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Darby body
Darby closeup
Darby side
Darby mouth

Hello, my name is Darby.  We have all heard the story of the ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan.  Well, I intend to be the poster child for that story.  Right now, I have no hair as a result of a non-contagious type of mange and from being almost starved to death.  My previous owners didn't want to pay to have me treated, so I have suffered from itching, scaly, painful skin for almost 4 years.  I don't know what "comfortable" feels like, but even in the short amount of time I've been in foster care with the folks at ATDR, my skin is already getting better and I'm slowly growing hair again.  Discovering what my fur color really is will be so exciting for me and those who care about me.  Won't it be fun to know what color my coat turns out to be?  My bottom jaw failed to form correctly so I have an overbite, but that sure doesn't keep me from showing my squeaker toys who is boss!  I'm beginning to gain some weight now that I'm getting plenty of good nutrition and all the food I can eat.  I am up to 14.5 pounds and hope to get back to my full weight of about 22-25 pounds soon.  I hadn't been around other dogs or even other people very much before, but I'm quickly learning my social manners.  I would never think to bite or fight with anyone; I just was uncomfortable at first not knowing exactly what all these other animals and people were expecting from me.  So much to learn.  The one manner I have down pat though is going outside to do my business.  My awesome foster family has looked past all of my battle scars to discover a wonderfully loving and deserving dachshund-swan just waiting to emerge.  The one thing slowing down my progress is that I could really use some donations from the kind hearted and generous people out there to help pay for the substantial amount of care it will take to get me healed and healthy again.  Would you be able to help me?  Thank you so much.  Please come back for updates to see my inner hunk blossom!

April 13, 2010 - Darby is doing very well and looking so much better already!  He's put on some much needed weight and look at this beautiful coat that's coming in!!  Isn't he handsome??

Darby April 2 2010
Darby April 2 2010

May 31, 2010 - Darby is a precious easy going boy who loves to sleep under the covers!  He loves his ball and playing with the other dogs in his foster home, and he's learned to use the doggie door!  His foster mom says his only issue is that he really wants someone with him while he eats.  Who can blame him for not wanting to eat alone?!
Darby 5 28 10

Darby 5 28 10

October 19, 2010 -
Darby is doing great thanks to everyone's donations. He is feeling wonderful as you can see in his recent pictures. Isn't he a handsome standard dapple boy? He is ready to find a wonderful family who will adore him as much he does his humans. Darby gets along with everyone including children, and other dogs, but no cats please.  He is fascinated with squirrels.  He will make sure they stay out of your yard by running like lightening after them. More good news, Darby has done well with his potty training while in foster care.  You will find he is such a precious boy.  Darby does like to have his ball with him when he goes nite, nite. He loves to horse around and after playtime is over, he is ready to burrow under the covers with you and sleep till you say it is "Time to get up Sweetie Pie" or he won't get out of bed.  Darby is a wonderful boy who yearns for the love he deserves. So, we hope to find a forever home for him who also likes to sit and watch TV or just run to a Petstore or even the Sonic together. Let us know if you are interested, he would love to hear from you! Check out Darby on our Recent Arrivals page!
Darby 10 19 10
Darby 10 19 10