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Honors & Memorials 2014 

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Looking for a way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, honor or memorialize a loved one, and also help Dachshunds in need? Honor a special person or beloved pet, or celebrate a special occasion by making a tax deductible donation to support our mission.

  • Birthdays (Animal and/or Human)
  • Holiday & Anniversary Gifts
  • Memorials for Humans
  • Memorials for Animals
  • Special Occasions

Please include a note with your donation with the wording you wish to include in your dedication. If you would like, please email your favorite photo to  It would be our pleasure to display it.

Make your tax deductible donation below:

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All Texas Dachshund Rescue
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 Gretchen Megan MEM 2014

In memory of two of our past dachshunds, Gretchen and Megan.

Thanks so much

Nancy Shows

 Candle 2012

In appreciation for Marcus Cooper, aka Mini Cooper and Cooper, aka Copper. Our lives were forever blessed.
Jim & Jane Galvin

Doxie MEM 2014

Doxie. December 13, 2013  

Doxie was thrown from a moving car in the twilight of her life. Just tossed aside like a piece of trash. A "Good Samaritan" saw her and picked her up. She contacted Glenda Watson with ATDR and asked us to take Doxie into our program. Doxie didn't trust humans since she had known pain from them, but Glenda could see that she was beginning to soften. Glenda asked previous adoptors, Betty and Wayne Johnson, to take Doxie into their hearts. They did and their love transformed this snappy, scared, red girl into a sweet loving girl!  

This memorial honors Betty and Wayne for never giving up on Doxie!

 Batch MEM 2014

In honor of Bach who I adopted from ATDR. 
What a wonderful gift!   ~Olga Reavill


Nugget MEM 2014

In honor of my precious Doxie boy, Nugget.  

Adopted Feb 11, 2011  ~Susan Laufman

Amanda Brown MEM 2014

Donated on behalf of Amanda Brown.

 Cupcake MEM 2014

We, very tragically and suddenly, lost Cupcake on December 19, 2013.  Our hearts are broken and it will take a long time to get over losing her.

She came into our home on July 14, 2010 when she was found in the backyard of an empty home by a realtor who was showing it to prospective buyers.  The people looking at the house brought her home with them and called me.

She was just seven weeks old and our vet said it appeared that she had been choked. We fell in love with her that very first day.  She was such a beautiful and sweet puppy.  We taught her how to fetch with a tiny tennis ball and play tug.  She loved to sit right in the middle of our laps and snuggle.

We still cannot grasp the fact that she is gone from our lives, and we miss her every single day.  Rest in peace, Cupcake. 

We love you.

Bill and Theresa Brugh

Candle 2012

In Memory of Carolyn Carline, dearly loved by her husband, daughter, grandchildren, furkids and grandpups  ~Sharon Gorman

Oscar Ellison MEM 2014

In Honor of Oscar Ellison ~ Traci Stansbury

Cookie MEM 2014 Precious Cookie lost her home of many years because the owner could no longer keep her.  She came to an ATDR loving foster home a few months but never got over her heart break of losing her owner.  We believe she died of a broken heart but know that she is now running free at the bridge.
doxie wedding In honor of the wedding of Ross & Susanna Olsaver 

~Love Richard & Maryann Olsaver
 Buster MEM 2014

Buster came to me through ADTR and Linné...

I am so lucky to have had him in my life for the last 8 years, and I will always miss him –
he truly became part of our family.

Thank you for finding him for me.
Cooper MEM 2014

Mini Cooper -
He will be missed

Jane Galvin

Candle 2012

In memory of Little

Thank you for all you do. I am making this donation in the memory of my sweet girl, Little who crossed the Rainbow Bridge two days ago.

Stephanie Lopez

 Rooney MEM 2014

The first time I saw Rooney she looked straight at me and took my breath away – she was the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen. When we got her home our lives changed forever. She was lively, smart, loving, funny and so expressive! We became Dog People because of her. Soon we added Minnie and later Rosie – but Rooney led the pack. Even as an Only Dog she was never “the baby”. Always an Alpha!

My husband and I loved her like she was our child. Major decisions were based on if it would be good for Rooney. She was so brave. She wouldn’t walk – she would march. When it would thunder, she would square off and “thunder” right back. Yet, for all her tough exterior she was so tender and loving. When she looked at you, you saw her soul. For 18 years she was a major part of our lives, and for eternity she will be a major part of my heart. Rooney Baby Girl, I love you always and I miss you more than words can say.

Candle 2012

In memory of Dharma Cooper: loving companion, fearless hunter, family icon and mischievous trickster. 
You leave a hole in our heart.

Candle 2012

In memory of Sue Jose  ~ Your friends in the Investigators Office of Dallas County

 Laurie MEM 2014

"Any woman can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a pet mom.  R.I.P. to the best Doxie mom ever, Laurie Hollingsworth Burrow

From: Catherine Brown, a Bostie mom"

  • In Memory of Laurie Hollingsworth Burrow  ~Sylvia Thompson
  • In Memory of Laurie Burrow   ~ Patricia Powell
  • In Memory of Laurie Burrow   ~ Anne Leather
  • In Memory of Laurie Burrow   ~ Janet Johnson
  • In Memory of Laurie Burrow   ~ Connie Dees
Candle 2012

In memory of a wonderful human being, who loved and helped Dachshunds. Rest in peace.

Anne Leather and her Doxie, Gunther.

Max MEM 2014

Maximus Tanner “Uncle Max” crossed the bridge too soon for all of us that loved him!  ATDR lost a beloved mascot and rescue ambassador on May 22, 2014.  We thank everyone at VCA Tanglewood for all the special care that they gave Max in his final days.  Our hearts are heavy but we know he is running pain free and his tail is wagging!

 Candle 2012

In honor of our doxies, Chauncey and Molly
from Therese Pease

Nugget Honnors 2014

I am forever thankful for my darling, handsome, faithful - - best dog ever - - Nugget!!! 
I adopted him 2/11/11 and he is a total dream! 

Thank You!!  ~Susan Laufman

 Baxter MEM 2014

Rest in Peace Baxter – adopted 9 years ago!

The Goushey Family


 Sadie Sue MEM 2014

Today, July 21, 2014, marks four years since the day we adopted Sadie Sue from the ATDR. We are so appreciative for the work that the ATDR does to rescue and re-home wonderful dogs like Sadie Sue. She has been an absolute joy and is a much-loved member of our family. She may be a senior, but Sadie Sue shows no signs of slowing down! Thank you for the work that you do.

- Hannah and Matthew Cummings

 Sophie MEM 2014

In Honor of Sophie

The sweetest little girl we could ever ask for!

We love you! Mommy & Daddy

 Barney MEM 2014

Mr. Barney Fife – 6/1/1997 to 9/16/2014

Touch of the Net

I've lost a friend I didn't know, The message came today,
Propelled through wires at speed of light, From near or far away.

A noble friend, of ancient blood, A staunch and mighty guard,
A loving comfort, Hero spawn, Fair grist for any bard.

He left behind a family And friends to mourn his death,
He left behind a wash of tears, As he breathed his last breath.

Computer networks span the globe And contact now is found
With folks that we may never see, But feel with touch profound.

The dots of light on screen of glass Shape words of joy or pain,
We teach and learn and share our lives And blessings deep we gain.

So now I sit with sniffling nose And tears flow down my face,
I share a loss and try to find Pure words of peace and grace.

A dog has died, but more than that, A precious life has passed.
We take them in, they bless our lives, Then leave us much too fast.

God grant us peace and mem'ries long, Our short-lived friends to keep,
In stories, images, and thoughts, To calm us as we weep.

Now, lightning's brother, speed my words, Through fibers, disks, and such.
May cold computer magic turn To caring, human touch.

by Bob Stewart and posted by Aunt Nanny

John Barkley MEM 2014

ATDR shares in the grief of the Houston Community after the loss of our dear friend John Danielson. He was a tremendous leader and community volunteer and will be missed more than we can say. Godspeed to John and our prayers for his partner Brian Flores and family!  ATDR’s Barkley found a wonderful home recently with John and Brian and we know that he will continue to share in John’s loving memory! 

John Danielson MEM 2014

In loving memory of John Danielson

~Marilyn Dement

~Stephanie Bentley

~Robert Rinn

~Randy Mitchmore

~Eduardo Morales & Richard Eastman

~Ronald Rodricks

~Donald Lehde
~Jason Doxey
~Carolyn Loving

~ Kay Saunders

~ Scott Warren and Alice Collette

~Jeannine Lamb

In Memory of John Danielson III / TransCanada PipeLines Limited

Pamela Piazzo
Michelle Painter
Ryan Kennedy
Julie Sartor

Hersh Mittal

Suzanna MEM 2014

In loving memory of Suzanna James. Beautiful niece and dachshund mom. You will be missed.

~Marlin Independent School District
~Susan Gordon
~Jean E Channey


 Christopher MEM 2014

Our beloved Christopher, adopted on Mother’s Day 2003, crossed the bridge October 2, 2014 to join our Fredd and Fannie.
He was the product of puppy mill over breeding and had so many issues.  This special boy never let his physical problems get in his way, even after he went blind, he  didn't slow down a bit.  It was love at first sight for Christopher and his new Mom and for 11 years he was a constant in their lives. 
Christopher...a truly amazing boy who left with a big chunk of our hearts.  

We mourn his loss but celebrate all the love he gave us!

Lynn and Doug Dugan

Candle 2012

With gratitude for the sweet life of Persimmon, Monica's treasure. She brought much joy!  ~Lynda

Charlotte Honor

In Honor of Charlotte Haskins for all she does to help the Doxies 

~Glenda Watson

Candle 2012

In Memory of Rosalie Maskin Birkholz. May you know that we will keep on doing your work, Rosalie
  ~Sharon Gorman

 Barney F MEM 2014


Barney Fife
1997 - 2014 

Barney Fife was the perfect dachshund. He will always be loved. 

Forever in our hearts. 

Trish and Abby

Candle 2012

In Memory of my dear, long-time friend John Danielson 
~ Jeannine Lamb

 Daisy Mae MEM 2014


Daisy Mae Mullennex 


1993- November 7, 2014


Daisy died today after apparently suffering s a stroke that was causing her severe pain beginning yesterday afternoon.  After the emergency clinic made her comfortable late last night with a sedative, we took her home where she slept and rested all night.  When she work up this morning she was wailing again and her eye was swollen to almost twice its size.  She was given a strong sedative that calmed her before she was helped over the rainbow bridge.  Daisy was a wonderful companion, strong as an ox (until the very end), as willful a Dachshund as there ever was, and a loving part of our lives for over 16 years.  We have many memories to reach back for as we mourn her passing.  For all those who knew her, you know how special and determined she was.  She has left a big hole in our lives….
Lee and Sydney

Candle 2012

In Memory of Carol Huddleston  ~Sharon Gorman

Candle 2012

In Memory of Texas Mama’s Little Black Pepper 
~Robert Virden

Candle 2012

In Memory of Jeanne Jeannin, who passed away Dec. 6th, 2014, leaving behind her husband Michel, and her precious Doxi,  Nikolaus vom Baudenhard ( Nikki).
~ Hanne M.A. Pigott

Dublin Family MEM 2013

In honor of The Durbin Family  ~Deb Doyle Mussey


In honor if our doxie, Bradley  ~Love Laura & Marshall Hogue


In honor of Melissa Mitchner and her rescue, Fletcher 
~ Love Melanie & Jeff Cobb

Candle 2012

In memory of my Sadie. ~ Love Patricia Elrod

  In honor of Charlotte Haskins Birthday. ~ DiAnne Mikeska
  In honor of Rhonda Goerlitz for her dedication to the rescue of these precious babies
From our babies...Chilie Dog and Mollie who have found their forever home.
~William & Susan Marquis
Candle 2012
In memory of "Ernie" Ernesto Short Shrimp ~ with love from Charles Luigs & Chong Gofforth
Aimee Camie MEM 2014 In honor of Aimee and Cami who we adopted in 2014 ~ Becky Ahrens
 sadie MEM 2014

My precious little Sadie. She blessed my life from March 13th, 2010 to July 26th, 2014. A short but amazing 4 years and 4 months thanks to ATDR letting me have this sweet, wonderful girl!


Tricia Elrod

In Memory of Ralphy

Goodbye dear friend.

There is so much we will miss:
your soft snores as you slept between our pillows
your joyous greeting when we returned home
your deep bark which made you sound like a much bigger dog
your sigh of affection when you laid your head on our knees
your pleasure at being outside in the warm sunshine
your joy at being alive and loved
Your memory remains forever in our hearts
~Nancy Hamilton

 Candle 2012 In memory of Bailey Stodghill  ~Sharon Stodgill
Candle 2012 In memory of Thomas Hughes 
~Lorraine Majchrzak
Candle 2012 In memory of my friend Jeanne Jeannin, who passed away Dec. 6th, 2014, leaving behind her husband Michel, and her precious Doxi,  Nikolaus vom Baudenhard ( Nikki)
 Bobby Hoxworth MEM 2015 This donation is given in honor of a true Texas Dachshund Daddy, Bobby Hoxworth of Killeen. Merry Christmas from Your Other Mom

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