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Message From: Justin December 9, 2017
Reading the stories on some of these animals brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could adopt them all. I'm not financially able to even make a donation right now but y'all are very good people. The first chance I can get I would love to bring Bowie home with me. Y'all keep doing what you're doing. I can't express it enough but y'all are very awesome people. The dachshund is my favorite breed. I had one (Jake) back when I use to drive truck and he was so awesome. We had so much love for each other. God bless y'all and keep up the good work. I love you. P.S. Bowie I'm gonna try to bring you home asap!

Message From: Missy Marvin October 23, 2016
I am so pleased with ATDR. I could no longer keep my sweet Brownie Girl. The decision to put Brownie up for adoption was no easy but ATDR gave me such support and comfort. I appreciate all they did for my sweet baby girl. Now she has a happy home.

Message From: Carol June 24, 2015
What a wonderful website and great cause! Wish I could have a house full of these gorgeous creatures. I encourage anyone considering a Dachshund to adopt rather than purchase from a breeder. Hats off to you!!!

Message From: Karl/ Barbara April 7, 2015
Last July 2014, we adopted Arlo. He has been house broken(sorta),leash trained,and gotten to know all the pups in the neighborhood,including his big sister,Blair. They love each other as would human sibs,and Arlo is anything but shy. Thank you ATDR for our wonderful addition to our family.

Message From: Tammie December 17, 2013
Beautiful site..plan to adopt

Message From: Leanne Lindsey October 16, 2013
I have to say that I love Bunny, the double dapple female that has to use doggles outside. She has pulled at my heart strings and I look at her picture almost everyday. I am not able to adopt Bunny at this time, but I have enrolled as an ongoing sponsor for her. Lots of thanks to the foster home where she lives.

Message From: Melissa Porter January 27, 2013
I love this website and seeing all the wonderful success stories. I live up by Amarillo and help with the local group Paws. I have 3 Doxy's and have a very soft spot for them. Everyone says that if there doxy lost or one found that I'm the person to call, lol... I helped last week find homes for 3 doxy's that someone donated. I hope to be able to something to help you all soon. :-)

Message From: Virginia October 16, 2012
I have been a donor of both funds and things for the auctions and such, for over 18 months now. It brings me much joy to help this WONDERFUL group any way I can. It has been a joy and honor to help All Texas, as a rescue that is so loving, supportive to the Dachshund Breed. Thank you for all you do.( Some how that does not seem big enough for such a great group of people)

Message From: Bill & Sassy Yorkie July 8, 2012
We would like to take this time to Thank ALL of the ATDR Staff for your devotion to the rescue of these misfortunate animals, I rescued Sassy, but she is the one that has rescued my heart again. I have rescued so many dogs, cats, 1 rabbit, a broken wing blue jay that lived to be 17 yrs old, remarkable I though along with my vet and 2 cockatiels over the last 37 yrs. May GOD BLESS ATDR for helping the helpless. My prayers are always with you all.

Message From: William May 29, 2012
Thanks for the update on Tessa, our thoughts and prayers have been with her and all the others pups in your hands. Thanks to all of You for all your care, hard work and time you give these animals.

Message From: William Dickehut October 27, 2011
I have just lost my best friend,her name was tabby or tabbatha,she was a rescue from the comanche county puppy mill.when we got her the people who fosterd her did a great job with her.she was very shy at first,but when she got comfotable watch out she was Queen of the house and neighborhood.she was great with our other dashhound Ozzy.but she was abused very bad.her snout had been broke,shoot many times with a pelet gun,and mutible must of been a living hell for her.we gave her the best life we could.she became very ill about a year ago.her liver was in bad shape,for awhile she seemed to be doing great,oct.25,2011 worst day of all our lives,i held her in my arms as the docter gave her the shot.she passed in my arms.I had taken ozzy with me ,when we got home he fell in to a deep deperation all of us did,hes still looking for her,are hearts are all broken.for six years she was my little girl.we will always love you TABBY,and one day we will all be together again,in GODS country.untill then my heart is broke and missing my little baby.

Message From: Cheri & Steve October 4, 2011
When we fostered and adopted Eevie this year, our life changed forever! This little miss is the light of our home and the Queen to 4 other little boy dogs that adore her! Thank you so much ADTR!

Message From: Rene' June 1, 2011
Leia came home with me on Sunday and is doing wonderful!! She is playing all day with my other dogs and is eating great! I want to say thanks to her foster moms Cindy and Linda. They did a great job and I know it was hard to give up the sweet girl! THANK YOU!

Message From: Cheryl May 10, 2011
I have one dachshund and am fostering another. I love your web site and would love to take them all home. You are doing an awesome job with these sweet little guys. God Bless

Message From: (Private) February 20, 2011
We are so happy to see that Darby found a forever home. His foster mom really worked wonders with him. He just looks awesome. I hope his new family loves him as much as he deserves ....

Message From: Virginia January 18, 2011
I found this wonderful site by accident and it has converted me, I will never again buy a dachsund, I will adopt from atdr. Thank you for all you do for these little ones. I will keep Lulu in my prayers and light a candle to St. Francis. Keep us infromed

Message From: Cindy November 3, 2010
While I have never rescued from ATDR, I will tell you that we are avid dachshund lovers who just rescued our 4th dachshund rescue making our new baby, Sadie, our 7th dachshund! Our sweet Juliet adopted from ARK in the DFW area was a puppy mill mother taht got to spen the last half of her life in our happy home. Our babies still living range from 4-16 years old and are happy as pigs in mud! Keep doing what you are doing and Thank you!

Message From: William September 23, 2010
I just wanted to say that I found your web site via Joan of Ark in 2009. I was so sad when I heard of her passing away, no animal should have to go through what she did and I was praying for her recovery. Thank you for all the hard , devoted work you all are doing and the Love you are giving to these deserving animals. It always does my heart well when I see the success stories for these animals. God Bless all the staff, volunteers, foster parents, adopters and those who donate for your time, money and most of all the LOVE you are giving to these abandon and mistreated dogs.

Message From: (Private) September 1, 2010
great website.....we have always had doxies in our home...thank you so much for helping those in need.

Message From: Michelle August 22, 2010
I just love doxies. And I will donate!

Message From: (Private) August 16, 2010
This is the best website ever! It is kept current and it's love for doxies is well communicated.

Message From: BJ August 5, 2010
Will you give us an update on Mercy? Thank you so much.

Message From: Gerald Tunches June 17, 2010
Thank you for letting Katie be part of our life. We just love her so much pink fingernail polish and all.

Message From: Kelly May 8, 2010
Lacy, Howard, Chocolate and I are praying for your very fast recovery. Our little angel Chocolate came to us after her first owners crushed her legs and pelvis. She is almost 11 now and the joy of our life. Godspeed your healing we are thinking of you!

Message From: Theresa Baker May 1, 2010
I just wanted to let everyone know that Travis is doing well and is the light of our lives! Since he has come to live with us all the other dogs are like puppies again! He has them all running and playing with him. I think he has brought them all back to life! Thanks so much for a wonderful, spoiled rotten little fellow!!

Message From: Sue & Chris April 20, 2010
We adopted Karma last year and she is the sweetest girl. She is still shy around strangers, but she has really fit into our pack of 3 dachsunds!

Message From: Gladys April 8, 2010
In 2008, my Fiance & I adopted "Oreo" thanks to you!!! We named her Pebbles. She is the light of our lives. Thx for the work u do!!! You r a blessing!

Message From: Denise March 10, 2010
Wonderful website! I am anxious to bring home our next family member.

Message From: Adam February 4, 2010
This is a great site. It's very informative and honest descriptions help to make a better decision for finding just right little one for our family. Thanks.

Message From: Kat January 19, 2010
I believe Dachshunds were made so they would bring a smile to our face and lay on our laps as we watch T.V..

Message From: sam December 31, 2009
i visit this site to reinforce the fact that compassion is the hallmark of humanity. thank you so much ATDR for the love and support you give to our fellow companions.

Message From: Gaye November 6, 2009
My prayers for Cindy and Mike who are angels on earth for giving Joanie the love and protection she got the last months of her life. Although it doesn't make their hurt any less, Joanie is now fat, sassy and soaking up the sunshine in heaven.

Message From: Carolyn Gist November 6, 2009
Ya'll are doing a wonderful job. We have 3 of these precious gifts and cant do with out them. Keep up the good work

Message From: Ida November 5, 2009
I mourn with all others the death of Joanie who struggled so hard to live but could not continue the fight, as her body was too broken down even as her spirit and will to live was still there intact. Such human abuse and neglect breaks all our hearts every time we see such cruelty and ignorance. But as an animal lover and dog owner all my life, I take comfort with all others that Joanie at least got to know love, devotion, and care during her last months of life. I know that no animal, how bad a state they may be in, can miss appreciating whatever love and devotion they get, even after a lifetime of abuse & neglect from other humans. So there is comfort in knowing that Joanie at least experienced love & care.... and died in her human's arms... clean and safe from all the misery that she has been subjected to before. We're all glad that sweet little Joanie has now crossed over the rainbow to animal heaven.

Message From: Melissa Major November 4, 2009
I am so incredibly sad that this little girl lost her fight. I am glad she was last comforted by a loving human's arms. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on All Saint's Day. How wonderfully appropriate. She taught me so much about humans good and bad. I will always remember her.

Message From: Brownie's new mom November 4, 2009
God bless Joanie's foster parents.I have adopted 2 dachsies and wish they all could find a loving parents!At least she passed on in your loving home to a better place with no pain.

Message From: Nana Marty November 4, 2009
To ATDR thank you and God Bless You all for what you are doing for these precious poochies. Our family loves dachsie so am happy to share that am now Brownie's Proud Nana-he was recently adopted by my daughter and husband. His photo is in your Successful Adoption Gallery! Thank you to those who saved him and loved him so he could now be ours. Wish we could save them all! ADTR please keep up this amazing effort!

Message From: sam November 3, 2009
For some reason Little Joanie touched my heart in a way I can't quite explain. From the moment I saw her photo I knew she was a special little dog. I am thankful that she died with her loved ones. I'm sure this brought comfort during her passing to that place where she will be forever healthy and happy. Rest in peace Little Joanie.

Message From: (Private) November 3, 2009
Thanks to Joanie's foster parents for all of their love to the very end. She will not forget you.

Message From: Gaye November 2, 2009
Cindy & Mike: You are angels on earth for the love you gave Joanie. I know that she's now healthy and happy in heaven.

Message From: Donna November 2, 2009
(((Joanie))) I know you're in a good place, and I know my Brenna was there to meet you at the bridge.

Message From: Roland W November 2, 2009
Rest in peace Joanie, you are now pain free and healthy with the other pups at the Bridge.

Message From: Ciara November 2, 2009
Poor little Joanie, so sad to read the update today. She will no longer be suffering, at least she had a good and loving life at the end with her foster parents. Keep up the good work ATDR.

Message From: inc123 October 17, 2009
I just donated for Joanie. Have you tried Yogurt yet? It might help reestablish flora & soothe her system. All best.

Message From: Theresa October 1, 2009
Thank you for all your hard work. Best wishes.

Message From: Amy James September 28, 2009
Would love to support all these babies. I have two dapple doxies and live in New Braunfels. Thank you for helping these precious creatures!!

Message From: Bill August 19, 2009
Joannie, Is there any news? Updates on her please?

Message From: Barbara August 19, 2009
How is precious little Joanie doing? I think about all that little baby has been through and hope she is getting stronger. Please update us.

Message From: Chris & Deb Daly August 10, 2009
We are the proud caretakers of a total of 6 rescue minis since 1996 (we've lost 3 of them due to age/health issues along the way). These wonderful little creatures bring so much joy to our lives, and we feel so much dispair when we see some of them mistreated or so sick like the little emaciated one you are currently working to save. We are members of DRNA, MWDR, and the Madison WI dachshund group. We all work hard to foster and find homes for these wonderful beings. Your group is another example of folks working hard to help these little guys & gals. Thanks for all your work in TX.

Message From: Lori July 26, 2009
I came to your site thru several links...which ending by clicking on the picture of the emaciated dachshund, Joanie. I haven't cried so much in a long time, while reading her story and looking at her pictures. Thank God you found her when you did and bless her foster mom!