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Honors & Memorials 2017 

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Looking for a way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, honor or memorialize a loved one, and also help Dachshunds in need? Honor a special person or beloved pet, or celebrate a special occasion by making a tax deductible donation to support our mission.

  • Birthdays (Animal and/or Human)
  • Holiday & Anniversary Gifts
  • Memorials for Humans
  • Memorials for Animals
  • Special Occasions

Please include a note with your donation with the wording you wish to include in your dedication. If you would like, please email your favorite photo to  It would be our pleasure to display it.

Make your tax deductible donation below:

PayPal US Mail
All Texas Dachshund Rescue
Attn: Treasurer
P.O. Box 841336

Pearland, Texas 77584

Tonya Spence MEM 2017

The ATDR Family shares in the loss of our long-time friend and rescuer Tonya Spence.  Godspeed dear Friend until we all be reunited at the bridge!

In loving memory of Tonya Spence - Ann Russoli
In loving memory of Tonya Spence - Deborah Jay

This donation is in memory of Tonya Spence . A champion in the rescue community. She will be missed by so many. She loved her dachshounds.
Thank you - Lisa First

In loving memory of Tonya Spence, an amazing woman and dachshund lover!
- Mary Movick

In memory of Tonya Spence. I did not know her, but I can tell by the photo with her and all her dachshunds, that she was a very loving, giving, helpful, beautiful lady. Yes, now she is @ the Rainbow Bridge with all her precious dachshunds and canines.
-Denise Dittrich

Stephen Inglis MEM 2017

In loving memory of Stephen Inglis from Mikey and Lola (ATDR) now together again in a new adoptive family.

 Candle 2012

In memory of my friend Jean Farnsworth and her love of dogs.

~ Jean Bogaard

Candle 2012

In loving memory of our atdr Barney.
~Maria A Markis

Princess Leia MEM 2017

We miss our spunky, sassy little Princess Leia.  Godspeed girl, as you cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Scrappy MEM 2017

I lost my sweet little guy Scrappy in January of this year, he was 13 years old and I have had him since he was six weeks old....he was the best dog much a part of our entire family! I miss him every day!!

Dance like nobody's watching!!!!

Julie Hooper MEM 2017 - 1

In loving memory of my Dad

~ Julie Hooper

Maxwel House Miller 2017

Maxwell House Miller - You will always have a special place in our hearts. Our family link has been broken but we know we will all be together again one day.  Your memory lives on every day.  Cora tells everyone Baby Jesus has you and every cardinal Camden sees is you coming to check in on us (you even have a girlfriend).   Until we meet again - We Love You Max!

Candle 2012

In memory of Merry Ann Maddux
~ Gary Ringwald

Dustin MEM 2017

A little over a year and a half ago, Dustin (aka Dusty) sauntered into my life at a time I was still recovering from the loss of another dear canine friend.  He had all the endearing doxie characteristics we all enjoy—a little aloof, a little pushy and an innate ability to scope out a treat wherever it may be hiding. But he also had a polite sweetness about him, waiting patiently to be allowed on the couch or tolerating the onslaught of kisses my daughter’s dog would bestow upon him.  He was a predictable creature of habit, wanting to walk the same path each day and crossing the road in exactly the same spot.  Any suggestion of an alternate route was met with some resistance and a look that questioned my motivation.  I find it hard to walk that same path without tears.

Dustin succumbed suddenly and unexpectedly on April 7, 2017 from a medical condition that emergency veterinary staff could not reverse.  The shock of his passing gave way to the realization of how fragile life is and how we should cherish every waking moment with our loved ones be they human or otherwise.  I am grateful for the time I had with this dear boy, short as it was.  He did more for me than I for him.

Candle 2012

Merrye Angela Maddux

 Candle 2012


In Memory of Merry Ann Maddux  July 14, 1952 - May 09, 2017


~Robert & Monica Beckham
~ John Ringwald
~ Mary Catherine Young


Max Miller MEM 2017
This donation is in memory of Max Miller (owner Carrie).  Max changed Carrie's life and he will be missed.


The Telesco Family
Michael McDonnell MEM 2017
In loving memory of Michael O'Donell who died unexpectedly on April 4th.
He was 68 yrs old and Doxie Mona was his baby. She is 5 yrs old. He truly loved doxies.
He also loved squirrels and had several over the years as pets.  He was a very talented landscape designer. His Company was called The Environment. Former Doxie Maggie was waiting for him at the bridge.
Moana Michael MEM 2017
 Gifts given in Michael's memory by:

~ Mona Hercher

~ Sally Robinson

~ Katherine McGovern

 Candle 2012
In memory of Bill Mace

~ Sharon & Don Cavness
Candle 2012
In Memory of Kirby  ~ William Prentice
 Mayer MEM 2017
In Honor of Mayer  ~ Pamela S. Evers
 Karma MEM 2017
In honor of Karma.  We adopted her and LOVE her dearly  ~ Sue Delaplaine
In celebration of Evie's 6th birthday!  ~From Will  (Christine Jarrett)
 Candle 2012
In memory of Woody Haskins, brother of Charlotte with Love, Gary & Kitty  ~ Gary Taylor


Candle 2012
In memory of our beloved doxie Corporal  ~Betty Nesline
Candle 2012
In honor of my sweet girl, Faith, who I got from ATDR ( Gerlinde Meuth was her foster mom). She passed away 1 year ago from IMHA. Faith is my soulmate. She was the most beautiful soul. She is my baby forever. I know she would want to help others.  ~ Shannon Roskosky
Susan Moss MEM 2017
In honor of my co-worker, Susan Moss, two new fur babies adopted from you  ~ Karen Guardiola
 Cali MEM 2017 We would like to honor the doctors and staff at Lovers Lane Animal Medical Clinic in Dallas Texas. We also do so to memorialize the memory of Cali Krueger Norcross, our beautiful 15 year old mini who passed peacefully from this earth on June 4th, 2017. As any aging doggie would, Cali needed frequent medical care over the last 5 years of her life, including a number of emergency procedures and one emergency surgery during the middle of a severe ice storm! The staff at LLAMC was outstanding throughout those years and many procedures, always treating her with love and care that was amazing. She rarely entered there with out the front desk staffing saying in unison "Caliiii!!!" to greet her.

We became familiar with ATDR on July 29th, 2013 when we adopted our other baby, Napoleon, from you all. We cant imagine our life without him, and greatly appreciative for all ATDR does.

Please use these funds to help with sick and needy babies get the care they need, and do so with Cali and LLAMC in mind.

With great thanks and respect.

Chuck and Jim Norcross.

 Pumpkin MEM 2017

Pumpkin crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

She came into our lives 7 years ago and it is hard to not have her here.  She was the manager of our household, the protector of us all, she kept all the squirrels at bay, managed the goings-on of the neighborhood cats, reminded us of all feeding times (or the approach of a feeding time), lover of all food, a sun beam dog, playmate of her fellow ATDR dachshund brother Chase, the constant couch companion, thunder buddy, pretty sure she always belonged in the bed, and most of all the best friend to us.

Two years ago she became paralyzed from IVDD and lost the use of her back legs, bowels, and bladder. That did not slow her down as she zoomed around in her cart or patrolled the yard. She was our constant shadow and was loved deeply.

Our house is quiet and there is a hole in our hearts as we mourn you, our little lady boss dog. Run free and we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Candle 2012 Donating in memory of Kelly and Brett's beautiful dog Pumpkin.

~ Jennifer Dower
Candle 2012 In loving memory of Pumpkin Buller. Rest easy sweet girl.

~ Kristen Erickson
Little Pup MEM 2017 Godspeed sweet boy! 
The Mungle Family
Birthday Doxie Happy Birthday Linne'!!!! Much love - Mary, Steve & the Weiman Wieners
 Jim Wilson MEM 2017

Kick the tires and light the fires, retired United States Air Force Lt. Col. James Wendel Wilson is on his way to heaven. The "short smiling Texan" died peacefully with his family beside him Sept. 5, 2017, after giving Alzheimer's and complications a run for their money.

Jim had a lifetime love affair with football, the Westlake Chaps, Sousa marches, dachshunds, the Aggies, jelly beans and catching bass.

In lieu of flowers, donate to Westlake Band Parents, P.O. Box 160522, Austin, Texas, 78716-0522; All-Texas Dachshund Rescue, P.O. Box 841336, Pearland, Texas 77584; or an animal shelter in your area.
Lexie MEM 2017

In loving memory of Lexie, the friendliest and most loving dachshund there ever was. Sleep well, pup. You are deeply missed and loved. 12/11/1999 - 7/12/2017

 Jim Wilson MEM 2017


In Memory of Lt. Col. James Wendel Wilson






~ Charles & Mary Lewis


~ Stephen & Laura Smith


~ The Journalism Education Association


Romeo 3Romeo 2

Romeo bedOn October 30, 2017, we lost our sweet Romeo. We had 6 1/2 special years with our first fur baby. We knew he was destined to be ours from the very first moment we picked him up - he jumped into the backseat and sat between the kids and let them pet him all the way home. Romeo has been a faithful and true companion and we will miss and remember him forever. We are so grateful to ATDR for gifting him to our family.
-Rachel, Benjamin, Abby and Sadie Walmer

Candle 2012

In Memory of our two rescue babies, Crystal and Toby   ~ Maggie & Dudley Johnson

Scout MEM 2017

Our Scout died Thursday. He was a trooper until the very end. While at the emergency vet hospital being checked out he had a seizure. We took that as a sign that he wanted to be free and we reluctantly let him go. He gave us almost 10 years of entertainment and sometimes grief, companionship  as well as stubbornness and marched on these last few years despite having a multitude of health scares and ailments. His tenacious determination had us keep him around as long as we could—and maybe that was a bit selfish—but we got so much more in return from his unconditional love.

Godspeed Scout.
Lee and Sydney

Christmas Doxie

We are making this donation as a Christmas gift in the name of Tom and Carolyn Porter who love their weiners. Tille came from ATDR and is still going strong.

~ David McPhee

Maedy MEM 2017

In memory of Maedy.
~David Smith

Christmas Doxie

Because our Dachshund Daphne came from your great rescue. Because at Christmas we give. In Honor of our nieces Madison and Mikaela Gangai.

~ Anna Liesman

Christmas Doxie

In Honor of Maddie Campbell
~Kathryn Walsh

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