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5/26/2024 8:27 PM


Tiny Tim

May 16, 2006: Last night, Tiny Tim died.

Tiny Tim receiving glucose at the vet

Last night Tiny Tim died. Despite the efforts of a local doctor and doctors in Austin he just couldn’t make it. He was so malnourished and sick his little body was unable to gather the strength needed to survive any treatment. I feel blessed that for a while I was able to nurse him and hold him as I tried to warm his cold little body.

Oh yes, did I mention that Tiny Tim was a dog. Not just “any old dog” either. He was one of the many puppies that “had papers” and was to be sold one weekend soon for a few hundred dollars at a local business’s parking lot. At six weeks of age he weighed not quite a pound and had so many intestinal parasites that his tiny body never really had a chance.

This is what Tiny Tim left on my shirt when I picked him up.  He was soaked in urine and feces.

He was one of about 30 that were rescued last week from a local puppy mill by the Brown County Humane Society, Animal Control, and All Texas Dachshund Rescue. There are still about 100 more dogs at that location, but due to the lack of enforceable legislation, they had to be left behind.

There are so many issues that this brings up. The reality of a puppy mill is incomprehensible horror. Perhaps one day the many organizations fighting to ban these can make a difference. In the meanwhile you can help their battle. Please, please, do not support these puppy mills. If you must buy a puppy, do not buy one on impulse. Check out the person selling the puppy, ask to see their dogs living conditions, and insist on seeing the dog’s parents. A reputable breeder will welcome you to visit their breeding location and will be able to provide you with veterinarian records of health care.

A puppy’s love is unconditional and they rely on you to take the very best care of them. Please do. Tiny Tim should not have died last night.

Tiny Tim at the vet
Your are now at the Bridge
and made whole once again.
Leona Berry, CVA
Small Animal Medical Center
VP, Brown County Humane Society

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