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Honors and Memorials

Looking for a way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, honor or memorialize a loved one, and also help Dachshunds in need?  Honor a special person or beloved pet, or celebrate a special occasion by making a tax deductible donation to support our mission.

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Donations of $35 or more will allow you to include a photo as well.


Herb & Romeo










In Loving Memory of Dr. Herbert Wong
November 20, 1952 - June 19, 2006









Our friend and supporter, Herb Wong.  Herb and his beloved wife, Shirley, have been instrumental in the formation and continued success of ATDR.  Herb's gentle spirit, his never ending enthusiasm, and his desire to help others will always be remembered.

Visit Herb's Memorial page























In Memory of Sidney
November 2006

Sidney was the devoted companion of a patient who recently lost his fight with HIV/AIDS. He so loved Sidney that he made sure that his future was secure before he would enter into hospice care. Sidney lived only another month and crossed the bridge to be reunited with his master.  May you both rest together in peace.











 In Honor of Rooby Hodges
November 2006

Rooby, the 'Precious Angel' who led me to the wonderful world of rescue.









Love, Hope 

















In Memory of Rocket McKinley
April 2006
January 28, 1992 - April 25, 2006

Gerald and Beverly Yeager











In Memory of Pristine









October 2006

1988 - October 5, 2006
She kept a lot of dachshunds in line.









Hope, Lynn, Mocha, Rooby & Lexie























In Memory of Lont J. Marr









January 2007

Laine Marr
















Dachshund mtn
In Honor of Linné Girouard
January 2007

For her dedication, compassion and energetic spirit.

Can we do it?  Yes we can!!










In Memory of Queenie Hamilton

January 2007

Beloved companion of Nancy and Warren Hamilton
















In Memory of Ebenezer
March 2007

Barbara Lewis and Linda Hanshaw
Jeff and Janice Adams






In Memory of Dr. Herbert Wong
April 2007

November 20, 1952 - June 19, 2006
Dr. Leonard and Geana Madison
















In Memory of Abbey
April 2007
December 31, 1988 - April 29, 2007

If tears could build a stairway
And memories were a lane
We would walk right up to Heaven
And bring you back again

Nancy and Warren Hamilton










In Memory of Kirby Ann Lewis

June 2007

Joyce Baker






In Memory of Jeanette Van Auken
July 2007
December 13, 1919 - June 23, 2007









The ATDR Family
















Fugate Boys
In Honor of the Fugate boys:
Petey, Scooter and Jackson

August 2007

For a donation given by their owners, Andy and Vicki, to help dachshunds in need.

In Memory of Valentine
August 2007

1993 - August 27, 2007

Sweet baby girl of Teresa & Bob Montgomery
Rescued on Valentine's Day, 2005 at 12 yrs old.















In Memory of Barney
August 2007

May 13, 1989 - August 22, 2007

Beloved companion of Lee Mullenex

In Memory of Mocha Marie









September 2007

September, 1993 - September 10, 2007

Beloved companion of
Hope, Lynn, Rooby & Lexie
















In Memory of Reenie
September 2007
Our introduction to rescue dachies who we picked up as an owner surrender in 1999 and she became part of our family until her sudden health-related death in 2006.

Jennifer King & Family

In Memory of Sidney



December 25, 2007



Running again, where the grass is soft,






 The sun shines warm, and the breeze gently blows.



We miss you Sidney.






The Griffin Family
























In Memory of PD
January 3, 2008

199? - 2008

We had 4 short months with PD when cancer took her precious life.  You fought a good fight PD and we miss you so much.

Hope, Lynn, Rooby & Lexie
In Memory of Mrs. Maggie Roberts

February 2008

Hope Snow















 In Memory of David "Buddy" Glass

February 2008

Hope Snow















In Memory of Mr. Alfred Lyeki

February 2008

Hope Snow











In Memory of Hans Girouard






 February 23, 2008






 1992 - 2008






 Most handsome of all dachshunds.






Linné Girouard
































In Memory of Slim






April 2008






The most remarkable gator boy kisser, surprising opera singer, patient and parsimonious circus dachshund of all time.






 Lynn and Rodolfo Cortina
































In Memory of Joyce Baker



 April 2008



We love and miss you Auntie Joyce!!






The ATDR Family







































In Memory of Leroy



June 2008



 Our Gentle Giant is now at Peace.






Nancy and Lee Alexander - DDRTX
























In Memory of Pepper & Pete

July 2008






Ruth James



















In Memory of Frank

July 2008






It was Frank's world.  We just lived in it.






Love, Auntie Abbey























The Shoemaker Family
In Honor of Ed & Paulette Shoemaker

8/11/2008 - Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary!






 Congratulations and thank you for the generous and loving home I grew up in.  And for the wonderful example you have always set on how to love, respect, and appreciate all creatures.  Many lives have benefited from your kindness.






Lots of love,



Whitney, Tad, Megan & Molly

























In Memory of Rosemary Williamson

Our hearts here at ATDR were touched when our little Mandy was adopted by this lovely lady in January 2008, and we are so sad to hear of her passing.  Mandy will now live with Mrs. Williamson's family.



  Life on earth: 10-17-22 to 8-18-08






In Heaven: 8-18-08 to Eternity





















 In Memory of Oscar M. Alexander

October 2008






A cherished canine companion who recently left his human tribe to go to Dog Heaven... where he'll already be accustomed to the cushy lifestyle afforded there, thanks to his loving earthly family.  :)









Kristen Card




















 In Memory of Princess Philipp
October 2008

1989 - 2008

Our old chick.
Miss Prinny was the apple of our eye.

Tammy and Jeff Philipp

In Memory of Floyd
November 2008






Floyd was a gift in our lives and his memory remains as a blessing.  He was greatly loved and now, deeply missed.




















In Memory of Tiny Girouard
November 2008






Adopted 10/29/08 by her long-term Foster Mom, Tiny passed away peacefully on 11/13/08 while sleeping in the big bed.















In Memory of Rosie Maure
November 2008
February 14, 1992 - November 11, 2008

Rosie was a very special dachshund that has been a big part of my life, of everything, for the past ten years. She was only sixteeen when we sent her to the bridge. We miss her very much. This precious child will allways have a big piece of my heart.
With the good work you do, we can hope all rescued dachshunds will be loved as much.
Please take a moment to visit
Rosie's Foxy Dachshund






Love eternal,
Cristie and the Pink Ladies, Bertha & Barbie















In Memory of Mr. Bill Worner
November 2008






 In memory of Mr. Bill Worner.  A lover of all animals - especially his beloved dachshunds.



















Dachshund mtn

In Honor of Connie O'Banion
January 2009






In Honor of my friend, Connie O'Banion and her little doxie Nicky.









Joy Ann Robinson




















Dachshund mtn

In Honor of Bailey and Molly Stodghill
January 2009






Lisa Malveaux



















Dachshund mtn  

In Honor of Ralph Fernandez and family
January 2009






Bridget Mahoney




















In Memory of Bevo
January 2009






Reba Dubay

























In Memory of Oscar
January 2009






For Kara Kellogg and Bryan Newell,









Love, Jill and Brian 




















Amber Wheatberry Loaf

In Memory of Amber Philipp
April 2009






May 1990 - April 2009



Our Amberwood.  Sweet old chick and wheatberry loaf.  She was my heart.



Tammy and Jeff Philipp
























In Memory of Emma
April 24, 2009






For Joanie









Emma, my wirehaired Doxie rescued at age 9... she left me today at 18, knowing I loved her and with a piece of my heart.









Sherry Russin
































In Honor of Harrison
May 2009






For Joanie









Ms. Shawn Nolan



































 Dachshund mtn  

In Honor of
Jonathan Hubble & Morton Wendell

May 2009






For Joanie









Dawn Bushee


























In Memory of Allen Feder
May 2009






For Joanie and Tessa









In memory of my father, Allen Feder, who loved dogs and never said an unkind word. 

























Ellen Webb Owens

In Memory of Ellen Webb Owens
July 2009






In Loving Memory of Ellen Webb Owens "Mumsie" who loved all things, nurtured all things, forgave all things.  The world is a less gentle place without you.









Chris and Tina Brandon


























In Memory of Heidi Elizabeth Elkins
July 2009






November 5, 1991 - July 4, 2009






My sweet doggie daughter and best friend - you were my happiness and joy and always made me laugh.









Love, Mom






























In Memory of CiCi Watson
August 2009






1999 - August 13, 2009






My sweet girl, CiCi, died from autoimmune hepalytic anemia at the approximate age of 10 1/2. She is the reason I became involved with dachshund rescue ten years ago. She is the reason I will continue to rescue helpless dachshunds who need loving homes. I adopted CiCi from Dachshund Rescue of North America in February 2000. She was rescued from a horrible puppymill in Missouri and was pregnant.  Christine McEntyre was CiCi's foster mom and she cared for her during her pregnancy and delivery. CiCi had my heart from the very first day and I will never forget her unconditional love.









Glenda, ATDR Foster Mom
























 Mr. Claudius Jones

In Memory of Mr. Claudius Jones
May 22, 1995 - Sept 12, 2009






Although we never met, you were at my side through all the rescue auctions and I never could have done them without your help pal.  Bye for now dear friend but when I get to the Bridge you will be the first guy I look for.









J. R. #1




































In Loving Memory of
Claudius Jones

May 22, 1995 - Sept 12, 2009






A Great champion of Dachshund Rescue!









The ATDR Family





















In Memory of Oscar
October 2009






The greatest short legged swimmer in the world!









Judith Dalton



































Abe Mann

In Memory of
 Abe Mann

November 5, 2009






Beloved gentle companion to Kimberly Mann
Abe will be keeping all the dachshunds in line at the Rainbow Bridge!














Maggie Daugherty

In Loving Memory of Maggie Daugherty
Feb 14, 1998 - Dec 8, 2009






 To the heart and soul of our family Maggie will truely be loved and missed forever.



 Mike, Janice, Darrell, Daniel and Patrick Daugherty

















In Memory of
Miss Meister Hultsman

December 23, 2009






Brandy Rivera


























In Memory of
Miss Meister Hultsman

December 27, 2009






In memory of Miss Meister Hultsman who opened our hearts to be able to adopt two rescue babies from ATDR.



 Sherry Hultsman


























In Memory of
Lance Johs

December 29, 2009






In loving memory of Lance Johs, who spent many hours with his beloved dachshund, Willoby.

Anthony Johs




















In Memory of Merlyn
January 23, 2010






Lovingly fostered by Janice and Jeff.

With sympathy,

Susan Culp, DVM




















 In Memory of
Miss Meister Hultsman

February 5, 2010

Edwin Olenick






In Memory of Bongo
February 14, 2010






Friends walk in and out of our lives, but Bongo left pawprints on our hearts.









Wes and Linda Rowntree











































































In Memory of
My beloved dachshunds,
Bitsy, Tidy & Greta






Ruth Gollrad
March 22, 2010














The Moosh

In Memory of Max DeGuire
March 24, 2010






(a.k.a. the "Moosh")
Jordana DeGuire




















In Memory of Caitlin
April 8, 2010






 So another Doxie can be saved.



  Bill and Susan Pruett







































































 In Memory of
Cathy McElroy
April 22, 2010






Cindy Tanner




















In Memory of Miss Sammy Rosa
May 30, 2010






Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart that's filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.
But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "You should cry no more,
GOD also loves our Rottweilers,
HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!
Jan Cooper '95









Nancy Hamilton





















In Memory of Rosco Curtice
2/15 2007 - 6/24/2010






The emptiness in my heart can never be replaced...Oh Rosco how I am going to miss your sweet face!
We love you and miss you baby...may you RIP and watch over us now!









Ashlea Curtice



































Lucy Ricardo

In Memory of Miss Lucy Ricardo
1999 - 2010






"Silently, one by one in the infinite meadows of Heaven, blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of angels."
...Until We Meet Again Sweet Sister
Your Loving Brother Barney Fife and
Your Pal J. R. #1















In Memory of Morgan
  July 5, 2010






With us only three short years, but we loved you every minute of it.









Glen, John and Brother Axel


























In Memory of Savannah
AKA Cuddles
August 2, 2010









The sweetest, most innocent soul that ever came into our lives.  We were blessed to have been able to provide you with a happy home in your retirement years.  You will always be your daddy's little girl.  Rest in peace little Savannah, we always loved you and we miss you terribly.






Mommy and Daddy





















In Memory of Tilly
Rescued January 2007
Adopted March 2007
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge August 19, 2010









The true rescue was the blessed day Tilly entered my life.  She truly rescued my heart.  It was an honor being her human.  Little "Tilly McGill" touched so many hearts with her joyful presence.  She loved to play, travel, snuggle, hog the bed and camp out in Aunt Debbie's kitchen.  Oh yes, and the occasional "cat food" treat.  She is dearly missed and will forever be in my heart!
I Love You Tilly!









Mama Mary






















Dachshund mtn

In Memory of Abraham Haskins
August 19, 2010









My dear sweet Abraham went to Rainbow Bridge August 19, 2010.  For five and a half years Abe and I were together and I miss him every day.  Abe was a special happy little boy; everyone was his friend and loved him.  He is missed.









Charlotte Haskins




























In Memory of Luke Graeff
October 3, 2010

Luke came into my life quite accidentally - I was only designated to transport him to a rescue group - But his sweet nature and loving eyes took my heart and he rescued me instead.  Luke shared his ever-wagging-tail for me for 6 years - even when he was feeling his worst in the last days he would always wag that tail hard against his bed when I came home.  I miss his nightly belly rubs - "Rub The Buda's Belly" as it was known in our home.  He will live forever in our memories and hearts - he was definitely my boy.






Cindy Graeff



















Beanie Su

In Memory of Beanie Su (Sabrina Su)
8/15/94 - 9/10/10









Beanie Su was loved and cherished since she was 4 days old and spent 16 wonderful years with her family.  While she loved playing with her toys, sunning herself & lounging in her comfy beds she truly adored the time she spent in the laps and arms of her family.  She now lives on forever in the hearts of Susan (Su) and Maurice who miss her so.






Denise Van Heuveln




















Beanie Su

In Loving Memory of Beanie Su Laufman
September 27, 2010






Godspeed to Beanie Su as she moves on to make her perfect forever home in the hearts of Susan and Maurice who adore her so.
This very special little girl has touched the lives of many and will be remembered always.
Thank you, All Texas Dachshund Rescue, for your commitment to all those who need you and will live on through your noble work.

Hilary Brown



















 Beanie Su

In Memory of
My beloved Beanie su

(aka Sabrina su)
8/15/94 - 9/10/10






Beanie su was the sparkle and focus of our days, the joy of every moment of our lives.  Little girl, you are now folded and tucked into our hearts forever.  The sweetest, funniest, most thoughtful, most interesting, smartest, dreamiest little dachshund girl ever...
"I love(d) you so... 'twas heaven here with you!"









 Susan & Maurice Laufman





















In Memory of
Lil'Bit LeAnne Thatcher
10/1/99 - 9/22/10






Our little "Bink-Bink". We miss you so very much Sweet Baby Girl.
You were our first baby & you taught us how to be parents, among so many other things.
Mama can't wait to hold you again one day in a far better place.
Thank you for being our perfect little princess, always a lady.
Timothy (Daddy), Lacye (Mama), Tyce (Brother) & (Sisters) Tentzye & Mini














Jacob Haskin

In Loving Memory of Jacob Haskins
November 21, 2010









My baby boy Jacob crossed the Bridge, he was 14 years old.  My Jacob was a good boy that loved his mommy and his mommy loved him.  We only had each other for 2 1/2 years but it was a loving time.  The one blessing about him crossing is that he's not in pain anymore.  I will miss him forever.









Charlotte Haskins



























Mr. Murphy

In Memory of Mr. Murphy
November 8, 2010






Mr. Murphy was his name.
He lived his life without any pain.
Then one day the doctors said.
He has an inoperable tumor, and now he is in pain.
A decision that was so hard to make.
However, we couldn’t be selfish so.
A decision we had to make,
we let him cross over the bridge tonight.
Memories of Murphy are all around us,
his toys, his bowl, and his special blanket.
God gave us 12 years of our special friend,
 It was tough to say Good bye my little friend.
 I know he will always be with me in spirit and in the heart, so
I told Mr. Murphy to sit by the pearly gate and wait until I will come, and then we can have fun and ride the golf cart through them pearly gates.














Allan and Muriel Coats

In Memory of Allan and Muriel Coats
December 13, 2010









Thank you for being the best grandparents a girl could ever ask for.  I’ll love and miss you forever and you will always live on in my heart.









Love, Amy



























Dachshund mtn 

In Honor of Susan Finnell
December 2010






This donation is intended for the care of your newest rescue, Wilbur (now known as Nikolaus), from the Irving animal shelter and is made in honor of Susan Finnell, who has taught her family the importance of living life with a survivor's spirit of grace and resilience, just like little Wilbur.  Merry Christmas, Mom.






Jennifer Land



















In Honor of St. Nikolaus
December 2010









 For the care of wee little Wilbur, now known as St. Nikolaus, in the honor of Susan Ho, Snow, Em, Feli, Mick, Jen, Anna, Renzo, Rachael, Joan, J.T., Billy, Patty, Brandie, Doug, Liam, Deborah, Suz, Sarah, Jake, Daniel, Irene, Dave & Carrie, Carla, Lance, Charlie, Lisa, Chris and Sara, Ginny, Angela, & Chris. May the story of wee lil St. Nikolaus fill your holidays with hope and remind you that where there is love, anything is possible.









Jennifer Land






















Courtney Chambers

In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 3, 2011









Courtney, the vibrant and very talented wife of her most loving husband, Andrew Rickard Chambers died suddenly of a heart condition on January 3, 2011. Drew and Courtney were married June 23, 2007 after meeting their sophomore year at SMU and graduating together in 2005. They were living in Charlottesville, VA while Drew finishes his MBA at the UVA Darden School of Business this May. Courtney and Drew have two very special dachshunds, Baby and Lily. Lily was adopted from ATDR in 2009. They were the light of Courtney's life and she would love more than anything to have donations made to this wonderful rescue so that many more special dogs like Baby and Lily can find loving homes.






















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 10, 2011









Michael Ho



























In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 13, 2011






This donation is made in memory of Courtney Chambers. We are terribly sorry for her loss and will miss her dearly.






 Jay Subhash



















In Memory of
Courtney Turner Chambers
January 17, 2011









Cheryl Morley

















In Memory of
Courtney Turner Chambers
January 18, 2011









Carolyn Parham

















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 18, 2011









Ann & Charles Florsheim






















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 18, 2011









Keith Krebeck






















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 20, 2011









From your friends at the City of Fenton Park Department

















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 21, 2011









Matt & Tiffany Slataper






















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 21, 2011









Katie Weber






















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 21, 2011









Ashley Montgomery






















In Loving Memory of
Courtney Chambers
January 22, 2011









The Welshans Family

















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
January 23, 2011






In loving memory of Baby and Lily's mom, and Drew's beautiful wife, Courtney Chambers.  With all our love,









The O'Connor family




















prayercandle In Memory of Abby Hudson
February 4, 2011

Jena Crim

In Memory of
Courtney Turner Chambers
February 5, 2011









With much love,
Ron and Leslie Gubitz

















In Memory of
Courtney Turner Chambers
February 6, 2011









Katrina Klein

















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
February 6, 2011









Barbara Niebruegge

















In Memory of Courtney Chambers
February 6, 2011









Kate Wilkinson
















 J.R. #1

In Memory of J.R. #1
1/1/1988 - 2/2/2011









On 28 Nov 1998 at the age of 10+ years you trotted into my life and snorted for service.  You were very much the loner who was as sweet as a sour pickle and as prickly as a pear. You would briefly tolerate a very minimum of the huggy, kissy crap but you were infinitely entertaining and truly inventive as you were able to flip me off in spite of not having a middle finger! You were #1 with me and a major part of my life for 12+ years until at the age of 23 your tired little body gave out and it was time to say good-bye.  I miss you so very much my “ornery little man” and the words “ornery little man” are said with MUCH love!
Mom and Dad


























In Memory of J.R. #1
1/1/1988 - 2/2/2011









Happy Trails JR!
You gave so much to so many!  Thanks for all you did to benefit rescues everwhere!






The ATDR Family































Dachshund mtn

In Honor of Tony and Joy Hamilton
March 20, 2011









Jeff and Tammy Philipp





















Nikita Marie

In Memory of
Nikita Marie Bentley-Scheck
16 May 2011









"The angels, not half so happy in heaven, Went envying her and me..."



























In Memory of
Cliff Good
May 26, 2011






 For Cliff Good, daddy to doxie girls, Wheezy May and Lilly Belle.  They miss their daddy and if he were here they would say "Happy Birthday Daddy."
Honey, we miss you….Virginia















In Memory of Patty
June 2, 2011









Peppermint Patty - We will always miss her, she was so special to us!  We will always miss that kissing nose.









The Matocha Family




























In Memory of
Gizmo Philipp
June 13, 2011







Gizzard, Gizzie, Gismode, Furry Vengence, or Spawn of Satan.  To us he was simply our boy, and our heart.  Giz had a very special personality, four teeth and all.  He is waiting for us.






Jeff and Tammy Philipp



















In Memory of
Sophie Philipp
July 1, 2011









If she could have seen she would have driven the car.  Our proud and fearless girl - we love you to the moon and back.









Jeff and Tammy Philipp























In Memory of
Gizmo Philipp
July 15, 2011






Robin & Henry Norton




















In Memory of
Doris Hostad
July 15, 2011









JH and Patricia Catchpool






















In Memory of
Dennis Mays
June 1, 2011






Dennis "Denny" Richard Mays, beloved husband, son, and brother, passed Wednesday the 1st of June after a long and hard fought battle with kidney cancer.
To cherish his memory, Denny leaves behind his wife Samantha, father David, brother Mark, his little friend Gizmo, and countless friends. We all miss you dearly friend.









John, Stephanie and Aidan Phillips





















In Memory of Ziggy and Noah
May 1, 2011 & October 19, 2011









They brought incredible happiness and joy to my life. Ziggy was very soft and gentle balanced by Noah who became the protector of both of us. I would like them to know that the loving home they left has a new ATDR rescue, Oliver, who can't replace them but will find a new place in my heart.






Dale Miller




















 Mandy 2011 RB Mandy (of Mandy and Barry) adopted by Kay Paul bridge last night. Her forever name was Lil' Bit and she was greatly lovedand will be greatly missed.  Rest well dear one.
Brady Puppy Paws
Brady Puppy Paws
3/18/1997 - 11/14/2011
Our sweet furry alarm clock, our devoted companion, and my partner in animal communication work past, present and future
 Loved and missed by
 Henry Myers & Barbara Myers

Mokie & Pokie Duron






 We would like to honor our Mokie who was such a fighter and had the most soulful eyes.









Also, we want to honor Pokey, who is happy and fighting so hard in his therapy to regain the use of his back legs.  Both dogs are such an inspiration to us all.









Kirk and Sherri Hastings


























Daisy Memorial

Daisy passed away from hemolytic anemia on Feb 15, 2012.






  She had just turned seven.  She was a foster who I pulled from a shelter when she was just six months old.  My grandson, who was five at the time, was with me when I picked her up and he named her on the way home.  I remember he looked at her sitting next to him in the back seat and he said "she has a LONG nose."  He cried when I told him she would be adopted out and he said "please don't send Daisy away"  She became ours.  Daisy was as sweet as she was beautiful.  She loved everyone she met, especially children.  She was the one who always met our fosters first when we brought them home because we knew she would be friendly and gentle.   She went on home visits with me where there were children because I knew she could always be trusted with them.   She was truly one of those special dogs that come into your life once in a while.   Our sweetheart, Dapple Daisy, as we called her.  We will miss you.






Bill and Theresa Brugh


















Tally 2012   

Miss Talley Allen









March 7, 1997- February 28, 2012






My beloved friend, confidante and companion -- sharing life with you was the greatest joy I've ever known.















 Jennifer Allen


































































BULLWINKLE (October 5, 1995 - February 23, 2012)









He will always be loved and never forgotten!









































Jesse E Reyes memorial 

In Memory of
Jesse E. Reyes 






 February 25, 1935 - April 15, 2012



The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.  Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...



Always your beloved Pinocchio 
























Pepsi Memorial 2012




April 2012



Pepsi was the beloved Welsh Corgi of Steve, Joann and Jeff Leavitt. She filled their home with love and joy for many years and happily romped around under the Miami sun. She is truly missed but plays now with all the other cherished dogs and cats across the rainbow bridge. Aunt Jan









 Brandy Chloe Memorials 2012

Brandy & Chloe



May 2012



I would like to honor these dachshunds who were my special friends and companions. They brought great joy into my life and will never be replaced as they will always hold a special place in my heart forever.



Love Mom 












Jen Memorial 2012

In Loving Memory of Jennifer Erin Polis



May 10, 1972 - April 18, 2012

This in honor of my beautiful, caring, sweet, thoughtful cousin, sister, daughter, and friend, Jennifer Erin Polis.  She passed away recently and suddenly and this has left a huge sadness in my life, and our family and friends lives. Jennifer was a huge animal lover, she always had such great stories about all the animals that she helped at the Vet clinic where she worked.  However, she always had a special place in her heart for dachshunds, we are going to miss her so very much.  But, for some reason knowing that her and Haley (in picture), "her baby" have crossed over the rainbow bridge together, makes the sadness from our loss slightly less painful.  She would love more than anything to have donations made to this wonderful rescue so that many more special dogs like "her baby" Haley can find loving homes.

R.I.P.  Jennifer and Haley, We miss you both terribly

Daphne, Kevin, Max, and Tyler Cameron







Jen Haley Memorial 2012 

In Memory of Jennifer Erin Polis



In memory of Jennifer Erin Polis, a lover of all animals….Especially her beloved little doxie Haley. They have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are together again for Eternity.






Much love Vic and Claris Rylander



and Edna Ericksen















Jennifer Erin Polis



In loving memory of Jennifer Erin Polis. You and your precious little doxie Haley will both live on in our hearts forever.



Sleep with the angels!



 Betty Stromberg & Sharon Ponik of North Dakota











  We adopted our sweet "Chief Red Weiner" in 2007. Will never understand how anyone could have given him up he was so perfect. But unfortunately he very recently went entirely blind at and early age and had some other neurological issues that we desperately tried to resolve by way of Texas A&M visits along with uncountable trips to our personal vet and other specialist. Then yesterday God decided Chief had been through enough on this earth and sent him to Rainbow Bridge where he is able to once again run, smell, play and see again until which time we are able to reunite. No words are able to express my deep sadness from his early passing but I know in my heart I did everything I could to show him how much he was and always will be loved.

Until we meet again Momma's Handsome Man.....I miss you more than I can say!!!!!

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