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Looking for a way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, honor or memorialize a loved one, and also help Dachshunds in need? Honor a special person or beloved pet, or celebrate a special occasion by making a tax deductible donation to support our mission.

  • Birthdays (Animal and/or Human)
  • Holiday & Anniversary Gifts
  • Memorials for Humans
  • Memorials for Animals
  • Special Occasions

Please include a note with your donation with the wording you wish to include in your dedication. If you would like, please email your favorite photo to  It would be our pleasure to display it.

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 Candle 2012
 In memory of Zeus
~ John Aquino
 Candle 2012
In honor of Lucy O'Brien

~ Ken Elliott
 Diane Deaton MEM 2021

All Texas Dachshund Rescue is saddened to share the loss of a loving and dedicated volunteer and foster Mom, Diane Deaton on February 2, 2021.  She lost her long and courageous 9 year battle with cancer, leaving her beloved son Patrick and three grandchildren and other family, to miss her deeply.  Diane was a devoted animal lover and rescuer, long before she came to ATDR, but we were honored to welcome her as a valued member of our family!  Diane fostered many dachshunds and leaves behind her own precious girl Sadie.  We are heartbroken and will remember her with love and know that she is being welcomed by many at the Rainbow Bridge. 

If you would like to make a memorial donation, please click here, use the donate button on the left or mail a check or money order to ATDR at the address  P.O. Box 841336, Pearland, TX 77584.  Please note that your donation is in memory of Diane Deaton. 
Phoebe MEM 2021

I want to thank all the sweet souls who have posted such caring condolences about Phoebe. They are comforting, and I have re-read them many times. I have no spouse, siblings or children, so my furbabies are truly my family. It is especially difficult to lose her because Phoebe and Pancho have been my support system for this year of living and working at home alone with almost no social interaction. This photo of them (Phoebe on left) was the April 2020 photo in the fundraising calendar for the Animal Rescue League of El Paso. Phoebe passed her exam exactly one year ago with the national

pet therapy group, Pet Partners, but Covid hit so we never got to share her sweetness in any therapy dog visits.

Pancho has been my pet therapy partner for several years, and I helped start the local El Paso group, Paws For Love, back in 1998!

Candle 2012

In memory of Kristine Stubbins Nall who loved her little dachshunds more than anything in the world. They were her babies. She is greatly missed by all humans and canines.

~Heather Calkins

Scoop MEM 2021

In honor of our beloved pet companion & fur baby named Scoop. He brought us more joy than we ever could have imagined. We will remember him for his spark and his passion as an outdoor enthusiast. We love you, Scoop.

 Murphy MEM 2021

In 2012  I picked Murphy out of a line up on ATDR website. I pick him because the foster mom said he was a couch potato...but he was much more than that. He soon became my shadow, my constant companion my bed fellow. Always at my feet or on my lap. As time flew by he needed Neural  surgery which added 5 years to his life. Nearing 18, with poor hearing and poor eyesight.he left me on May 12th, 2021 on his way to Rainbow Bridge. My heart went with him.

~Lynn Dugan

 Candle 2012

In memory of our precious Roxie Doodle Floyd

~Kenneth Floyd

Happy Birthday Dog GIF by Heather - Find & Share on GIPHY

Happy Birthday to Diana Maynard Turner!

~Jackie Dewveall


Dachshunds lost a really good friend in February 2018 when Dottie Franklin passed away. It’s appropriate that her set of more than 100 dachshund collectables have been donated to benefit All Texas Dachshund Rescue. She’s proud, we know. Dottie lived in Ingram, near Kerrville, where she was actively involved with dachshunds through Diamond Dachshund Rescue. Over the years, she had three rescue dachshunds, Oscar, Babs, and Peaches. Peaches survived  her and is at home in Houston with her daughter Ashley and her husband. Dottie participated in the Humane Society Pet Therapy program, taking her much loved dachshunds to area nursing homes, hospitals, and veterans centers. The dogs also joined her at elementary schools to support the K9 Literacy Program. She was an active member of the Christian Women’s Club for 14 years and was instrumental in creating the club’s popular “Doggie Fashion Show.’’ Dachshunds did well with Dottie around.

Pictured are Dottie Franklin and Peaches

 Candle 2012

A gift in memory of a special doxie named Hannah Greene! Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

~Katherine Moreland

 Candle 2012

In honor of TROOPER
~ Susan Delaplaine

Candle 2012

This is being in donated in loving memory of Cynthia Garcia’s dachshund, Missy.

~Maria Bernier

Candle 2012

This donation is made in memory of Roger O. Purkiss of Beaumont Texas.

~ Kathryn Huff

Candle 2012

Roger Purkiss at Broussard Funeral Home

~ Debbie Purkiss

Sissy MEM 2021

Our sweet Sissy went to heaven on December 17, 2021 at 15 years of age. We adopted her on May 2, 2020. Sissy’s petite size and gentle nature quickly earned her the affectionate nickname, “Little Bitty”.  We were blessed to be at home during the pandemic and able to care for her many needs. Caring for her was both an honor and privilege.  Though heartbroken, we take some comfort knowing that Sissy is now once again able to run, jump, sleep well, and keep a happy, full tummy. We love her so much and miss her.
~Nickell family

Candle 2012

This donation is made in honor of our dear friend and dachshound lover Debbie Miles
~ Shannon

Michelle Fricke MEM 2022

In memory of Michelle Fricke, who had a passion for all things dogs, beer and music.

Candle 2012

In memory of Nobuko Colquitt

~Daphne Endress

MEM 2022 Tutti

In honor of Tutti Spheeris for my friends who adopted her from your rescue. This is her doing what she loves, barking at everything.

~Katie Jordan

Candle 2012

In Memory of Taz, Kishka, and Persimmon
~ Monica O'Desky

Candle 2012

In honor of Fletcher (Digby). Always called him Fletcher Keller because that where I picked him up from.  He passed August 24, 2021. Sadly, he had pancreatitis and kidney failure. Thankfully I was able to spend a lot of quality time with him as I was on a leave from the airlines for the past year and a half. Been in Baton Rouge since 2017 taking care of my parents. Schnitzel (Colton) passed 2017 of cancer. Both dogs were dearly like loved and sorely more missed. Hope all is well with you.
~ Melissa Mitchener

Finley MEM 2022

Finley was surrendered to ATDR in 2007 with a group of dogs from Dripping Springs. He was adopted into his forever home 2/25/07 where he lived happily until he succumbed to renal failure 11/11/21. He was an anxious dog, so in the 14 years he lived with me I never left him with anyone. As a result, he was a very well-traveled dog. He toured the California wine country, explored the beaches of the Texas Gulf coast, and walked the mountains of northern New Mexico. He was the designated cheerleader for his siblings at many rally and obedience trials, including rally nationals in St Louis and Orlando. Suffice it to say he was quite the intrepid traveler.  He was loving, quirky, goofy, and spunky.  At the end of a life well-lived, he left me quietly and serenely. Giving him that gift was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I was grateful to see him at peace. Until we meet again, sweet Finley.

Many thanks to ATDR for starting Finley on the path that led him into my life.

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