack of care from his previous owners, he was left at the shelter for over 2 weeks. The owners kept saying they were going to get him, but after their time was up we stepped in. He was estimated to be about 7 years old and heart worm positive. His Foster parents had been watching him on the Harris County site and fell in love with him. They volunteered to pick him up and keep him until vetted to adopt out. Well, after having him for almost a month they decided to adopt him. He had a tooth removed and teeth cleaned. After that he began his heart worm treatment. Sadly his heart was already doubled in size from the worms growing in his heart for over a year untreated. The x-rays showed the heart had grown so large that the lungs were compressed to each side of his rib cage causing difficulty in his breathing. He developed pneumonia from the heart worm treatment and after 24 hours of critical care with VERGI Vet, his caring new parents decided to let him rest and pass over to Rainbow Bridge. He will truly be missed and he will forever be in our hearts!

Daisy RB 2016

Daisy was a very sweet and loving dog.  She just wanted too be with you and was loved very much in her foster home.  Rest in peace sweet baby girl you will be missed.

Nelson RB 2016

Nelson was rescued just in time from a Houston area shelter.  His foster was surprised to find him unable to walk and in severe pain when she picked him up.  We were told that Nelson was found stray by an animal control officer but it was obvious that he could not have wandered away from his home.  Nelson was immediately started on medication, crate rest and cold laser therapy.  Nelson did start walking again despite the fact that 3 discs in his back were completely collapsed and inoperable.  Early in his treatment we were able to control his pain but he did start to have more bad days than good days.  A large, hard mass was also discovered on his spleen.  We made the difficult decision that the kindest thing was to let Nelson go.  Nelson was always a sweet boy even when he was painful and he is missed in his foster home.  Run free sweet boy.    

Ag RB 2016

We lost Agnes yesterday morning.  When her foster got her up that morning she was lethargic and unable to stand.  She rushed her to the vet and they think she had a stroke.  Not sure if it was diabetes related but she still was eating a ton and not gaining any weight.  The x-rays showed an enlarged heart and liver and we opted to let her go quietly.  She was such an angel and both Robyn, her new foster and I each had her only a few days, but both of us were totally in love with Agnes.  She was so happy in her big soft bed and burrowed under several blankets as only a dachshund can do!   I wish she’s had more time but she is whole once again. 

Mimi RB 2015

Mimi was surrendered at age 15 along with her brother, age 13.  She adjust to her new life and made a home with her ATDR Foster who loved her more than anything!  She was the collateral damage of a bad divorce and lost her home and family in the process.  Two and a half years she was able to stay with her brother Vizzy and found love again with a new Mom.    Sweet Mimi gained her angel wings at age 17 ½ and left this world a better and brighter place!  She was loved and will be missed.

Tommy RB 2016

Tommy, aka Little Dude crossed the bridge quietly after what seems to have been a heart attack!  He was beloved by ATDR Foster Mom, Ellen Arnold and was one of our precious ATDR Seniors.  Godspeed Little Dude!

Franklin RB 2015

ATDR is heartbroken at the loss of our handsome and noble Franklin, who crossed the bridge too soon,  from complications of heartworms!  He made it through half of his treatment and just couldn’t do it!  We grieve for him and for all the heartworm positive dogs in rescue!  Something so lethal, yet so preventable!

Little Man Tate RB 2015

He is now hopefully running free and very happy with his first human dad whom he lost to a heart attack on Pretzel's watch. I only hope I did enough to make his final years as good as they could be without his favorite daddy and former family. You will be missed, Little Man Tate!  Melinda Wharton, Foster Mom

 Ladybird RB 2015


Ladybird was rescued from a Dallas area shelter after waiting almost a month in adoptions.  A volunteer reached out to ATDR saying that Ladybird was out of time - can you help?  It was obvious that Ladybird was in pain.  X-rays reveled that she was arthritic, had hip dysplasia and disc disease in her lumbar spine.  Ladybird's skin was also very itchy and she was biting and scratching until she left open sores. She had a nasty tumor on her side that was removed right away helping her to feel better.  Good food and medicated baths did wonders for her skin.  The red, angry patches disappeared and her coat began to shine.  Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medication kept Ladybird comfortable for several months while she enjoyed being loved on by her foster parents.  Unfortunately, Ladybird's body continued to deteriorate and the medications that had made her feel better started making her feel worse.  The difficult decision was made to let Ladybird go when she could no longer find relief from the pain.  



Run free sweet girl.  You are dearly missed.  

scooter RB 2015

Precious and brave Scooter suffered a spinal fracture and was released from the shelter on a medical emergency.  He was taken to the specialty surgeon and they saw to his care and got him stabilized and ready for surgery.   Unfortunately Scooter didn’t survive the initial anesthesia and we let him cross the bridge.  He won the hearts of all he met and we think that he understood that everyone loved him and wanted to help!  Godspeed Scooter!

Franz RB 2015

Sweet man Franz passed away in the arms of his foster Mom, Kimberly.    He lived a long life and blessed his foster family greatly over the 2 ½ years he was with us.  He is already missed!!!

Val RB 2015

Sweet Valentine was only in rescue a short time but came to us with a history of medical issues.  If only her family had bothered to tell someone instead of just putting her out on the street and wasting so much time trying to diagnose her long-term kidney disease.  She was a precious girl who loved everyone she met and will be missed by all, especially Kyle and Roy her foster parents.  Godspeed Valentine!

Sweetie Pie SN 2015

Sweetie Pie was only with us for a short time but she will always be remembered

Rosie RB 2015

Rosie crossed the bridge in the arms of our friends at VERGI when a tumor ruptured and she lost her life to cancer.  She was a stray from Missouri City who lost her way.  She was with us for over three years in a loving foster home that will miss her sweet face!  Godspeed Rosie!

Clayton RB 2015

Clayton was found near Will Clayton by folks that asked us to take him into rescue!  ATDR arranged to get him, but they couldn’t wait and dumped him at the city shelter where he acquired a severe upper respiratory infection!  The sweet old boy couldn’t fight off the infection and we lost him after two days.  He left a giant hole in the heart of his Foster Mom, he didn’t deserve his plight. 

 Shorty RB 2014

Shorty came to rescue in 2006 after a back injury that left him wobbly and weak in the rear.  He managed to learn to walk and stay upright for many years to come,  in spite of significant weakness.  He suffered a stroke over the weekend which left him walking in circles and with neurologic deficit that we wouldn’t put him through long term.  Shorty McGordy was a fighter and the toughest little man on the planet! 

Sasha RB 2014

Beautiful Sasha lost her battle with heartworm induced pneumonia surrounded by the wonderful caring staff of VERGI.  Thanks to all that loved and cared for her over the last few days!  She will run free without pain at the bridge with so many that are waiting to greet her!  Godspeed Sasha

Daisy Ellen SN 2014

It is with very heavy heart that I announce the passing of Daisy Ellen.   She is now running free at the rainbow bridge.   She was the bravest little girl and went very peacefully with BeBe  beside her and watching over her.   She had a huge tumor removed and afterwards it was discovered that she had a turmor on her lung that was growing very fast.  Run Free My Sweet Precious brave little girl.   I will see you again someday.   Your Foster Mom...

 Dutchess RB 2014


Dutchess, a sweet senior lived out her life as an ATDR Foster with a family that loved her and will remember her always! 

Thanks Robyn and Mark for giving her the last best months of her life!

Daisy Duke RB 2014

Daisy Duke crossed the bridge far too soon for all of us that loved her!  She suffered from congestive heart failure and left a giant hole in the hearts of her foster parents Debbie and Hank Messer.  Rest in peace sweet girl. 

Millie RB2014

Millie lost her battle with congestive heart failure on Friday, June 6, 2014.  She was a special girl, rescued from the Ingleside puppy mill seizure in 2013, pregnant with two puppies.  She was the Mom of Isabelle and Matilda, and countless litters, but we know she was the most devoted of Moms!   Heartworm positive, Millie struggled with congestive heart failure on and off during her year in rescue.  Her foster parents (Stenulsons) and new baby adored her and she was a bright spot to all that met her. 

Lady Jane RB 2014

Sweet Lady Jane crossed the bridge in her sleep May 9, 2014.  Loved by her ATDR foster family she will never been forgotten! 

 Ruby RB 2014


On April 23, 2014, we said good-bye to Ruby, one of the sweetest little girls who we ever had the pleasure of fostering.  Ruby came to us, a little over two years ago, with her sister, Diamond, who passed away last year.  Ruby had a funny, little personality and made us laugh every day.  She always came over to sit on our laps when we sat down and loved to be cuddled.


We think about and miss her every day, especially at bedtime when it's time for everyone to be tucked into bed with a blanket.  Ruby was always the first one to jump in her bed when she saw us take the blankets out of the closet.  She wanted to be first to be covered up.  She was a sweetheart and we are so thankful that we were able to provide her with the love and affection she deserved in her senior years. 


We miss you, sweet Ruby.  Rest in peace with your sister, Diamond.



Bill and Theresa Brugh

 Rowdy Rascal RB 2014

Rest in Peace sweet boys! Both Rowdy and his brother Rascal from the Angleton shelter went to the bridge this week from parvo. It is a terrible virus and claimed all five pups in this litter. ATDR took the remaining two boys to try to give them a chance but it was too late. You boys were loved!

 Heidi RB 2014

Sweet Heidi worked her way into all our hearts in such a short time.  She was a tiny girl of 7 pounds whose little red collar bell would jingle every time she bounced into the kitchen hoping for a treat when her foster mom would head that way!  She loved snuggling in the comfortable chair with her foster mom and sister Annalise.  Everything about her was purely good…loved so much by all of us and gone too quickly, she went to the Rainbow Bridge early morning on December 19, 2013 just sixteen hours after her foster brother Chewy the Chow.  It was almost more than we could bear…  We miss you precious baby girl more than anyone could ever know, but you're with our protector Chewy and foster sisters Frieda, L.B. and Marlena who went on ahead in order to show you and Chewy around when you got there.  You came to us completely alone, but you found a loving family and you’ll be with us in our hearts forever…

With Much Love,

Annalise, Lexie, Dee Dee and Linda Williams

Hershey HT 2013

Hershey - September 2013

Hershey was the sweetest little man and the loudest barker ever! His bark muffled by 75 lb. Chocolate Lab’s bark  --- Hershey brought so much joy and many smiles to our household and will be greatly missed!! He developed Cushing’s Disease in November of 2012 and the treatment took its toll on his little body. We feel blessed to have had him for the time we did and thank ATDR for giving him the chance to be loved by us.

Keith R. and Lisa D. Tremethick

Major RB 2013

Major - August 2013

Major was the most loyal and dignified old guy that we have ever had the pleasure of knowing!  He was a gentle soul that wanted nothing more than to be loved.  His time with us was short but he will remain in our hearts forever…


Tinker Bell - June 2013

Our oldest doxie girl Tinker Bell passed over the rainbow bridge today.  She went out to the yard and we found her out there gone.  She will have a private cremation and will be returned to us in an urn.  We had her for 8 wonderful years.  She was a sweet baby and will be sorely missed.  She had two speeds, go and sleep.  She walked all over and they say that may be why she lived to the ripe old age of 14.

 Nola RB 2013

NOLA - May 2013

Tiny little Nola, approximately eleven years old, went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 1, 2013. She was rescued from a kill shelter by ATDR and lived with her foster mom for two delightful years. Nola’s health was fragile, but she was good-natured and affectionate nonetheless. She was such a cute little senior that she won the heart of everyone who met her. Her foster mom feels so fortunate to have had the privilege of loving and caring for Nola during her time in ATDR.

Marlene RB 2013

Marlene - May 2013

Marlene was one of our oldest and most beloved fosters (17+). She is waiting for all of us, but especially her foster mom Linda at the bridge!

Gretchen RB 2013


One of our precious fosters, Gretchen, crossed the bridge today. She was heart worm positive, but was doing very well considering the tough road that led her to us. She loved her foster sister(Cindy) and adopted brother(Buddy), and was always up for a snuggling hug from whoever would give it. Even though she was only with us a short time, her memory will last forever. Goodbye, sweet girl! :,-(

 Diamond RB 2013




Beautiful Diamond lived only ten months in rescue,  but we know that they were the best 10 months she had ever known!  She will live on in our hearts!

Jackson RB 2012

Jackson - December 2012

Jackson was a brave and handsome boy who left us much too soon!  With him he took the hearts of many ATDR volunteers and his two loving foster Dads!  Rest in peace sweet Jackson.

Milagros RB 2012


Sweet Milagros, rescued from an alley behind the Goodwill Donation Center suffered a massive stroke and crossed the bridge this Sunday.  She was a special girl and left behind many people who loved her!  She will always be in our hearts.
October 2012


Daisy was rescued in 2011 in Alvin, TX. She was our little angel that kept my mind occupied after my father's death. Unfortunately, I only had Daisy for about 7 months before she passed away in May 2012. She will always have a special place in my heart. Alex and I miss you every day!


Kristina & Alex

Red Girl

"Red Girl" was rescued from the Bastrop Shelter after been abandoned by the family of her deceased owner. At 21 yrs old, she had lived a good life and knew the love of her human. Sadly, she had a massive thyroid tumor which prevented her from comfortably swallowing and made her last days difficult. She crossed the bridge in a soft warm blanket provided by her ATDR fosters Cindy and Tom Hobbs and she once again knew love.


August 2012 - Junior (16), rescued from Texas City Shelter didn’t survive his hernia repair surgery and is now resting peacefully at the bridge. Everyone at ATDR will miss him.


April 4, 2012


Please light a candle for our sweet baby girl. She got her angel wings yesterday eve. Wiencee had a very bad nasal cancer that was inoperable, we kept her comfortable for several months before we had to let her go. She is the last dog we actually had BEFORE rescue and our last "puppy to raise". She was Byrons dog, he picked her out because she was the runt. I told him we needed to wait and see their personalities and he said "but she's a teenie wienie...she's "wienceeeee" and WHO can refuse a grown man with a 3oz puppy. She was only 13, but she was spoiled rotten for everyday of those 13 years.

Bobby / Piper

Bobby came to the home of doxies and was renamed Piper. He immediately bonded with his mommy and brothers. For the first 6 months any fast movements or sounds would send him running to the nearest corner of the room or yard with his head down, quivering and peeing uncontrollably. It broke his mommy' s heart to see the terror in his eyes. With patience and gentle love this behavior began to lessen and within a few more months stopped.

Piper had the sweetest little soul. He was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside. He never once so much as raised a hair on his back to anyone or thing. His favorite part of the day was bedtime when each night he snuggled as close to his mommy as he could get, knowing he was one of her favorites.

Just one year of being in his new home he came down with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Despite aggressive treatment he died. It broke his mommy's heart and she will always be remember him as her sweet loving, little boy. He joined two other brothers he had never met. Their spirits remain in the front yard guarding over our home.


His mommy knows that someday when crossing the rainbow bridge she will look out and see her little Piper bounding over the clouds with his ears flapping in the wind among the midst her family of doxies that are coming to greet her. Until then my darling little Piper, you have a piece of my heart.


"Catherine" adopted 02/09/2011 by Sandy Martins went to the Bridge last Tuesday due to old age (est. 14 years old). Catherine spent the last year of her life in a loving caring home being treated like the princess she was. Sharon Gorman was her ATDR foster and knows first hand what a special lady Katie was. She will be missed...

March 2012

Lady Bug

Lady Bug's passed away due to respiratory complications. She was in an emaciated state when she was abandonned and her immune system was fragile. Respiratory infections were running rampant during her time at the pound - she didn't stand a chance in her condition. She fought hard and was able to stay with for 8 months. Despite her illness her heart was strong and true until the end - her lungs could no longer process oxygen efficiently enough to keep her alive.

We were glad to have the opportunity to be Lady Bug's foster parents. She gave us lots of joy while in our care.

Thanks so much,

February 2012


Sweet Rosita crossed the rainbow bridge in her sleep, safe and warm and knowing she was loved! She was with us for only a short time but she touched the hearts of many.

February 2012


Brogan lost his fight against canine influenza acquired from the shelter and several broken bones that he suffered most likely from a car accident. He was brave and strong until the end and was loved by everyone who met him! February 2012

  Tom Boy


When Happy's owner became too ill to care for her, ATDR stepped in so her long life would not end in a kill shelter! AT 16, we wanted to make her as comfortable as we possibly could, for as long as she had! After surgery for a very painful bladder stone she was able to live a few well deserved years of comfort and happiness. Happy will be missed! December 2011

Rachel & Jordan

Our sweet girls were found in the Houston Corridor of Cruelty, abandoned, starved and very sickly and fending so desperately for themselves. They were happy, trusting girls in their foster home and enjoyed only a few weeks of love and care. Their little bodies were just too compromised. Just as they were found as a pair, they passed over the bridge together. We know they are together still, now happy and playing and free from all harm. Rest well little angels. September 2011

Baby Hannah

Baby Hannah, her Momma and siblings were rescued from the 104 heat of the Texas Summer. Only 1 day old, the puppies were all so tiny and precious Hannah was the smallest. After two days of love and nursing by her foster mom, little Hanna passed over the bridge nestled next to her Momma who comforted her. Rest well little Hannah. You were not long in our world but you were fiercely loved and missed. August 2011


Today we are saddened so say that precious Amelia's conditioned suddenly worsened and she became incredibly ill. The wonderful team at our Emergency Vet tried to reverse her condition but her little body was just too weak. Her journey over the bridge was peaceful as she was comforted by her foster mom's loving arms. Rest well precious girl. We know you are able to see clearly now as you romp and play. August 21, 2011


Sweet puppy Lizzie never fully developed and we lost her much too soon. Sleep with the Angels little one. May 2011


Jaxson was in our loving care for two weeks and was such a love! My last vision of him was kissing the vet tech who was taking him back to begin his surgery. He gave many kisses of thanks! We believe Jax was between 1-2 years old and met with some type of trauma which caused him to develop a hernia. We decided to try and repair the hernia and the tear in his diaphragm. The hernia was much worse than our vet first thought. So, the difficult decision was made to end his suffering. Run now, my sweet boy, and take those deep breaths!!! March 10, 2011

Foster Mom, Glenda

Cinnamon Bun

Last night, ATDR was saddened by the passing of one of our precious seniors, Cinnamon Bun. We estimate she was at least 15 years old. Cinnamon Bun was a sweetheart who loved to snuggle and be close to her foster mom. She was with her foster mom when she passed and now she is with all the other dachshunds we have loved and lost. Rest in peace sweet one. February 2011


Baby Wilbur was an owner surrender to a local community shelter at 8 wks old. He was paralyzed in the rear and dragging his back legs. Once in our care this little angel was examined and it was determined that he was either stepped on or run over in some way. His little spine was completely severed and his ribcage crushed on one side. He had no feeling from the shoulders back to his hind legs and fortunately did not feel pain! Wilbur was a star at the local shelter and was adored by everyone he met!

Rest with the angels sweet boy! March 2010

Little Red

This little guy was surrendered with so many health issues that we were not able to save him and he went to the bridge February 8, 2010. Well meaning people had kept him for over a month without getting him to a vet – he was only with us for a short time but he took a piece of his foster mom’s heart! Rest Little Red.


Sweet baby Jax and several of his siblings succumbed to distemper in February, 2010 after spending three weeks at the SPCA following a cruelty seizure of the puppy mill in which they were born. These little ones didn’t get much of a chance in the big world. We tried so hard to save them at great expense – but shelter germs are often too hard to fight off! Rest in peace little one.


Our sweet Miranda wasn’t in rescue very long before she was stricken with an illness from which she didn’t recover and we lost her in January, 2010. She was loved by all she touched, even the grumpy foster brother that allowed her to use him as a pillow on a regular basis. Rest in Peace Miss Miranda - you are missed.


If love alone could have saved you you never would have gone.
In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again.

Taylor's beautiful and courageous spirit left this world far too soon Nov 17, 2009. A monthly heartworm medication would have prevented this tragedy. I miss you sweet boy and will love you always, your foster mom Hope


Duncan went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 8, 2009. He had been in rescue for only three weeks when he suddenly became weak and had difficulty breathing. This precious little one had developed vena caval syndrome, a nearly always fatal complication of severe heartworm disease. His foster mom cherishes their brief time together and seeing him become more confident and affectionate with each passing day. For less than the cost of a burger and fries, his owner could have bought one heartworm prevention pill each month from Duncan’s veterinarian. The loss of Duncan was tragic and preventable.


Byron succumbed to distemper after struggling for several months to beat it. This handsome boy fought long & hard, and all but beat the odds with a strong case of distemper. Byron was one of the sweetest and bravest boys around, he held on as long as he could thru three hospitalizations and many trips to the vet. He was always loving and had a special look for his foster mom when she was trying to feed him or give him fluids, sort of “I hate this, but I love you anyway!” Bryron died in his foster mom’s arms and left us on August 14, 2009 taking a huge piece of our hearts!


I met Buddy back in April 2008. He was surrendered by a man who was moving to an assisted living home. The shelter was going to euthanize him due to his age of 12 yrs. Buddy was a healthy heart-tugger. He was adopted at the last minute and then re-homed to a relative who took no responsibility of his well being. On July 23, 2009, this very loving precious boy fled during a thunderstorm. He came upon a convenience store and met a despicable person who ruthlessly kicked him. I am sure he didn't know or care that Buddy was deaf. Buddy painfully left the store roaming further away. I am sure he had a hard time breathing, along with the pain of his injured spine, rear legs and bottom end hurting. An angel opened her front door. She found Buddy hurt, skinny and flea ridden, ears were clogged with gunk. This was the day after his assault. She tenderly scooped him up, let him spend the night then brought him to rescue. Buddy died at 13 1/2 years old. Buddy, you will always be in my heart. I will never forget you or forgive myself for letting you go thru what you did.

God saw you getting tired, when a cure was not to be. So He wrapped His arms around you, and whispered, "Come to me".
You didn't deserve what you went through, so He gave you rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He only picks the best.
And when I saw you sleeping, so peaceful and free from pain, I could not wish you back to suffer that again.
Forever love in our Hearts.

Foster parents
Deb, Mike and Dale Gaspard
August 23, 2009


Colleen lost her fight with Distemper on July 28th, 2009 when the evil virus finally took over her nervous system and she started to react with twitching and very weak legs that prevented her from standing. She was pulled from a local shelter one week to the day from her death and because of no early puppy shots she had no immunity to this horrible disease, she is gone. Sweet Collie was a joy to her foster mom, she was so full of life and this was not the way it was intended to end! She will forever be loved and missed


Bonny was surrendered by her owners to the City of Houston's BARC - Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care. Unfortunately at her young age - she was never properly vaccinated and had no immunity or protection against Distemper or Parvo. Within two weeks of rescue little Bonny started to present with congestion, vomiting and other terrible symptoms. She held on through two rounds of antibiotics, 2 hospitalizations and many ATDR resources. Bonny crossed the bridge July 22nd, 2009 and will be a reminder of all that is wrong with animal care and control in Houston!


This precious angel was surrendered by her owners to a kill shelter because she was too lively and barked too much in the apartment! Unfortunately she had never been properly vaccinated and had no immunity to the horrible contagious strains of virus and bacteria that live in shelters. Within a week of rescue Anais started to present with congestion and labored breathing, she held on through two rounds of antibiotics, hospitalization and all the love and concern of many caring vets, vets techs and ATDR volunteers. Anais crossed the bridge July 2nd, 2009 and will forever be a reminder of all that is wrong with BARC and the City of Houston's Animal care!


We said good bye to Teenie on March 30, 2009 after she had gone into renal failure. She had battled kidney and bladder stones and even after surgery, there was nothing more we could do. Olive, aka, Teenie was the sweetest little foster I have had. I never had a dog love me like she did. She had to be with me every second, either on my lap or following me wherever I went. She had such a cute personality and would prance and bark for attention and her treats. What I remember most that makes me smile is when she would climb up on the doggy steps, during the night, and cry for me to put her in bed with me. Her little face peeking over the edge of the bed was so cute. I only had her for a few days shy of eight months, but I feel like we gave each other a lifetime of love. I wish we could have made her well so she could have lived a long, happy life with me. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I miss you so much, Teenie.

Foster Mom, Theresa B.


Gator was one hard luck guy! This little one was a scrapper and came to rescue with some serious injuries from his time as a stray on the big city streets. Gator always seemed to instigate some kind of disturbance at the shelter and eventually in his foster home! He was a tough little guy and would lick his wounds and get right back up and start something with the next guy to challenge him! He had one of the most severe cases of heartworms and went thru treatment over several months in his foster home. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, Gator didn't wake up one morning when he was called to breakfast! Gator died quietly in his crate in the early morning of December 29, 2008 and the vet suspects that he threw a clot from a blockage due to heartworms. Over the year that Gator was in rescue he became as close to his foster mom as one of her own and her heart was broken when he died. Gator will always be remembered and loved for his spunk and fiesty personality!


We are saddened to let you all know that on December 5th, 2008 at 10 AM, our little Einstein crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Cheetoh Morgan

Cheetoh Morgan was one of the saddest cases we have ever had in rescue. He came to us from a cruelty seizure in Longview, TX and was named after one of our volunteers that helped save him and 18 other dogs from a horrible hoarder situation. He got his first name because his color was so red they said he looked like a "hot cheetoh". His hip and pelvis had been fractured from an earlier injury and healed in an awkward way such that his leg wouldn't bend and he walked with a pronounced limp. He was skin and bones when he came to rescue and was just starting to feel better and eat well enough to put on some weight when he took a turn for the worse. Unfortunately somewhere along the way Cheetoh was exposed to distemper in his weakened state and he started to decline and eventually developed some neurological issues as well. Cheetoh came to us a sick boy, but he finally felt better for a short time before losing him to distemper on July 28th, 2008. He was only with us for a few weeks, but he knew he was loved more than he had been in his whole life! He touched so many of us and he will never be forgotten!


Goodbye sweet little Kelly. We are going to miss your little kisses and nips. We loved you although you had such a short life. We know that we will always have a little doxie Angel on our shoulder named Kelly looking out for us. We hope that we made your short life happy and full of love because you were loved a lot and a sweet little girl.

Love, Foster mom and dad (Kim and Donnie) July 28, 2008


Could we ever forget Dylan's sparkling eyes or the way he brightened each day,
His love is etched in our memory, so he's never far away?
Could we ever forget those priceless moments? The answer, of course, is never.
For he was part of our lives for a brief time, but he'll be part of our hearts forever.

We love you Dylan
Distemper Victim 072408
Foster Mom and Dad
The Gaspard's


Our sweet baby Oliver lost his fight with Distemper on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 in the arms of his foster mom. Oliver touched so many lives in such a short time - he was so young and full of life. His spirit and energy was stolen by a sudden onset of a terrible virus. He went from being so full of life to hanging on with all he had. Oliver will be loved and remembered for his high jinx and love for everyone he met!


Kelly was found wandering the streets of White Settlement outside of Fort Worth. The animal control officer contacted ATDR hoping we had room, because she knew no one would want to adopt this senior lady. One of our fosters who has a soft spot for older doxies gladly took her in and gave her a soft bed, regular meals and lots of love. Kelly passed away in her sleep December 28, 2007.

Here's a note from her Forever Foster Mom:

"I'll never forget the drive home from the shelter. I had to keep the windows down to keep from gagging, but I couldn't stand to leave her in the pound. She smelled like a sewer, but I took her home and a good bath took care of that. I was sure the vet would say she had every disease known to mankind; she was so emaciated and weak. However, after cleaning the six teeth she had left, the vet said she was as good as new... or as good as could be expected since he said she was "OLD" and it wouldn't have surprised him if she was 20 yrs old. Kelly wandered her way into my family's hearts and we will never forget her."


Pearl was found wandering the streets of Bastrop, TX. We quickly discovered she had several medical issues: blindness, hearing loss, a poor sense of smell, heartworms and senile dementia. We also believe she had a brain tumor, which caused focal seizures. Before animal control found her, she had to be cared for by someone, or she would not have survived long on the streets. But no one came forward, and so she became a special needs dog with ATDR. Pearl handled her many conditions with grace and dignity. You can tell by her picture she was a sweet and gentle lady. She lived over 6 months in foster care, where she loved meals, chew bones, back and ear rubs, being held, and walking around the yard and house. On October 27, 2007 she developed acute kidney problems and it was time to put her to sleep. Ms. Pearl, my Pearl of a girl, may you rest in peace. I hope you are now free and whole again.


Your foster mom, Karen

Geordi (Formerly known as Snoop Dog)

Loving little Geordi lost his battle against Congestive Heart Failure at 10:30 am on August 25, 2007, and gently passed away in his mommy's arms. Although his new mommy only had him for three months, she loved him dearly, and he gave her equal love back. From having canine influenza, to multiple infections, to heart failure, Geordi always had a wagging tail and a loving hug to give. May his memory and love live on forever.


Kaiser was a 14-16 yr old gentleman that was found on a rural highway and was the star of the local shelter for a few days until ATDR picked him up. He spent the last five months of his life with a foster mom who adored him, a full tummy and a soft place to lay his head. The vet diagnosed cancer in his last days and on August 9th, 2007 he crossed the bridge in the arms of his foster mom who loved him more than she ever imagined. Kaiser touched many hearts and he will be missed.


Sweet Riley gave up his fight with severe heartworms and crossed the bridge quietly in the early morning hours of July 12th, 2007. He had received his first injection about one month ago and was scheduled to have the rest of his treatment spread out over four months due to the severity of the worms. He lasted a month - in and out of the vet's office twice on IV fluids and and even had blood aspirated out of his stomach. The morning he passed away, his breathing became labored and Vicki - his foster mom said he woke her up & licked her and wanted down; she put him down and went to get more meds and he was gone laying beside her bed. We are all heartbroken - he was the sweetest and bravest boy ever! He never fussed no matter what was done to him - and he let her know how much he loved her before he crossed the bridge.

Riley was an owner surrender from the county pound, his previous owners kept him outside without heartworm prevention.


Our precious Wally lost his fight and quietly crossed the bridge on January 17th, 2007.

Wally lost his way on a busy street on New Year's Eve 2006, and was turned over to All Texas Dachshund Rescue by two caring strangers. His struggle began when he was vetted and it was discovered that his care had long been neglected and he was in serious medical distress. Wally had a severe case of heartworms that was beginning to cause many other complications including a severe bilateral heart murmur. Because Wally was never altered - he also suffered an enlarged prostate and other urinary, bladder and kidney malfunctions. Wally's conditions were all a result of serious neglect - his family ignored some very fundamental components of his care. Spaying and neutering, flea control and monthly heartworm prevention are the basics of a pet owner's responsibility, along with a food and shelter. In Wally's short time with ATDR he showed incredible loyalty and love to those that came to his aid. He asked very little and gave so much. Wally crossed the bridge knowing he was loved and being cared for and for all of us, he will be missed!

Gerta RB 2017

Hurricane Harvey's lost baby Gerta. Displaced in the storm she has seen better days. Heart murmer and cataracts this baby lost her way in the storm

Addison RB 2017

Our hearts are heavy as we say goodbye to sweet Addison. Addison had a colon resection in the middle of Hurricane Harvey and all that that entailed. A number of wonderful people stepped up to try and save her but her condition was poor and she didn't survive her second surgery. We were truly saddened by her loss and she was our first heartbreak of a very stressful time in rescue. We know she is safe and in a better place.

Gustav RB 2017

Gustav was found lost and afraid during Hurricane Harvey.  His general health was poor but his dementia was even worse.  He suffered the loss of his family and his fear and confusion kept him from being comfortable in his new home.  Our hearts go with him to the Bridge, where we hope his mind is whole again and he is heartworm free and at peace. 

Bucket RB 2017

Bucket died from complications of distemper at only 2 and a half months old.  He was loved and will be missed by his foster Mom and we will see him at the bridge! 

Ulyssess RB 2017

Rest in Peace sweet Ulysses.  Our senior boy from Harlingen left us this Christmas and will make the New Year’s sky a little bright with his star! 

Topper RB 2018

We said a sad goodbye to Topper over the holidays.  He fought so hard and rallied so many times we thought he’d make it.  Baby Topper was one tough puppy, Godspeed little man! 

Honey Bunny RB 2018

Our glamour girl, Honey Bunny,our Miss January in the ATDR calendar. Crossed the bridge today! Many thanks and prayers for her foster Mom Kimberly who loved her for many years. She arrived almost 10 yrs ago in a wheelchair, and went through therapy and acupuncture with Dr Stiles. She eventually walked but has had continuing issues for many years. She was fiesty and sassy and occasionally cranky but loved her Mom so much. She leaves a giant hole in our hearts. Godspeed little one your 18 years on earth were memorable!!!

 Wiggles RB 2018

Miss Wiggles died suddenly of Congestive heart failure, a complication of her heartworm disease.   She was enjoying her new life in rescue and will be forever that happy and Wiggly little girl that we loved.  Thanks to her foster mom Ellen and to all that helped with her rescue and transport from Harlingen.

Chloe RB 2018

Chloe crossed the bridge after a battle with congestive heart failure. She was with us a short time but loved every moment!

 Rico RB 2018

Rico came to ATDR as a senior with a multitude of health problems - bad back, bad hips, bad teeth, heart worms, and liver issues. Up until the end his mind was sharp and he continued to manipulate his foster mom. 


Rico, sweet, quirky boy - you are missed by all! We know you are in heaven now doing your favorite thing.......chasing kittens and keeping them on their toes!  We shall meet again one day, Over the Rainbow Bridge!

Darlene RB 2018

Sweet Darlene came to us from the SPCA with bladder stones and died from complications of the extensive surgery.  Thanks to all that worked so hard to help and to VERGI who went the extra mile to make her comfortable.  Godspeed Darlene. 

Clayton RB 2018

Clay or Clayton as his foster mom called him, was a longtime ATDR foster. His companion, Buster was long since adopted but Clay was on several trials but always made his way back to his foster home. I think he picked his home a long time ago! He was loved and will be missed more than anything! Meet me at the bridge big boy!

Atticus SN 1

Sweet Atticus died from complications of Inguinal hernia surgery.  He had suffered so long that we were unable to help him through the trauma of the extensive procedure.  Godspeed Atticus, you were loved and we will see you at the bridge. 

Stewart Little RB 2018

14 year old Stewart Little passed away in April from complications of a stroke.  He leaves behind a host of fans and a very loving and devoted foster mom, Nancy Crist.  Stewart was famous and featured in the 2016 ATDR Calendar.

Oscar RB 2018

Oscar’s time with us was short, but he was happy, loved and well cared for by his devoted fosters.  Meet you at the bridge and Godspeed. 

Henry RB 2018-2

Henry was surrendered to the Ft Worth animal shelter in July 2011, ATDR made the call for a foster and we gladly answered that call. He had been neglected for first 9 yrs of his life until ATDR rescued him. He was diagnosed with several health issues which kept him on daily medications, despite all that he lived a happy life in his foster home with several other fosters and permanent siblings. He enjoyed blueberries, sticking his head out the window during car rides and sleeping next to his dad. He died in the arms of his loving dad from complications from dementia and arthritis. He was met at the rainbow bridge by his brother Mickey who passed last year of cancer. Together they will welcome all the others who cross.

Rusty RB 2018

Rusty was found as a stray, in a suburban neighborhood in 2016 and wormed his way into the hearts of his foster family and all of the medical staff at Pearland’s Silverlake Animal Hospital.  His last few months on earth were difficult and he was diagnosed with metastatic cancer on his last appointment.  Rusty was a gentle spirit who asked very little and gave so much.  Thanks to the Fernandes Family for loving him and we will look forward to our great reunion at the Bridge. 

Dexter RB 2018  Our hearts are completely broken. Dexter passed away in his sleep early morning on July 9, 2018. His body was worn out from battling autoimmune disease. We first noticed symptoms when he was 6 weeks old and we tried stem cell and ozone therapies along with meds in hopes of putting him into remission. Any relief that he received was never complete and always short-lived. We have to take comfort in the fact that he is no longer fighting this horrible disease and that he is no longer in pain. Fly high sweet Dexter. You were a good boy and you are truly missed!
Bubbles RB 2018 Bubbles crossed the bridge quietly in her sleep, found in her favorite spot in her foster Mom’s closet sleeping on a t-shirt she’d pulled off a hanger!   Bubbles was full of life and will be missed by everyone in her foster home, but not by the neighbor’s cats or the many squirrels she tirelessly hunted.   Godspeed sweet girl, see you at the bridge!
Candy RB 2018 18 Year old, Candy crossed the bridge in the loving arms of the veterinary staff at Compassionate Care.  She was rescue by caring folks in Junction Texas and made her way to ATDR in hopes of a better life.  Unfortunately after x-rays and blood work it was determined that she was riddled with cancer and the primary site, her bladder was causing her significant pain.  Her mouth was among the worst the vet had ever seen and they elected to let her go to heaven while she was still sedated from radiology.  Our hearts are broken and we wanted so much to give her a chance.   Godspeed sweet Candy and run free! 
Bradlen RB 2018 The angels came for sweet Bradley overnight while slept and that he will be waiting for us at the bridge.  We thank his foster Mom for keeping him comfortable, as a hospice dog the past few months and  know that he leaves footprints on many ATDR hearts. 
Snoopy RB 2018 Snoopy crossed the bridge in his foster Mom’s arms with the help of our friends at Critter Care.  We know that he is at peace and reunited with his owner at the bridge. 
Yuri RB 2019 Yuri enjoyed his golden years with ATDR and his loving foster family!  He was rescued when his owner went to assisted living and he was lost and sad until he settled in with a forever foster family – thanks Robyn, Mark and Mildred for loving our sweet boy until the end!  Rest in Peace sweet Yuri. 
Hilde RB 2019 Sweet girl Hilde crossed the bridge at the age of 18.  She was with us for 7 years after her family dumped her at the local shelter with flea allergies.  Hilde was a joy to live with and she taught us many lessons about patience and devotion and we will miss her dearly! 
Minnie Mae SN 2019 We are sad to share that our sweet Minnie Mae has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This precious senior girl was recently found wandering lost and alone in an area north of Houston. She had no collar or microchip and no responses were received to multiple postings. Minnie Mae was exhausted and starving. The blessing is that someone cared enough to get her off the street and contacted ATDR. We are glad we were able to give her an abundance of love and care, albeit for the short time she had remaining. Rest In Peace Minnie Mae! We will meet again! (January 2019)
Hank RB 2019 Hank quietly  joined his beloved owner at the bridge where they will wait for his best gal Lucy.   Hank left us in the arms of his devoted foster Mom, Robyn and he will be remembered by all of us at ATDR where he left tiny footprints in our hearts. 
Bruno RB 2019 Our precious Bruno lost his fierce battle with Heart disease.  Bruno was a brave and strong little guy who stole the hearts of everyone he met.  He became the ambassador of rescue and goodwill to the entire A&M veterinary staff where he was the recipient of a pacemaker, which gave him another two years with ATDR and his adoring foster Mom Wendy.  Godspeed sweet boy – you were loved and will be missed! 
Butter Bean RB 2019 Sweet senior Butter Bean came to rescue when his first owner died and he wound up in a shelter. Butter Bean spent two and a half years with ATDR until he was ready to be reunited with his human and we know he is happy and loved once again! 
Bunny RB 2019 Sweet Bunny crossed the bridge after a short illness caused by a cancerous tumor.  She was much loved by her devoted foster parents and we thank Janice and Jeff Adams for the many years of love and care that Bunny enjoyed.  Bunny has been with ATDR since 2007 and will leave a very large paw print on our hearts.
Miller RB 2019 Miller an ATDR senior passed away in the early hours of the morning after a restless night.  His foster family loved him beyond measure and he will be missed for his devotion and insistent bark at feeding times!  Thanks to the Fowler’s for giving him a forever foster home! 
Lilly RB 2019 Our sweet foster girl Lillie crossed the bridge after four years in rescue.  She was the Queen of her castle and everyone else was just there to serve!  She leaves behind a very loving and devoted foster Mom, Diane.  Godspeed Lillie, until we meet at the bridge.
Einstein RB 2019 Hearts are broken, as our little senior Einstein went to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. His recent ultrasound indicated a very large tumor embedded in his bladder wall, taking up 90% of the bladder volume. He was losing blood at an alarming rate as he would try to urinate. The tumor was very painful and the kindest thing we could do was to let him go, before he declined further. He was only with us a short time but he was well loved and cared for by his awesome Foster Mom Tammy, who we can’t thank enough for showing Einstein that his life mattered! Rest easy little man. You were a good boy who was loved by many!
Jasmin RB 2019 Jasmin and her best buddy Charlie the Schnauzer were surrendered to a coastal shelter when the owner went to a nursing home.  ATDR pledged to try to keep them together as they were best friends for 12 years!  The perfect foster home appeared and they were together until Charlie crossed the bridge.  Now Jasmin has gone to meet him at the bridge and we know their reunion will be sweet.  Many thanks to the Morrison Family for keeping this loving pair together!  Godspeed Jasmin. 
Belinda RB 2019 Belinda crossed the bridge to join her Mom Jennie after a long bout with pancreatitis.  She had a terrible start in life and had finally found a place that she could call her own!  Our hearts are broken at this loss and we hope that she is at peace and reunited with her sweet Mom Jennie. 
Godfrey RB 2019 Godfrey was only with us for a short time but left a lasting imprint on our hearts! 
Baby Goliath RB 2019 Baby Goliath succumbed to his many medical issues only 24 hours after he was found as a stray and rescued from the Bastrop Shelter.   Our hearts were with him as he crossed the bridge and we thank the dedicated volunteer that rushed to transport him (Debbie M) and the Fayette Veterinary Staff that worked to save him. 
Daphne RB 2019 Daphne gained her wings on an end of summer evening in September in the arms of her devoted Foster Mom, Tammy.  Seniors are so special and she loved her foster family with great enthusiasm and will leave her paw prints on all of our hearts.  Run Free Old Girl. 
 Baby Hope RB 2019 Our collective hearts are simply broken tonight as we share the painful news that our percious little puppy Hope has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Our thoughts and prayers are wil everyone who did everything possible to help through her struggle, but she just didn't have the strength to survive.

We appreicate all of your prayers, well wishes and kind generosity to help us pay Hope's veterniary care bill.
Dachshund lovers have the kindest souls and the biggest hears ever! Rest in Peace Sweet Hope!
EVA RB 2019 Beautiful Eva lost her battle with Congestive Heart Failure and gained her wings!  She came to us with one of the most severe cases of heartworm the vet had ever seen and has been under the care of a cardiologist for months.  She just couldn’t continue to fight and promised her foster parents she knew how much she was loved and would be waiting patiently for them at the Bridge!  Godspeed Eva and thanks to the Payne Family for all the love and care that they shared with her. 
Bernard RB 2019 ATDR’s sweet little pirate Bernard crossed the Rainbow Bridge right after Thanksgiving. He was a quiet, gentle boy who asked little more than to love and be loved…he was so fortunate to spend his final months in the caring foster home of the Allen family being made to feel special. Thank you Selena for loving Bernard and giving him a warm, comfortable place to lay his precious little head right up until the end…
Precious RB 2019 ATDR’s tiny little Precious found her way to the Rainbow Bridge in early December. This special girl had been so severely neglected in her lifetime before coming to ATDR. Life changed for her at that point, and she spent her remaining months being loved, gently cared for and spoiled in the foster home of the wonderful Tilley family. Thank you Brandy and Johnny for opening your hearts and your home to sweet Precious and letting her know there is kindness out there and that her little life mattered. Thank you also for your generosity in taking care of her remaining veterinary costs. ATDR appreciates you more than you can know.
Cayenne RB 2019 ATDR's sweet little Cayenne crossed the Rainbow Bridge during Christmas... Sadly, this precious senior baby lost his beloved mom a few years back and had been banished to living in a kennel until he became our adored forever foster. His last years were happy ones where he was well loved and cared for, enjoying the freedom of a good life playing with the other pups in the house when not getting lots of good naps and wonderful belly rubs while snuggling in his foster mom's lap! Thank you Wendy Harwood for making Cayenne feel special and that his life mattered, knowing he was loved right up until the end.
Sweet Sugar MEM 2020 ATDR’s Sweet Sugar crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a brief fight to regain her health and find happiness again. Her sad journey began with being surrendered to an animal shelter by the only family she’d ever known, loved and trusted unconditionally. ATDR’s hearts were broken at the sight of this poor precious senior girl frightened so much she refused to leave her crate…thin, weak and hungry but too scared to eat. After much effort, her foster mom finally removed the bedding in the crate with Sugar on it and pretty much held her after that in an effort to make her feel safe and unafraid. Sugar was just too neglected to hold on. She did, however, spend her last days receiving the love and care she’d been so deprived of. Thank you Wendy Harwood for showing Sweet Sugar that she was loved and did matter a great deal to someone up until the end…
Lucy MEM 2020 Lucy and her buddy Hank came to us when the owner died and the kids took them to be euthanized.  Both dogs went to an ATDR forever foster, who sadly was hospitalized and died a year later.  Another volunteer, Robyn took them and although Hank crossed the bridge earlier last year, Lucy was with us until 2020, when she finally crossed over to meet up with Hank and her beloved previous Mom and former foster mom, Donna Kay.  What a reunion they must have had and we feel sure that now reunited they are strong and playing like puppies again!  Special thanks to Robyn for being there for them til the end. 
Charlie Black RB 2020

Sweet Charlie Black made his way to the Rainbow Bridge on March 20th, held close in the arms of his foster mom who loved him ever so dearly. He was a cuddly lap dog, wanting little more than to be held and to make his foster mom smile as she watched him trot alongside her on his little bowed legs. He was such a kind little guy, being gentle with small children, babies and other animals. Charlie loved long naps on soft blankets and meal time where he ate with great gusto. He was a precious angel who loved giving sweet kisses, capturing the hearts of everyone who knew him.

There’s now an empty spot in his foster mom’s lap and in the comfortable chair beside her…there’s a HUGE hole in her heart and the tears still on her cheeks are now memories of this precious little senior and how special he was to her. Run free sweet Charlie…your life mattered very much to a foster mom who will never forget the great pleasure of having you be such a wonderful part of her life toward the end of yours.

~ In loving memory, Linda Williams

Moses RB 2020 Moses spent the last 10 years of his life with his ATDR foster Mom, Barbara after he was surrendered to a local shelter with IVDD. He had surgery but never quite recovered full mobility. Moses loved his life and his ATDR Family and understood how much they loved him too! We will miss you big guy and know we will see you at the bridge!
 Hugo RB 2020   Our hearts are heavy as we've learned that ATDR Foster, sweet little Hugo, received his wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday.  Hugo has been reunited with his best friend Hazel - together they are running free and snuggling together for eternity!  Many thanks to foster mom Tammy for all the love and care she gave this precious pair.  Rest in Peace Hugo.
Greta RB 2020 Our hearts are heavy as we’ve learned that ATDR Foster, sweet little 12 year old Greta, received her wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Greta was originally found wandering alone in Brazoria County and ended up in a small animal control facility; one without a public adoption program. No one came looking for her, so thankfully a kind officer reached out to ATDR for rescue help.

While in foster care, Greta had all her few remaining teeth removed to ease her constant dental discomfort. She also had a significant heart murmur that her vet monitored continuously. Greta passed peacefully, due to kidney failure, wrapped in the loving arms of our heroes at Critter Care Animal Hospital. Many thanks to Foster Mom Tammy for all the love and care she gave this precious girl! Rest In Peace Greta!
Jewel RB 2020 Jewel passed quietly in her sleep, during the tropical storm Beta. Another sad reminder of 2020 and all that we have lost. Godspeed precious Jewel, we will meet you at the bridge!