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Honors Mem 2021

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Looking for a way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, honor or memorialize a loved one, and also help Dachshunds in need? Honor a special person or beloved pet, or celebrate a special occasion by making a tax deductible donation to support our mission.

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  • Holiday & Anniversary Gifts
  • Memorials for Humans
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  • Special Occasions

Please include a note with your donation with the wording you wish to include in your dedication. If you would like, please email your favorite photo to  It would be our pleasure to display it.

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 Candle 2012  In remembrance of Jack “the duke” Kirsits. A true dog lover has been lost

~Anne Fantini
Jester MEM 2020 Jester was dearly loved by us and all of our family, especially the grandchildren.  He was a lucky dog, as were we.  We are grieving his loss now.  Miss him terribly.

~The Doran Family
Candle 2012 Donated for Molly in memory of Dirk, our ATDR foster fail.
~Lillian S McBeth
Candle 2012 Sponsoring Dudley in Memory of Hank
Smokey MEM 2019 Smokey became a member of our family in November of 2002.  When my niece gave him to us we were hesitant to take him because we had just lost our mixed yorkie, but we did not want him going back to an animal shelter.  We never realized how much joy he would bring to our lives.  He was full of life and kept us on our toes.  He loved his toys and a few times, after returning from his daily walk, he had a stuff toy in his mouth that he brought home having found the stuff toy in the park or someone's yard.  SMokey lived to be 17 years old and passed away on March 5, 2018 of old age.  We miss you smokey but we are so glad you were part of the family for so many years.  You will forever hold a special place in our hearts.
~Rick and Janie Hamilton
  In honor of Matthew Bode & Lily Buenavista. I always donate to my clients' favorite non-profits and they chose you! Keep up the great work! JoAnn Cooper, Senior Loan Officer, 1st NWM Corporation
 Candle 2012 In memory of Precious for little Hollie Belle.
~Carol Ann Towery
Sara MEM 2020 We adopted Sara in December 2008.  She crossed Rainbow bridge this morning due to complications of Cushing disease.  Thank you for allowing us to have this sweet angel in our lives!  She was a very special dog and always has a place in our hearts.
~Jennifer Moss
Boo Boo MEM 2020 It is with a sad heart that I have to report the my Bella, fka Franzi adopted March 11, 2017, crossed the bridge this afternoon.
She fought a courageous battle with cancer but was unable to beat it.
Sadly her life was cut short by a liver cancer that was most likely caused by the extensive dental disease she had when she was rescued by ATDR. ATDR did a fabulous job in getting her mouth back to some semblance of health after removing all but 3 teeth.
Please tell everyone that will listen that dental disease kills by destroying the liver of the poor pup that's dental health has been neglected to the point of level 3 or 4 periodontal disease.

This is a picture of her on our last road/camping trip from October of 2019. She loved to travel.

My poor little Boo Boo. I miss her so very much.

Karen Cloud MEM 2020 Karen Cloud was a long-time, dedicated dog rescuer in Houston, a valued foster parent for All Texas Dachshund Rescue, and active with BARC and Dalmatian Rescue over the years to mention a few. Very sadly and way too soon, she lost her battle with cancer the morning of Sunday, March 15, 2020. It is with the utmost love, admiration, and respect for Karen, her beloved daughters Christie and Vickie and adored grandsons Taten and Sawyer that we take a moment to let you know just how special her contribution was to both human and animal lives.

Karen was an inspiration to countless rescuers, being an integral party to so many other’s work. Through many years, she had made innumerable contacts and was always willing to share information with other rescuers, helping to save so many dogs. She was always so open and willing to help anyone with their rescue projects, making a huge difference in this world of paw prints we who do rescue strive to make better…she will be greatly missed by all of us.

The legacy of Karen’s kind spirit, zest for life, and passion for nature and animals will live on. God gained an angel greeted by hundreds of loving dogs, whose lives she had touched, when she entered the gates of Heaven by way of the Rainbow Bridge…

In memory of my friend, KAREN CLOUD who passed away. She loved this organization and wanted to make a donation in her honor.
~     Elaine Checkley
Candle 2012 In Memory of our friends Jim & Jan Doyle’s father, Bob Doyle. Thank You ~Cheryl & David Cornelius
Candle 2012 In memory of Kizzie.  Kizzie was a beautiful and loving long-haired dachshund I adopted from ATDR in September 2014.  She crossed the rainbow bridge on January 3, 2020.

Thank you for trusing her to me as a senior for those past 5+ years.  She brought much joy to me and my home is empty without her.  There will be another long-haired sweetie in my future.

~Robbin Pearlsein
Candle 2012 For Poochie and Sammie, my doxies in the sky.

~Jordan Smith
Candle 2012 Donation on behalf of Kelly Haston to honor her boy Lou whom passed over rainbow bridge April 6, 2020. He will be missed.
~ Kristine Britt
Maxine Naylor In memory of Maxine Naylor.
Mrs. Naylor's grandpup, Rayna (formerly Rosie), is an ATDR alum adopted by her daughter Shelly Naylor.

~The Carvers
Noel MEM 2020 Noel is the dog you dream of having in your life. She came to us as a mixed Labrador and German short haired pointer, rescue from the Houston SPCA and filled our lives with so much joy and love every day of the four short years she was here with us. She was so smart; she knew her commands from the 1st day we brought her home. She loved playing with our grandchildren and made friends with everyone she met. I am not sure why anyone would have ever given her up in the first place.

She left us far too soon, she was full of life, loved to walk with Sharon and play with Tiki our daschund, she loved to play with her toys, Sharon bought her 25 new toys each Christmas and she so enjoyed playing with them, and she would sneak into the closet and get another one out if we left the closet door open. She loved to have her ears scratched and rubbed and I would do it for hours on end, she never wanted me to stop.

She had the wettest and most loving kisses she gave us every time we sat or played with her. She had her own place in our bed every night and she was my alarm clock every morning when she got hungry. She was a strong willed, strong hearted dog, but her body could not fight off the onset of Addison’s disease and it took her away from us so suddenly.

She is the epidemy of how a rescue can love you with every ounce of her body, her happiness inspired both me and my wife and it was devasting to lose her so unexpectedly.

She will always have the most special place in both Sharon and my heart and mind. I know she is chasing squirrels and playing with her best friend Tiki who passed away 3 weeks before Noel and having the best time of her life and we know she is looking down on us every minute of every day. God please take care of our baby.

Pete & Sharon Medford

Tiki MEM 2020 IN MEMORY OF TIKI 4-24-2020

She came to us as a puppy and gave us so much joy in our life she was with us for a short 17 years, she always gave 100% of love to us and her buddies at our house, Noel and Nellie. She was always so excited to see us every morning and every afternoon.

She loved to snuggle with us on the couch and had so much spirit even to the end, her heart and soul were so strong, but her little body could not continue to serve her. We know she is now able to walk and run as she once could when she was so young.

When we snuggled on the couch, she would give me the best of the best of kisses and as many as I wanted. She liked to have her ears and belly scratched in return. She was truly my best friend so forgiving and full of love.
She is gone where all great little dogs go to join her friends and she will make new friends when she gets there. She is up there in heaven barking and trying her best to be the center of attention

Gone but never forgotten in our hearts and minds
Pete & Sharon Medford.

Candle 2012 In memory of Moses ♥️

~Jeffrey Seiler
Perrin MEM 2020 In honor of Perrin Langlois!

~Joann Cooper
 Zelda MEM We are so sad with the loss of our sweet and sassy Zelda. She came to us four years ago, the best four years for us and we pray the best four years of her life. Although Zelda had only three legs she still could lead the pack to the door when the door bell rang, when the trash men were in the neighborhood she led the pack around the yard to bark at them, ( they couldn’t even see the truck as the fence is wood and 7ft feet tall but they could hear it!!! ) Zelda was the smallest in physical size but the biggest in voice, heart and soul, she let us know how to run this house, what time it was to eat and sleep, she is missed already so much. 
Her Foster Mom,Susan  called her Zellie, we called her Zelda, Zelda Zoo, Pumpkin or Chickin Nugget and she led our Goof Troops, no one can replace her or her goofy flat ears, her little tongue that hung out due to lack of teeth or the whine when she was telling us it was time to go to bed in the big bed. She had so much character she was a sweet and very verbal dog and we loved her dearly. Unfortunately Zelda was getting older and she suffered from kidney and liver failure, along with her only back leg was no longer working even after injections and medications for pain just no longer alleviated her pain. We did all we could to extend her life but her little body was tired and was withering away, her sweet soul told us through her precious brown eyes that she was tired. We were both with her and she quietly went to sit at Our Lords feet. We will forever miss you Miss Zelda, run with all four legs, we love you baby. Your Mom and Dad forever and always.
Candle 2012 In loving memory of T. Dudley Johnson (Uncle Dudley). We love you and miss you!
~Love, Dana, Corryn, and Rilyn

Memorial for Dudley Johnson.  Dudley and his wife Maggie loved dachshunds, and until recently had two.
~ Dick and Deloris Moore

~Margarita Spillman
Candle 2012 In memory of Brice/Snickers "the dirt worker" Molina

~Mallory Molina
Maggy Honor 2020 In honor of Maggy who I just adopted!

~Lori Platt

 Jed MEM 2020

Our hearts are heavy as we’ve learned that ATDR Alumnus Jed has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Here’s what his forever mom told us...

“On Friday, our sweet Jed crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a year’s battle with kidney disease. He was the sweetest, most lovable pup. We were his foster parents and failed at Fostering 101 and adopted him from ATDR ten years ago. Jed never met a stranger. He loved everyone. Our hearts are broken and we will miss him terribly.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jed’s family. We can’t thank them enough for giving him a truly blessed and well loved life!

Candle 2012

In loving memory of Debbie Mitchell who loved dachshunds very much.

~Amanda Culp

~Jennifer Bilhartz

Kimberly Mann

Kimberly Mann was a valued long-time, dedicated All Texas Dachshund Rescue volunteer in Houston, being one of ATDR’s best and most experienced foster parents for many years, opening her home and heart and successfully rehabbing countless precious dachshunds. Very sadly, she unexpectedly entered the gates of Heaven by way of the Rainbow Bridge in early September.

Kimberly was an inspiration and mentor to countless rescuers, being an integral part of ATDR, contributing to its success in saving so many four-legged lives. She was always ready and willing to provide a place for the next one…seeing them along on their journey to better health and ultimately the happiness of a forever home.

Kimberly leaves behind her mother, a sister and two beloved nephews in addition to countless friends who loved her and will miss her upbeat personality and the laughter and tears shared over the little long dogs which will be a precious memory now to all who knew her.
Godspeed dear Kimberly, you will be severely missed, but your mark on this world, zest for life and passion for animals will live on in our hearts…

In honor of Kimberly and her service to dachshunds.
~Brett Buller

Honoring Kim and her dedication to rescue
~Glenda Watson

In memory of Kimberly.
~Debbie Kowalchuk

In memory of Kimberly Mann
~Jerry & Shannon Martin

In memory of Kimberly Mann~
Bill Dodge Virtual Run
Corpus Christi Road Runners
Doug McBee and Chuck Trexler

In Memory of Kimberly
~Patricia Irby

In Memory of Kimberly

 Birthday Doxie

In honor of Robin Rettig Carlson’s birthday!

~Sara J Wilson

 Candle 2012

In loving memory of Louie Denton (formerly Lupito of ATDR) and in honor of Sue Frrancesconi and the work she does in creating precious memories of our pets through her beautiful charitable work with SAVED BY THE BRUSH.

~Martha Denton

 Candle 2012

In memory of Debbie Flynn Mitchell

~Becky Jenkins

~Kioaw Woman's Club

 Candle 2012

In memory of Wes Phelan
~M.A. & Sherry Stevens

 Candle 2012

In honor of T. Dudley Johnson
~Karron & Melvin Dunlap

Linne Honor

Merry Christmas in honor of Linne Girouard.  ~Richard Girouard

Candle 2012 In loving memory of Bonnie Harrison

~Jerry Harrison
Candle 2012 In memory of Dudley, Toby & Crystal. ~Maggie Johnson
Candle 2012 In honor of Ethan Lyell
~Jennifer Bachynski
Candle 2012 In memory of our sweet Lacey who we adopted in September 2019 from a Yorkie Rescue group.  She had been dumped in a pasture along with three other dogs.  She was a sweet, loving dog who only wanted to be loved and cared for.  Sadly, she was not able to overcome her medical issues due to her protien losing entropahty (PLE) condition. 

Although, our time with Lacey was precioius but short, she touched our hearts deeply.  We are thankful to God for giving us this little gift of life and that her last days were filled with love, comfort and care.  You were a joy to have Lacey and we will miss you terribly.  We will always hold you dear to our hearts.  Rest in peace, our little princess.

~Rick and Janie Hamilton
Smokey MEM 2019 In memory of Smokey we are sponsoring Sparky

~Rick and Janie Hamilton
Candle 2012 In memory of Lucy Bednarski O'Brien who loved her rescued dachshunds.
~Neuse Family
Scout In memry of Scout, the sweetest little Dachshund.  He is deeply missed now by his dads, Michael and Bryan.  Scout is now playing with his siblings Geoffrey and Heidi

~With Sympathy, Rob & Tom Gutro-Williams
Candle 2012 In honor of my soulmate Faith.

I adopted her from ATDR and she changed my life. She touched everyone who met her. She passed over 4 years ago to IMHA. So nice she passed, every Christmas I still fill her stocking and we make a donation to a rescue in her honor. Thank you ATDR for Faith, and for my other two current family members Alyssa and Kai.

~Shannon Roskosky
MEM Mimi Betsy 2021  In Honor of Mimi and Betsy (ATDR 2009 Adoptees),
On December 6 th, 2009, our precious Mimi came to live with us. She crossed the Rainbow bridge on March 18 th, 2020 after a battle with Cushing’s complications. She was always a bit suspicious by nature, and a tad selfish with her toys and food. Her world was never quite okay, and we loved her deeply. She adored her people pack members and was very affectionate once accepted into her good graces.
On December 23 rd, 2009, our precious tiny Betsy (ATDR name- Betsey) joined our pack. Betsy joined Mimi, crossing the bridge on November 28 th, 2020. Betsy packed a lifetime worth of sweetness in her little body. She never met a stranger and loved everyone, except opossums and intruders into her back yard. Everyone loved Betsy.
Through the years, at various times for extended periods, they accommodated other dachsies, courtesy of a daughter in grad school.
Mimi and Betsy had wonderful veterinary care both places we lived throughout the almost 11 years they were with us, and mostly enjoyed going to visit their human friends there. They loved being outside basking in the sunshine in their yard and enjoyed their walks, except when it was rainy or chilly.
“The Girls”, as they were known by everyone at parks where we formerly lived and the 55+ community where we live now, are deeply missed. They enriched our lives.
Thank you for all you do.
Marc and Pat Jensvold
 Kimberly Mann In honor of Kim Mann

~ Cindy Tanner

On behalf of Kimberly Mann, may she Rest in Peace

~Denise Noboa
Tillie MEM 2021 In November, 2009, we adopted Duchess through ATDR. We called her Tillie Belle. She was 4 years old.  On Christmas Day at age 15 she made her way across the Rainbow Bridge. 

We are so grateful to ATDR for introducing us and for the opportunity to bring her into our family.  We were retired and living the RV life.  Tillie Belle was a wonderful traveler.  She visited Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, Canada, and spent the last 8 years with us back in Alaska.  As her personality came out we saw a feisty, funny, cuddly and loving little dog.  Our lives were happier, fuller, and just better because she was with us. 

Our hearts are broken and our grief is profound.  We are not sure if we will rescue again, the pain is still so close and raw.  Part of loving a pet is knowing some awful day you will have to say goodbye.  For us and Tillie Belle that day was Christmas.  But, we would do it all again.  We would not have wanted to miss out on this little gal!  So, again we thank you for taking her in so we could find her and make her part of us.  And, who knows?  Some day we may hear the siren song of the “ween” and answer.  Keep up your good work and thank you.

Tom and Carolyn Porter
Palmer, Alaska
 Omaha MEM  Our hearts are heavy as we’ve learned that ATDR Alumnus Wishbone, nka Omaha, crossed the Rainbow Bridge the day before Christmas Eve. He came into rescue back in 2013 when he was turned into a local shelter as a stray. His loving family adopted him in early 2014. He was a special boy who was well loved and we’re so grateful that the Whitten’s chose the ATDR adoption option!
Run free sweet Omaha!

Levi MEM Our hearts are heavy as we’ve learned that ATDR Alumnus, sweet little Levi, received his wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge early in the morning of April 15, 2020. His mom tells us that Levi was loved by all whom he pitter pattered across and that she and Levi were inseparable till the end. Now he is running free and napping in the clouds. He will be missed by all!
 Zelda MEM
Our hearts are heavy with the news that our ATDR Alumna Zelda has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We received this heart warming tribute to Zelda from her mom and dad!
We are so sad with the loss of our sweet and sassy Zelda. She came to us four years ago, the best four years of our lives and we pray the best four years of hers. Although Zelda only had three legs, she still could lead the pack to the door when the door bell rang and around the yard to bark at the trash men when they were in the neighborhood. They couldn’t even see the truck, as the fence is wood and 7ft feet tall, but they could hear it! Zelda was the smallest in physical size but the biggest in voice, heart and soul. She let us know how to run the house and what time to eat and sleep. She is missed already so much!

Her Foster Mom, Susan called her Zellie, we called her Zelda, Zelda Zoo, Pumpkin or Chickin Nugget and she led our Goof Troops. No one can replace her or her goofy flat ears, her little tongue that hung out due to lack of teeth or the whine when she was telling us it was time to go to sleep in the big bed. She had so much character, she was a sweet and very verbal dog and we loved her dearly. Unfortunately, as Zelda was getting older, she suffered from kidney and liver failure. Her only back leg was no longer working, even after injections and medications for pain, that no longer alleviated her pain. We did all we could to extend her life but her little body was worn out and was withering away. Her sweet soul told us through her precious brown eyes that she was tired. We were both with her when she quietly went to sit at Our Lords feet. We will forever miss you Miss Zelda. Run with all four legs and remember we love you baby. Your Mom and Dad forever and always.
Myrtle MEM
Our hearts are heavy as we’ve learned that our adorable ATDR Alumna Myrtle has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a sweet senior when she was adopted and was truly loved by both her foster and forever families! Run free Miss Myrtle... you will be missed!
Polly MEM
Our hearts are heavy as we’ve learned that ATDR Alumna, sweet Polly, received her wings and recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Adopted in the Fall of 2009, her mom tells us Polly was the best dog she had ever met. She was perfect for their family; playful and lazy with the sweetest soul ever. Her human brothers, now 13 and 18, adored her and grew up with her. The family adopted another rescue (a Lab mix) about four years ago, so she had a fur sister the past few years. They were best friends and their mom knows Maggie is missing Polly like they all are. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this sorrowful time!

Chocko MEM
Our hearts are heavy as we’ve learned that ATDR Alumnus, Chocko, received his wings and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We received this touching note from his loving forever mom…
I just wanted to let you know that, after a long happy international life, my Chocko passed away on 10/18. We're very sad but thankful for the many years of companionship he gave us.
ATDR is so thankful to Carmen and her family for giving Chocko his second chance at life and love! May he forever run free!
 Luther MEM
Our hearts are heavy as we’ve learned that precious ATDR Alumnus Luther has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Luther was our 2018 calendar cover model. His loving mom tells us that he was a great boy who found that his most important work was keeping her on time with his meals and treats. She thanked ATDR for giving him a second chance, saying she was privileged to have him here, and that she misses him terribly.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Greta! We can’t thank you enough for giving Luther the loving home he so deserved! Run free little Luther! Run free!
 Candle 2012
 In memory of Zeus
~ John Aquino
In honor of Lucy O'Brien

~ Ken Elliott
 Diane Deaton MEM 2021

All Texas Dachshund Rescue is saddened to share the loss of a loving and dedicated volunteer and foster Mom, Diane Deaton on February 2, 2021.  She lost her long and courageous 9 year battle with cancer, leaving her beloved son Patrick and three grandchildren and other family, to miss her deeply.  Diane was a devoted animal lover and rescuer, long before she came to ATDR, but we were honored to welcome her as a valued member of our family!  Diane fostered many dachshunds and leaves behind her own precious girl Sadie.  We are heartbroken and will remember her with love and know that she is being welcomed by many at the Rainbow Bridge. 

If you would like to make a memorial donation, please click here, use the donate button on the left or mail a check or money order to ATDR at the address  P.O. Box 841336, Pearland, TX 77584.  Please note that your donation is in memory of Diane Deaton. 
Phoebe MEM 2021

I want to thank all the sweet souls who have posted such caring condolences about Phoebe. They are comforting, and I have re-read them many times. I have no spouse, siblings or children, so my furbabies are truly my family. It is especially difficult to lose her because Phoebe and Pancho have been my support system for this year of living and working at home alone with almost no social interaction. This photo of them (Phoebe on left) was the April 2020 photo in the fundraising calendar for the Animal Rescue League of El Paso. Phoebe passed her exam exactly one year ago with the national

pet therapy group, Pet Partners, but Covid hit so we never got to share her sweetness in any therapy dog visits.

Pancho has been my pet therapy partner for several years, and I helped start the local El Paso group, Paws For Love, back in 1998!

Candle 2012

In memory of Kristine Stubbins Nall who loved her little dachshunds more than anything in the world. They were her babies. She is greatly missed by all humans and canines.

~Heather Calkins

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