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Memorials 2012 -2

Looking for a way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, honor or memorialize a loved one, and also help Dachshunds in need? Honor a special person or beloved pet, or celebrate a special occasion by making a tax deductible donation to support our mission.

  • Birthdays (Animal and/or Human)
  • Holiday & Anniversary Gifts
  • Memorials for Humans
  • Memorials for Animals
  • Special Occasions


Include a note with your donation, or send an email to with the wording you want to include in your dedication. Donations of $35 or more will allow you to include a photo as well.

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All Texas Dachshund Rescue
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Pearland, Texas 77584
 Herb & the babies

In loving memory of Dr. Herbert Wong

November 20, 1952 - June 19, 2006

Our friend and supporter, Herbert Wong. Herb and his beloved wife Shirley, have been instrumental in the formation and continued success of ATDR. Herb's gentle spirit, his never ending enthusiam, and his desire tohelp others will always be remembered. Visit Herb's Memorial Page for details.



Dapple Daisy - February 15, 2012

Daisy passed away from hemolytic anemia on Feb 15, 2012. She had just turned seven. She was a foster who I pulled from a shelter when she was just six months old. My grandson, who was five at the time, was with me when I picked her up and he named her on the way home. I remember he looked at her sitting next to him in the back seat and he said "she has a LONG nose." He cried when I told him she would be adopted out and he said "please don't send Daisy away" She became ours. Daisy was as sweet as she was beautiful. She loved everyone she met, especially children. She was the one who always met our fosters first when we brought them home because we knew she would be friendly and gentle. She went on home visits with me where there were children because I knew she could always be trusted with them. She was truly one of those special dogs that come into your life once in a while. Our sweetheart, Dapple Daisy, as we called her. We will miss you.

Bill and Theresa Brugh


In Loving Memory of Sidney  12/25/07 - 2/18/2012

Everett Griffin


Miss Talley Allen - March 7, 1997- February 28, 2012

My beloved friend, confidante and companion -- sharing life with you was the greatest joy I've ever known.

Jennifer Allen

  BULLWINKLE (October 5, 1995 - February 23, 2012)

He will always be loved and never forgotten!
  In Memory of Jesse E. Reyes - February 25, 1935 - April 15, 2012

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...

Always your beloved Pinocchio

Pepsi - April 2012

Pepsi was the beloved Welsh Corgi of Steve, Joann and Jeff Leavitt. She filled their home with love and joy for many years and happily romped around under the Miami sun. She is truly missed but plays now with all the other cherished dogs and cats across the rainbow bridge.

Aunt Jan

Candle 2012

In Loving memory of my husband, Cliff. 
Happy 60th Birthday

Virginia Good


Brandy & Chloe - May 2012

I would like to honor these dachshunds who were my special friends and companions. They brought great joy into my life and will never be replaced as they will always hold a special place in my heart forever.

Love Mom


In Loving Memory of Jennifer Erin Polis - May 10, 1972 - April 18, 2012

This in honor of my beautiful, caring, sweet, thoughtful cousin, sister, daughter, and friend, Jennifer Erin Polis. She passed away recently and suddenly and this has left a huge sadness in my life, and our family and friends lives. Jennifer was a huge animal lover, she always had such great stories about all the animals that she helped at the Vet clinic where she worked. However, she always had a special place in her heart for dachshunds, we are going to miss her so very much. But, for some reason knowing that her and Haley (in picture), "her baby" have crossed over the rainbow bridge together, makes the sadness from our loss slightly less painful. She would love more than anything to have donations made to this wonderful rescue so that many more special dogs like "her baby" Haley can find loving homes.

R.I.P. Jennifer and Haley, We miss you both terribly

Daphne, Kevin, Max, and Tyler Cameron


In loving memory of Jennifer Erin Polis.

You and your precious little doxie Haley will both live on in our hearts forever. Sleep with the angels!

Betty Stromberg & Sharon Ponik of North Dakota

 Jen Haley XMas Memorial 2012

In memory of Jennifer Erin Polis.

Im memory of Jennifer Erin Polis, a lover of all animals, especially her beloved little doxie Haley.  They have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are together again for Eternity.

Much Love - Vic and Claris Rylander and Edna Ericksen

Candle 2012

In Memory of Jennifer Erin Polis 1972-2012 

~Dave and Val Johnson of North Dakota

Candle 2012

In Memory of Jennifer Erin Polis

Robert Ward

Candle 2012

In Loving Memory of Jennifer Erin Polis

Daphne Cameron

Candle 2012

In Memory of Jennifer Erin Polis

Joe Jensen

Candle 2012

Hi, As a memorial donation in honor of Jennifer Erin Polis who loved doxies

Eryn Wingert

Candle 2012

In honor of Sarah, Mona & Weenie

Maureen March

 Chief Red Weiner Memorial 2012

In Memory of Chief Red Weiner

We adopted our sweet "Chief Red Weiner" in 2007. Will never understand how anyone could have given him up he was so perfect. But unfortunately he very recently went entirely blind at and early age and had some other neurological issues that we desperately tried to resolve by way of Texas A&M visits along with uncountable trips to our personal vet and other specialist. Then yesterday God decided Chief had been through enough on this earth and sent him to Rainbow Bridge where he is able to once again run, smell, play and see again until which time we are able to reunite. No words are able to express my deep sadness from his early passing but I know in my heart I did everything I could to show him how much he was and always will be loved. Until we meet again Momma's Handsome Man.....I miss you more than I can say!!!!!


In Memory of Iris Elkins

In memory of Iris Elkins, a lovely person in all ways and a kind friend to animals.

Laureen Chernow


 Amigo D Memorials 2012

In Memory of Amigo Durham August 1998 - June 24, 2012

I dreamed about you last night, I remember going to pick you up from the vet, your coat was growing back vigorously, and showed your regular enthusiasm ready to go on a walk. I was so happy to see your smile and excitement seeing me again, knowing you were going home for more walks and trips to the farmers market. I know that is were you are now, in a much better place, free of the burdens of your lead, not having to rest by the iron plants to escape the heat and no more leash for your walks. So now....go run to your hearts content, sniff anything and everything, rest on the cool grass and know that I love you and will miss you dearly...I will miss your enthusiastic yelps when you knew you were going on a walk or were about to be fed, your smiles whenever you saw me approach, your gentle requests for attention and howling when the fire trucks passed by. So long my dear friend, your family will miss you and always think of you.

Candle 2012

In memory of Iris Elkins, a lovely person in all ways and a kind friend to animals

Laureen Chernow

Candle 2012

In memory of Lydia Weisberg, a Dachshund who was rescued 10 years ago and lived out a happy life with owners who loved her.

Gretchen Blanchard

Chase 2012 Memorial

In Memory of Chase August 2012

It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I report Chase, ADTR# D060103, has crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Since we adopted Chase in July of 2009 he has brought so much joy to our home. He came to is with a fear of men but quickly became a daddy's boy. He was such a sweet boy and will be dearly missed.

I want to thank ATDR and Chase's foster mom, Michele Patton, for everything y'all did for Chase and all the other four legged family members that enter your organization.

Angela Hebb

Emma Memorial 2012

In Memory of Emma

The day before hurricane Ike, she was brought to our house as a foster, so many doxies to place before the storm hit  She had little hair, an ear infection, needed a dental and a severe case of heartworms.  She was skinny and weak and it took hours to get her to come out of her crate.  Stranded for days in the house with Emma we had fallen in love!  She turned into a beauty, at 10 yrs old, a loving and sweet baby girl.  She acquired Cushings Disease in the last year of her life and our vet in Dripping Springs treated her lovingly and kept her pain free!  Emma was a brave little soul, but finally she passed and we had her cremated and she is here with us always.  We were so blessed for four wonderful years.  Emma and her best buddy Jelly, our 17 yr old cat are photographed together. Jelly missed Emma so much that he passed away in his sleep 4 weeks later, the loss was just too much! Now they are in heaven together.

Lee and Larry

Candle 2012

In memory of Jennifer Erin Polis 1972-2012

Debby & Gary Jensen

Linne Honor 2012

In Honor of Linne' Girouard

from Debbie Gaspard

Judy Spring Honor 2012

In Honor of Judy Spring

from Susan Lynn

Joe & Michelle Turney Honor 2012

In Honor of Joe & Michelle Turney

from Kimberly Bolin

Candle 2012

In Memory of Jennifer Polis

from Kathy & Randy Reavis

Candle 2012

In Memory of Jennifer Polis

from Jane De La Pena

Candle 2012

In Memory of Jennifer Polis

from John & Carol Minyard

Candle 2012

In Memory of Jennifer Polis

from Sharon & Lewis Lodico

Candle 2012

In Memory of Sweet Coco

Beloved companion and family member for so many wonderful years. 

Laura Frank

Jessie Memorial 2012 In memory of JESSE 10/1999 – 8/10/2012
Jesse was a rescued English coonhound mix who grew up in a house full of dachshunds and surely thought she was one too. She was the ringleader in all the backyard hunting expeditions and astounded her shorter-legged colleagues with her ability to “tree” the quarry. Jesse waged a long war against Cushing’s disease and bladder cancer. Having outlived all predictions of her lifespan, she was a tough old girl. She is at peace now. She has taken a piece of my heart with her, but I know we will meet again.
Harrison Memorial 2012


We  love and miss you so very much sweet sweet boy.  I was sooooo lucky to get to have you in my life.  I love and miss you so much. Im going to adopt another blk dauchund from ATDR in your loving memory. Your my angel.

Your Mom & Dad and your dauchund brothers and lil sister miss you for-ever and a day :)


Joyce Memorial 2012

In Memory of Joyce Gengler.


Sadness in loss of friend, but joyfulness that our little dachshunds who’ve gone on also, will have a dedicated and generous friend to pet and love on them until we all join them… All Texas Dachshund Rescue and Diamond Dachshund Rescue


Tami Neal Memorial 2012

In honor of Tami Neal's 50 years of life on this planet and loving memory of her beloved Tinker

love ya!

Ted & Marcy xoxoxo

Candle 2012

In memory of Patrick Harrington 

~Donna Rouse 10/4/12

Candle 2012

In honor of Lisa Qualls
Merry Christmas,
Love Tassie Holt

Candle 2012

 Ashley Pittman

 Ruby GiGi Memorial 2012

This contribution made in celebration of our little Ruby GiGi, adopted as GiGi, Sept 2011.  Seen in the photo on the right, with her big sister Roxie on left.

They add so much love, joy, and laughter, DAILY  to our lives!!  Thank you for giving her a second chance, and adopting to us in Arkansas!


Fondly, Kenny and Debbie Floyd

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